"You are Cinderheart. This is your destiny. StarClan chose to let you live again so you could follow your first path, to be a great warrior, to have a mate and kits of your own, to fight and hunt for your Clan after caring for them so long from the medicine cat's den. Honor StarClan for their decision, and be proud of everything you have achieved in both of your lives. This is all your destiny, Cinderheart."
Jayfeather to Cinderheart in The Forgotten Warrior, page 218

Cinderheart is a smoky[12]-gray tabby she-cat[1] with dark[13] blue eyes.[14]

Cinderheart is a ThunderClan warrior that has served under Firestar's, Bramblestar's, the impostor's, Squirrelflight's, Lionblaze's, and Graystripe's leaderships in the lake territories. She was born to Sorreltail and Brackenfur at the exact moment Cinderpelt died at the claws of a badger, and named after the medicine cat who sacrificed herself for Sorreltail and her kits. As Cinderpelt died, her spirit transferred to the newborn Cinderkit. She was apprenticed as Cinderpaw to Cloudtail, but before passing her warrior assessment, she broke her leg after falling from the Sky Oak. Leafpool worried that she wouldn't be able to be a warrior, like Cinderpelt, but the young cat recovered and earned her warrior name, Cinderheart.

She mentored Ivypool and fell in love with Lionblaze, but when she learned about the Kin of your Kin prophecy, Cinderheart believed she would distract Lionblaze from his destiny. Furthermore, after Jayfeather revealed to her that she was once Cinderpelt, Cinderheart believed she must return to being a medicine cat, but Jayfeather convinced Cinderheart that she can choose her fate. Finally, Cinderpelt's spirit left to StarClan and she became mates with Lionblaze. Cinderheart mothered his kits, Hollykit, Sorrelkit, and Fernkit, and later Snapkit, Spotkit, and Flykit. She also mentored Finchpaw and was exiled by Bramblestar's impostor before later returning to ThunderClan under Squirrelflight's leadership.


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The New Prophecy

"[Spottedleaf] led her to the far corner of the nursery, where Sorreltail was sleeping. Her four kits were nuzzling close to her belly. Three of them slept, but as Leafpool watched, Cinderkit raised her head and blinked open blue eyes, fixing Leafpool with such an intense, familiar gaze that she could not look away."
―Spottedleaf showing Leafpool Cinderkit Sunset, page 277
Cinderkit is born to Brackenfur and Sorreltail along with her sisters, Poppykit and Honeykit, and her brother, Molekit. Cinderkit in particular bears a striking resemblance to Brackenfur's sister, Cinderpelt, whom she is named after as Cinderpelt died protecting Sorreltail the moment Cinderkit was born. Spottedleaf reveals to Leafpool that Cinderkit is Cinderpelt's reincarnation, and she chooses to keep the secret until the time is right.

Power of Three

Cinderheart: "What have you done?"
Hollyleaf: "I did the right thing."
Cinderheart: "There is no right thing. Everything to do with this leads to more pain."
—Cinderheart and Hollyleaf Sunrise, page 308
Now an apprentice mentored by Cloudtail, she is eager to become a warrior, and becomes friends with Hollypaw and Lionpaw. However, while training, she breaks her leg after falling out of a tree and is heartbroken until Jaypaw is able to help her heal, where it is revealed that she is the reincarnation of Cinderpelt. As she heals, Poppypaw and Honeypaw become warriors before her, which devastates her greatly, but she becomes warriors with Hollypaw and Lionpaw instead, becoming Cinderheart.

Omen of the Stars

"Then I choose the life of a warrior. And I choose you."
―Cinderheart to Lionblaze The Last Hope, page 242
She is given Ivypool as her first apprentice, and grows closer to Lionblaze; eventually the two admit their love for one another, and when Lionblaze reveals that he is part of a prophecy, she feels she can't distract him from it and breaks off their relationship. Later on, Jayfeather reveals to her that she is Cinderpelt's reincarnation, and Cinderheart feels conflicted whether to live as she wanted, or to continue Cinderpelt's duties as a medicine cat. After talking to both Jayfeather and Lionblaze, she realizes she wants to be her own cat, and Cinderpelt's spirit leaves Cinderheart, allowing Cinderheart to get back together with Lionblaze and able to live her own life.

A Vision of Shadows

She becomes pregnant with hers and Lionblaze's second litter, giving birth to Snapkit, Flykit and Spotkit, and at the same time, Ivypool becomes pregnant with Fernsong's kits, making Cinderheart the grandmother to Bristlekit, Thriftkit and Flipkit, and is notably happy about being able to watch over her grandkits as well as her own kits. She also befriends Snowbird when the queen takes shelter in ThunderClan after the queen escapes the Kin.

The Broken Code

"You can't do that...He's a ThunderClan warrior. We protect each other!"
―Cinderheart to the impostor when he banishes Lionblaze The Silent Thaw, page 115
She and Lionblaze have become the grandparents to Myrtlepaw and Baypaw; Sorrelstripe's kits. Cinderheart also grieves for Bramblestar when he dies, but is happy when he is revived. She later becomes mentor to Finchpaw, and speaks out against Bramblestar's impostor when he banishes Lionblaze from camp temporarily. After the impostor exiles Graystripe and Sparkpelt, Cinderheart, among many others, joins them and leave ThunderClan as exiles, but rejoin under the leadership of Squirrelflight.

