Clarissa Hutton is one of the authors of the Warriors novel series, whom shares the pseudonym "Erin Hunter" with editor Victoria Holmes and fellow writers Cherith Baldry, Kate Cary, and Tui Sutherland.[2] She also serves as one of Kate's editors.[3]


Clarissa Hutton works at Working Partners as part of their team, along with Victoria Holmes and Rosie Best, whom also share the Erin Hunter pseudonym. She focuses on projects for middle-grade and teen readers, usually in her favorite genre of fantasy.[4]
Clarissa has worked on the Warriors series for a long time,[5] serving as one of Kate's editors.[3] She originally worked at HarperCollins in the United States, before transferring to Working Partners. The first Warriors arc that she was heavily involved in was Dawn of the Clans.[1] While she continues in this role, she has also written Thunderstar's Echo for the Warriors series.[6] She also wrote Path of a Warrior, a paperback novella compilation, which includes three short stories focusing on Shadowstar, Redtail, and Tawnypelt.[5]


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  • Clarissa's other works include a young readers' edition of The Three Musketeers.[13]

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