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Cinderheart was born as a reincarnation of Cinderpelt, so she shared many of the same traits as her.[1] When Cinderheart learned of the truth of her past, she felt as if she had to be exactly like Cinderpelt.[2] However, she had grown into her own cat, and was kind and smart. Cinderpelt’s spirit eventually left Cinderheart’s body, leaving her to live her own life. [3]



Cinderkit was born at the exact moment that Cinderpelt was killed by a badger. As she matures, she begins to show wisdom way beyond her years,[4] and exhibits memories of the old forest, which she never even saw. Jaypaw soon discovers that Cinderpaw is actually a reincarnation of Cinderpelt, so that she’d be able to live life as a warrior and have a mate and kits.[5] However, Jayfeather does not tell Cinderheart this until much later, and Cinderheart becomes confused as to what she should be. She briefly becomes a medicine cat,[3] but is convinced by Lionblaze to be herself and follow her own path. Cinderpelt’s spirit then separates from Cinderheart’s body, as Cinderheart has become her own cat, and Cinderpelt whispers a thank you before ascending into StarClan.[3]


Lionblaze: "Then we are more than friends?"
Cinderheart: "Hadn't you guessed?"
Lionblaze: "I'd hoped."
Cinderheart: "Mouse-brain."
—Lionblaze and Cinderheart Night Whispers, page 113
Cinderheart and Lionblaze began to grow close after they were made warriors.[6] They were about to get serious[7] when Lionblaze revealed the truth about the prophecy and his destiny. Cinderheart thought that this meant they couldn’t be together, and their relationship fell through for a while.[8] Eventually though, they got back together and became mates,[3] and have many kits.

Hollytuft, Sorrelstripe, Fernsong, Flywhisker, Spotfur, and Snaptooth

Cinderheart loves her kits, and was happy when her son Fernsong and her former apprentice Ivypool had kits and she became a grandmother.[9]

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