"Of course. I have made good friends in all the Clans. I've seen kits born and watched elders leave on their final journey to Silverpelt. I've made the long journey to the Clans' new home. Believe me, I wouldn't change a single day. I know it is not in your power to give me longer with my Clan, but I can't help wanting more."
— Cinderpelt to the StarClan cats in Twilight, page 3

Cinderpelt is a smoky[12]-dark gray she-cat with blue eyes.[2]

Cinderpelt was a medicine cat of ThunderClan in the forest territories and the lake territories who served under Bluestar and Firestar. Cinderkit was born to Lionheart and Frostfur alongside her siblings, Brackenfur, Thornclaw and Brightheart. She began her apprenticeship, receiving the new name Cinderpaw and Fireheart as her mentor. Shortly after, she was struck by a monster on the Thunderpath and sustained a leg injury that never healed properly and prevented her from ever becoming a warrior. However, she found her place in the Clan as Yellowfang's apprentice, learning the ways of a medicine cat.

She gained her full name, Cinderpelt and became ThunderClan's sole medicine cat after Yellowfang's death. She later mentored Firestar's daughter, Leafpaw. After Twolegs destroyed their home and they reached their new home, Cinderpelt was visited by StarClan and learned she would join them sooner than expected. Badgers invade ThunderClan's camp, and Cinderpelt helped Sorreltail during her kitting and dies protecting her. StarClan gave her a second chance and she was reborn as Cinderheart. Her spirit eventually separated from Cinderheart, and Cinderpelt joined the ranks of StarClan.


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The Prophecies Begin

"It's just sometimes I dream about being in the forest, hunting with Brackenpaw, and then I wake up and the pain in my leg reminds me that I'll never hunt again. It feels too much to bear. I have to pretend that maybe, one day, I'll be able to hunt."
—Cinderpaw to Fireheart Fire and Ice, page 234
Cinderkit is born to Lionheart and Frostfur with her three siblings. The littermates are kidnapped by Clawface, a ShadowClan warrior, but are rescued by a ThunderClan patrol. She is apprenticed to Fireheart, and is very energetic and eager to learn. Tigerclaw asks for Bluestar to meet him on the Thunderpath to give her a message, but the leader is unable to because she is ill. Despite Fireheart forbidding her, Cinderpaw goes to the Thunderpath and is struck by a monster, injuring her leg which never properly heals, preventing her from becoming a warrior. Cinderpaw is upset and feels useless, but finds her place, following the path of a medicine cat with Yellowfang's guidance.
Graystripe's mate, Silverstream, begins kitting at Sunningrocks, but something goes wrong, and Fireheart finds Cinderpaw to help. Despite Cinderpaw's best efforts to save her, Silverstream loses too much blood and dies, and she blames herself for the queen's death. After Tigerclaw betrays ThunderClan and is exiled, Cinderpaw finds a rotting magpie on the fresh-kill pile, and believes it to be a sign from StarClan that Bluestar's leadership is deteriorating. She is given her full medicine cat name, Cinderpelt. Two sick ShadowClan warriors, Littlecloud and Whitethroat, come to ThunderClan for help, but are rejected. Cinderpelt defies her leader and heals them in secret. A fire breaks out on ThunderClan territory, and Yellowfang dies trying to aid their trapped Clanmates. Cinderpelt grieves for her lost mentor and is nervous about being the Clan's only medicine cat, but grows more confident as time passes.
She has a dream of ferocious dogs panting "Pack pack, kill kill", and is worried it's a sign from StarClan of danger to come. Her sister, Brightpaw, is brought back to camp after being mauled by the pack of dogs and Cinderpelt saves her. She goes on to save Sorrelkit after Darkstripe feeds her deathberries. Cinderpelt prepares to heal the wounded, with the help of Fernpaw, as the battle with BloodClan dawns near.

The New Prophecy

"We cannot change our destiny. We just have to have the courage to know what it is, and accept it."
—Cinderpelt to Leafpool Twilight, page 309
Cinderpelt is now mentoring Firestar and Sandstorm's daughter, Leafpaw. While they are out collecting herbs, Cinderpelt sees an omen of a tiger leaping into flames, and believes it might mean Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw may be a danger to the Clan. ThunderClan abandons their camp as Twolegs draw too close, and she travels with the Clans on the Great Journey. Once they reach the lake territories, Cinderpelt and the other medicine cats discuss how they will share with StarClan, since the Moonstone is far behind them. Leafpaw discovers the Moonpool and Cinderpelt gives her apprentice her full name, Leafpool.
StarClan gives Cinderpelt the troubling news that she will die sometime soon and she accepts this. She confronts Leafpool about her relationship with Crowfeather, which escalates into an argument. Leafpool leaves Cinderpelt and runs off with Crowfeather. During Sorreltail's kitting, badgers attack ThunderClan's camp and Cinderpelt defends them to her best abilities, but is fatally wounded. Leafpool returns just before she dies and Cinderpelt tells her she knows the Clan will be well cared for. Shortly after, Leafpool learns that Cinderpelt has been reborn as one of Sorreltail's kits, Cinderkit, to have a second chance to live the life of a warrior.

