"Give us the word, Nightstar, and we'll tear them apart."
— Cinderfur about a trespassing ThunderClan group in Forest of Secrets, page 184

Cinderfur is a thin gray tom.[2]

He was a deputy of ShadowClan under Nightstar's leadership. He is born as Cinderkit to Clawface and Rowanberry alongside his brother, Stumpykit. He becomes an apprentice as Cinderpaw with Nutwhisker as his mentor. He earns his warrior name, Cinderfur, and later joins the elders' den. After Brokenstar and his followers are exiled, Nightstar names Cinderfur his deputy, and he also fathers Ashheart's kits, Rubblekit, Turtlekit, and Quietkit. Cinderfur is the first cat to fall ill to the sickness from the Carrionplace, and Nightstar is too weak to name his replacement. From StarClan, Cinderfur watches Tigerstar's leadership ceremony with worried eyes.


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The Prophecies Begin

Cinderfur is an elder of ShadowClan. He and the other elders who were outcasted by Brokenstar joined forces to drive him and his followers away. His uncle, Nightpelt, names himself the new leader of ShadowClan and chooses Cinderfur as his deputy. Cinderfur also becomes mates with Ashheart, and he sires Turtlekit, Quietkit and Rubblekit with her. When ThunderClan travels through ShadowClan territory to reach the Gathering, Cinderfur hostility confronts them and waits for Nightstar's word to attack.
Cinderfur serves as deputy for some moons, but when an infected rat is brought back from Carrionplace, Cinderfur is among the first cats to fall ill. Despite Runningnose's best attempts to cure him, Cinderfur succumbs to the sickness, and Nightstar, who is deathly ill as well, does not have the strength to chose his successor, leaving ShadowClan without a deputy, and soon, without a leader.

Super Editions

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In Yellowfang's Secret, Cinderkit is born to Rowanberry and Clawface alongside his brother, Stumpykit. He later becomes apprenticed with Nutwhisker, his uncle, as his mentor. Unlike his brother's mentor, Nutwhisker does not subject his apprentice to dangerous punishments like Brokentail does to Stumpypaw. He becomes a warrior named Cinderfur, and after Raggedstar's death, frets what the Clan would do without a leader. He agrees with Brokenstar that the elders should leave the camp and sides for Yellowfang's exile, going so far as to say that she had been acting like the entire Clan was a nuisance.


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In Tigerclaw's Fury, Cinderfur is one of the first cats to die from the sickness, leaving ShadowClan without a deputy. When Clawface, his father, returns to ShadowClan with some former Clanmates, he looks for Cinderfur. Rowanberry somberly reveals their son died and reassures him that he is with StarClan. Without proper leadership from Nightstar or Cinderfur, Tigerclaw manages to manipulate his way into securing leadership of ShadowClan for himself.


Interesting facts

  • He is said to have brought the infected rat that caused the Carrionplace disease to ShadowClan in Tigerclaw's Fury,[9] but in Rising Storm, Littlecloud said an apprentice brought the infected rat.[10]


  • Although he is an elder before his appointment as deputy, Yellowfang's Secret shows that he was in fact a warrior and too young to be an elder during that time.[2]

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Cinderfur: "I think they're here to spy."
Tigerclaw: "Spy? What can we spy on here? We're nowhere near your camp."
Cinderfur: "Give us the word, Nightstar, and we'll tear them apart."
—Cinderfur to a ThunderClan Gathering patrol trespassing on ShadowClan land Forest of Secrets, page 184

Clawface: "Where's Cinderfur? I heard he'd been made deputy."
Rowanberry: "He died, Clawface. He was the one who brought the sickness into the camp, when he caught an infected rat."
Clawface: "He died? I should have been here, Rowanberry. If I had caught that rat instead..."
Rowanberry: "Hush. Our son walks with StarClan now. He will know what you have done for us today."
—Clawface and Rowanberry about Cinderfur's death Tigerclaw's Fury, page chapter 4

"The two ShadowClan cats looked away. Did that mean Cinderfur had already died, or that he was just too old to become leader?"
—Fireheart's thoughts, while talking with Littlecloud and Whitethroat Rising Storm, page 131

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