Super Editions

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"I know I shouldn't nag [Lionblaze] about being reckless. I need to try to understand what it must feel like, to be in danger of getting hurt when it's never happened before. You're right: He must feel like he is letting us all down because he can't fight like he used to. Thanks, Bramblestar."
―Cinderheart to Bramblestar about Lionblaze Bramblestar's Storm, page 344
In Bramblestar's Storm, Cinderheart and Lionblaze enjoy their early days as mates, and Cinderheart has to try and remind her mate that he is no longer invincible. Bramblestar encourages her to have faith in her mate and to be there for him. After the Clan returns to their camp following the Great Storm, Cinderheard gives birth to their kits, Fernkit, Sorrelkit, and Hollykit, all named after cats who fell in the Great Battle.

Detailed description

Cinderheart is a slender,[15] smoky[12]-gray tabby she-cat[1] with dark[13] blue eyes.[14] She has soft fur,[16] a broad head,[17] and a long, sleek,[16] bushy tail.[18]

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Cinderheart's warrior ceremony
Firestar: I, Firestar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these three apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as warriors in their turn. Hollypaw, Lionpaw, and Cinderpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and protect and defend this Clan, even at the cost of your lives?
Hollypaw, Lionpaw, and Cinderpaw: I do.
Firestar: Cinderpaw, from this moment you will be known as Cinderheart in honor of those who have gone before. StarClan honors your bravery and determination. You are a warrior at last.
Everyone: Lionblaze! Hollyleaf! Cinderheart! Lionblaze! Hollyleaf! Cinderheart!
Reference: Eclipse, pages 317-318


Cinderheart's parents are Sorreltail and Brackenfur. Her mate is Lionblaze, and Hollytuft, Sorrelstripe, Fernsong, Spotfur, Flywhisker, and Snaptooth are their children. For more of Cinderheart's family, click here!



Interesting facts

Author statements

  • Kate revealed on her blog that reincarnating Cinderheart was Vicky's idea and how fully connected Cinderpelt and Cinderheart were became blurred as the story planning progressed.[blog 1]
  • Vicky has stated that if it were up to her, she'd make Cinderheart leader as she loves the idea of a medicine cat turned leader.[21]
  • Vicky has mistakenly referred to her as a pale gray tabby.[22]


  • She was originally described as dark gray,[4] but this was later changed to a smoky-gray tabby.[12][1]
  • She has also been called dappled[15] and mistakenly shown with amber eyes.[23]
  • She was said to have become an apprentice with her brothers,[24] despite only having one.[4]


"It's just a feeling I have. I can't explain it. A feeling that Lionpaw is making a mistake that's been made before, that should never be made, that only leads to trouble...."
―Cinderpaw to Hollypaw Dark River, page 41

"She's going to be okay. She's got a strong heart. And it's only her leg that's broken."
―Jaypaw to Leafpool about Cinderpaw Dark River, page 41

Jaypaw: "I don't understand. Why are you acting as if you lived here too?"
Cinderpaw: "Because I did. Many moons ago, before we left the forest."
Jaypaw: "But you never lived in the forest!"
Cinderpaw: "Once I did. But I have returned to tread a different path, the path of a warrior."
—Cinderpaw and Jaypaw Dark River, page 110

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Leafpool: "She's Cinderpaw, not Cinderpelt!"
Jaypaw: "But there must be something there."
Leafpool: "If there is, it's not up to us to find it! We have to let Cinderpaw find her own destiny!"
Jaypaw: "What's wrong with helping her along? Surely Cinderpaw deserves to know that she's been sent back by StarClan to be a warrior."
Leafpool: "If StarClan want her to know, they'll tell her."
—Leafpool and Jaypaw quarreling about Cinderpaw Dark River, page 148

Cinderheart: "Don't call me RiverClan! I'm ThunderClan through and through!"
Lionblaze: "I'm glad you are."
Cinderheart: "Of course! It's the best Clan to be in!"
—Cinderheart and Lionblaze Fading Echoes, page 238

Lionblaze: "Then we are more than friends?"
Cinderheart: "Hadn't you guessed?"
Lionblaze: "I'd hoped."
Cinderheart: "Mouse-brain."
—Lionblaze and Cinderheart Night Whispers, page 113

"No other cat needs to know. You are not an echo of Cinderpelt, you are your own cat now. Your Clanmates know you and love you as Cinderheart, which is all the truth they need."
―Jayfeather to Cinderheart The Forgotten Warrior, page 219

"I will fight too."
―Cinderheart announcing she will fight against WindClan in the tunnels The Forgotten Warrior, page 306

Cinderheart: "I always wanted a mate and kits. But that wasn't my destiny. Never to feel the warmth of fur... never to suckle..."
Lionblaze: "You'll find another mate. You can still have kits."
Cinderheart: "You don't understand!"
—Cinderheart and Lionblaze Sign of the Moon, page 106

"Perhaps that's the best way to recover, to return to the way things were before as quickly as we can. We won the Great Battle, so nothing needs to change."
―Cinderheart after a Gathering with no mention of the Great Battle Dovewing's Silence, page chapter 7

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