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Interesting facts

  • Her niece, Cinderheart, is named after her.[1]
  • In the Warriors App, it says that Cinderpelt had always loved Firestar from the moment she was made his apprentice, and she never stopped dreaming about what might have happened with Firestar if things had been different.[2]
  • Cinderpelt was reincarnated as Cinderheart.[3]
    • However, it can be noted that, because Cinderpelt's spirit was able to leave Cinderheart's body without Cinderheart dying in The Last Hope,[4] it appears that it is more likely that Cinderpelt was not, in fact, reincarnated, but was simply possessing Cinderheart, as the two do not share the same spirit.[5]
  • Cinderpelt, along with Brackenfur, was apprenticed before she was six moons old.[6]
  • Her gray pelt is described as embers from an old fire.[7]

Author statements

  • When asked if Littlecloud loved Cinderpelt when he was sick, Vicky answered that she doesn't think he ever loved her because she was much older than him, but that he was always very fond of her, like an older sister.[8]


  • She was mistakenly described as a pale gray tabby,[9] pale gray,[10] and depicted as white with stripes on her head.[11]
  • She was mistakenly called by her apprentice name, Cinderpaw, even though her name was Cinderpelt,[12][13] and she has been mistakenly shown as Cinderpelt even though she had not earned her full medicine cat name yet.[14]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • In Secrets of the Clans, a 2007 field guide, Cinderpelt is listed as one of ThunderClan's significant medicine cats. She is described as bright, energetic, enthusiastic, and a quick learner. It also stated she would've been an agile warrior if not for her permanently injured hind leg. She is also described with enormous blue eyes.[15]
  • On the Warriors website family tree, Cinderpelt and her littermates are the kits of Frostfur and Lionheart.[16] Her grandfather is also Smallear.[17]

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