Omen of the Stars

"I will never forget who I was before. Thank you for being my first life."
—Cinderheart to Cinderpelt The Forgotten Warrior, page chapter 17
After seeing Cinderpelt's memories in a dream, Cinderheart realizes the medicine cat was reborn as her. She regains all of Cinderpelt's knowledge of healing and memories, and suffers from an identity crisis, no longer knowing who she is, until she decides to be a warrior and becomes mates with Lionblaze. Cinderpelt's spirit then separates from her and thanks her before joining StarClan.

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Cinderpelt is a smoky[12]-dark gray she-cat with enormous,[13] pale[14] blue eyes,[2] and soft fur.[15]

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Cinderkit's apprentice ceremony
Bluestar: This moonhigh, we gather together to name two new apprentices. Come forward, you two. From this day forward, until she has earned her warrior name, this apprentice will be called Cinderpaw.
Cinderpaw: Cinderpaw!
Bluestar: Fireheart, you are ready for your first apprentice. You will begin Cinderpaw's training. You are fortunate, Fireheart, to have had more than one mentor. I expect you to pass on everything I have taught you to this young apprentice and share with her the skills you have learned from Lionheart and Tigerclaw. And this apprentice will be known as Brackenpaw. Graystripe, you will train Brackenpaw. Our lost friend Lionheart was your mentor. I hope that his skill and wisdom will pass through you to your new apprentice.
Reference: Fire and Ice, pages 96-98

Cinderpaw's medicine cat ceremony
Yellowfang: Warriors of StarClan. I bring to you a new medicine cat, who is loyal and commited in her service to ThunderClan. I name her Cinderpelt.
Reference: Yellowfang's Secret, manga


Cinderpaw: "Why do you keep on thinking about her, when there's another cat right under your nose?"
Fireheart: "Huh? Cinderpaw, you--"
Cinderpaw: "Fireheart, every cat in the Clan can see that Sandstorm is very, very fond of you!"
—Cinderpaw telling Fireheart about Sandstorm's fondness towards him Forest of Secrets, page 174

"Why can't you let her rest in StarClan? I know she was special to you, but remember what Yellowfang said to me when I couldn't stop thinking about Silverstream: Put your energy into today. Stop worrying about the past."
—Cinderpelt to Fireheart Rising Storm, page 154

"I can tell how much this means to you. And if it is really your destiny, then you must go wherever your paws lead you. But be careful- StarClan may not be able to watch over you. Our warrior ancestors do not walk in all skies."
—Cinderpelt to Firestar Firestar's Quest, page 110

Cinderpelt: "It's not just about rules. Your sympathy for other Clans and your willingness to see that sometimes rules have to be ignored will make you a great medicine cat in the end."
Leafpaw: "Really?"
Cinderpelt: "Really. 'Medicine cat' means nothing on it's own, without an understanding of what should be done - which isn't always what you first think. Remember what I've always told you about Yellowfang? She never followed the rules, but she was one of the best medicine cats the forest has ever seen."
—Cinderpelt to Leafpaw about being a medicine cat Moonrise, page 107

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Cinderpelt: "So do I. But I can pass on to you what she taught me. To truly be a medicine cat lies in a cat's heart, and all its five senses. You must be braver than warriors, wiser than a Clan leader, humbler than the tiniest kit, more willing to learn than any apprentice..."
Leafpaw: "I'm not sure I can be all of that..."
Cinderpelt: "Well, I am sure. For we do not achieve this by ourselves, but by the strength of StarClan within us."
—Cinderpelt to Leafpaw Moonrise, page 108

Cinderpelt: "I know they spoke to me, but I couldn't tell what they were saying. It was as if their voices were drowned by the roaring wind."
Leafpaw: "You couldn't make out anything?"
Cinderpelt: "Nothing. But they were there."
—Cinderpelt to Leafpaw about StarClan when she was at the Moonstone, before The Great Journey Dawn, pages 259-260

"Don't grieve, Bluestar. I know my Clan will be well cared for after I am gone."
—Cinderpelt to Bluestar in StarClan Twilight, page 3

Cinderpelt: "Of course you have. But a medicine cat has to control those feelings for the good of the Clan. The path we follow has its own rewards. I've never felt cheated by the destiny StarClan sent me."
Leafpool: "You can't possibly understand! You've never been in love! It's easy for you. You never wanted anything else."
Cinderpelt: "How do you know what I want? How do you know what hopes I gave up to follow the path StarClan laid out for me?"
—Cinderpelt's fury towards Leafpool Twilight, pages 246-247

"My head is so full of memories! I feel as though there are two lives inside of me, not one. How can it be my choice to make? Doesn't Cinderpelt have a choice? I can't make her be a warrior! She was a medicine cat!"
—Cinderheart to Lionblaze The Last Hope, page chapter 20

Cinderpelt: "I loved Firestar, but I chose my duty over the hope that he would love me, and it was the right choice. ThunderClan needs you, Alderheart, just as it needed me. For the future to remain unclouded, medicine cats must choose their duty to their Clan over anything else."
Alderheart: "I understand, but it's hard."
Cinderpelt: "True, but the rewards are great. And now... now that the five Clans are finally united once more, there will be new challenges. The sky has cleared at last, but the Clans must come together to make the forest grow."
—Cinderpelt and Alderheart River of Fire, page 281

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