"We just need your help, okay? We don't need your opinion."
— Cinnamon to Dash in Tigerheart's Shadow, page 307

Cinnamontail is a brown tabby she-cat with white paws,[7] and glossy fur.[10]

Cinnamontail is a ShadowClan warrior under Tigerstar's leadership in the lake territories, formerly a member of the guardian cats named Cinnamon. She left to join the Clans after learning about warrior life, becoming an apprentice as Cinnamonpaw with Sparrowtail as her mentor, and earning her warrior name Cinnamontail alongside the other former guardian cats, Blazefire and Antfur.


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A Vision of Shadows

"They looked too old to be apprentices, but pride shone in their eyes as their leader acknowledged them."
—Cinnamonpaw and Antpaw after being introduced at a Gathering The Raging Storm, page chapter 6
Cinnamon arrives at the lake as part of Tigerheart's returning patrol. Despite being full-grown, she is made an apprentice known as Cinnamonpaw and is given Sparrowtail as her mentor, alongside Antpaw and Blazepaw.

The Broken Code

"Scavenging from a Twolegplace is not the way of a warrior. If that’s what you want to do, maybe you should go and be kittypets, or loners living in the Twolegplace! Then you can find all the food you like. I had thought you both were learning to be strong warriors . . . which means hunting for your food!"
—Tigerstar lecturing Cinnamontail and Blazefire Lost Stars, page 49
She is now a warrior with the name Cinnamontail. When a terrible leafbare sweeps through the Clans, she and Blazefire break the warrior code by scavenging for food in the Twolegplace. When they are found out, she and Blazefire are punished, but allowed to remain in the Clan. When Antfur dies after falling from a tree, Cinnamontail is struck with grief for her old friend.

Super Editions

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"It had been Cinnamon's idea to post a guard. Tigerheart had been pleased that one of the guardian cats had begun to think like a warrior."
—Tigerheart thinking of Cinnamon Tigerheart's Shadow, page 195
In Tigerheart's Shadow, Cinnamon is a member of the guardian cats, a group of cats living in a huge Twolegplace who care for the sick and injured. When the groups' herbs are being threatened by a group of foxes, Cinnamon assists in fighting them off, keen to learn battle moves from Tigerheart. Later, she is confronted by a group of hostile rogues lead by Fog. After the rogues are dealt with and Tigerheart announces that he, Dovewing, and their kits would be returning to the Clans, Cinnamon decides to join them, along with Blaze, Ant, and Spire. After reaching the lake, Tigerheart is revived as Tigerstar and Cinnamon joins ShadowClan.

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  • She has been mistakenly called orange.[11]
  • She has been mistakenly referred to as male.[12]


Fierce: "We're having trouble with a fox."
Cobweb: "It's stopping us from gathering herbs."
Cinnamon: "Dovewing said that a few warrior moves would get rid of it, but hers aren't too good at the moment."
—Cinnamon, Cobweb, and Fierce Tigerheart's Shadow, page 146

Cinnamon: "I want to come too."
Ant: "So do I."
Tigerheart: "What do you think?"
Dovewing: "I think that we are traveling with young kits. They would be safer if we had company."
Tigerheart: "But what will ShadowClan say if I return with strangers? They will remember what happened when they took in rogues."
Dovewing: "These cats aren't rogues. We have seen them fight to protect their denmates, and scavenge for others. They take care of their sick like Clan cats. If ShadowClan won't take them in, then ThunderClan will."
—Ant wishing to come with Dovewing and Tigerheart Tigerheart's Shadow, pages 300-301

Dash: "...Are they going with you?"
Tigerheart: "Yes."
Dash: "City cats in the forest?"
Cinnamon: "We just need your help, okay? We don't need your opinion."
—Cinnamon, Dash, and Tigerheart Tigerheart's Shadow, page 307

Dovewing: "You told us the tunnels were dangerous."
Dash: "I'm used to them. I'd never take kits or strays in there!"
Cinnamon: "Who are you calling a stray?"
Ant: "He's just worried about us."
Cinnamon: "Well he doesn't have to be rude about it."
—Cinnamon, Ant, and Dash Tigerheart's Shadow, page 308

Cinnamon: "Why don't we play a game to make the time pass?"
Lightkit: "What game?"
Cinnamon: "Let's make up names for the trees and plants and creatures we see, and Tigerheart and Dovewing can tell us if we're right."
—Cinnamon and Lightkit Tigerheart's Shadow, page 322

Tigerstar: "Have I got this straight? You went into the Twolegplace to get Twolegs to give you food?"
Cinnamontail: "Oh, no! We would never do that. But you know how they throw food away, delicious food, in scrapcans! We thought we could just ... It's almost like hunting."
Blazefire: "And we were so hungry. You remember, there was always lots of food to be found in the Twolegplace, and even though this Twolegplace isn't as big, we thought it would be stupid to ignore it."
—Cinnamontail and Blazefire defending themselves to Tigerstar Lost Stars, page 49

"Cinnamontail stared at her dead friend. Like Blazefire, she’d shared a den with the tom when they’d lived in the city, before they joined the Clan. They’d known each other since kithood. Her eyes glistened with grief."
—Cinnamontail reacting to Antfur's death The Silent Thaw, page 127

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