"His eyes were bright, and he was already looking past Earth, down the hill. Earth watched as he exchanged an excited glance with Snail. It was as if they couldn't wait to begin their wander."
Earth's thoughts during Snail and Chestnut's ceremony in Tree's Roots, chapter 1

Chestnut is a tom.[1]


In the Novellas

Tree's Roots

Sunrise mentions Chestnut when Earth is heading for the prey-hole and is stopped by Sunrise, who tells him Chestnut and his brother Snail can have the first pick from the prey-hole today, as they are beginning their wander. Later, the Sisters go to the hills with Chestnut and his brother walking next to Hawk, and Moonlight touches noses with Chestnut and Snail, wishing them happiness. The other Sisters say goodbye to Chestnut and Snail as well. Hawk presses hard onto her son's faces, with her eyes closed. Earth tells them they might meet up during his own wander, and Chestnut is excited for this. After the farewells, Moonlight tells them to start their wander and never look back, meowing Chestnut and Snail will become true toms then, and protectors of the land. They dip their heads, thanking Moonlight, and leave. When Earth begins his wander, the yellow tom thinks about how happy Chestnut and Snail were when they had their turn.




Hawk:[3] Living (As of Darkness Within)


Flurry:[4] Living (As of Darkness Within)
Sparrow:[4] Living (As of Darkness Within)


Snail:[3] Living (As of Tree's Roots)
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Snow:[5] Living (As of Darkness Within)
Tempest:[5] Living (As of Darkness Within)
Stone:[5] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Grass:[5] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Moonlight:[5] Deceased, verified ghost
Ice:[2] Living (As of Tree's Roots)
Tree:[6] Living (As of Darkness Within)
Squirrel:[7] Living (As of Darkness Within)
Leaf:[7] Living (As of Darkness Within)
Moon:[7] Living (As of Darkness Within)
Needleclaw:[8] Living (As of Darkness Within)
Rootspring:[8] Living (As of Darkness Within)
Furze:[5] Living (As of Darkness Within)
Creek:[5] Living (As of Squirrelflight's Hope)
Sunrise:[5] Living (As of Darkness Within)
Petal:[2] Living (As of Tree's Roots)
Stream:[2] Deceased, verified ghost
Haze:[2] Deceased, verified ghost
Mud:[2] Living (As of Tree's Roots)
Spider:[1] Status unknown
Cloud:[9] Status unknown
Moonlight's unnamed daughters:[1] Status unknown
Moonlight's unnamed sons:[1] Status unknown
Sunshine:[10] Living (As of Darkness Within)


Hawk ♀
Flurry ♀Sparrow ♀Chestnut ♂Snail ♂

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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