"Chirp, however, padded into the den and sat down. But he stayed near the door and kept casting nervous glances over his shoulder."
— The narrator describing Chirp's demeanor in Sunrise, page 132

Chirp is a pale gray tabby tom.[1]


In the Power of Three arc


Chirp: "I haven't seen Sol. But I heard he's back."
Hussar: "He wouldn't dare!"
Chirp: "Not here, but on the other side of the Twolegplace. Where a cat called Purdy used to live."
—Chirp and Hussar talking about Sol to Brambleclaw and his group Sunrise, page 135
Chirp appears with Merry, as the two are returning from hunting. He is very jumpy and skittish around the Clan cats. He also is very nervous, and often looks over his shoulder, as if expecting something to jump out at him. Hussar comments and says that all the cats have been jumpy since fighting the dogs. Pod, another cat in Jingo's group, joins them, and they start to explain what happened the day they fought the dogs.
When asked if they had seen Sol anywhere, Chirp says that he hasn't seen Sol, but heard that he might possibly be back. This infuriates Hussar, but the pale tabby explains that Sol was seen near where Purdy used to live. Lionblaze seems delighted, saying that he knows who Purdy is. Brambleclaw thanks Chirp for the information, and the cats prepare to leave, but are asked to stay another night by Jingo.


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