"They're not here. But maybe they snuck out with the night patrol. [Marigoldkit and Mintkit] talked about wanting to join it tonight, but I told them they had to wait until they were apprenticed."
— Clawface to Yellowfang when Marigoldkit and Mintkit go missing in Yellowfang's Secret, page 464

Clawface is a heavily-built,[6] sturdy,[7] and scrawny,[8] battle-scarred,[2] brown tom.[2]

Clawface was a ShadowClan warrior under Raggedstar's and Brokenstar's leaderships in the forest territories. Clawkit and his brother, Nightkit, were fathered by Toadskip. As an apprentice, Clawpaw was mentored by Crowtail, and he and his brother, Nightpaw, formed a close bond. After earning his warrior name, Clawface fathered Cinderkit and Stumpykit with Rowanberry, and later mentored Littlecloud. Under Brokenstar's reign, he kidnapped Frostfur's kits and killed Spottedleaf, ThunderClan's medicine cat. After being exiled by ShadowClan, Clawface was killed by Graystripe during another raid on ThunderClan's camp.


In The Prophecies Begin arc

Into the Wild

"Look between Spottedleaf's claws. You will find the brown fur of Clawface, not Yellowfang's gray fur!"
―Graypaw's suggestion for Clawface being Spottedleaf's killer Into the Wild, page 266
Clawface is a ShadowClan warrior, and his apprentice is Littlepaw. He is first mentioned by Graypaw to Firepaw as one of the 'great warriors' he would see at the Gathering. Clawface goes into ThunderClan's camp and kidnaps Frostfur's four kits. When Spottedleaf gets in his way, he kills her. At first, ThunderClan assumes that Yellowfang killed Spottedleaf and kidnapped the kits, but later they find Clawface's fur in Spottedleaf's claws.
When ThunderClan invades ShadowClan, Firepaw almost kills him in revenge for killing Spottedleaf, but Whitestorm stops him before he can do it, reminding him about the warrior code stating that cats do not need to kill in order to win their battles. Whitestorm then scares Clawface away, biting him fiercely. When Brokenstar is driven out by the ThunderClan patrol and the rest of ShadowClan, Clawface follows him into exile, to live as a rogue alongside him.

Fire and Ice

"No elders need be present. No rogue deserves to be buried with the honor of StarClan ritual."
―Bluestar about Clawface's burial Fire and Ice, page 272
Clawface takes part in the rogue attack against ThunderClan. During the battle, he attacks Fireheart to save Brokenstar, biting down hard on Fireheart's leg. Fireheart becomes enraged, as he remembers that Clawface is Spottedleaf's murderer, but Clawface gets the upper hand, pinning Fireheart down and almost killing him. Graystripe comes to Fireheart's aid and snaps Clawface's neck, killing him. Graystripe is upset about killing him, but Fireheart reminds him of what a ruthless, bloodthirsty cat Clawface was.
After the rogues are driven out, he is dragged out of the camp and buried by Swiftpaw and Sandpaw. Bluestar claims that no elders need to be present at the burial, as none of Brokenstar's rogues deserve honor from StarClan. He is also then mentioned by Cloudkit, asking if he was dead.

In the Super Editions

Yellowfang's Secret

"Clawpaw was a sturdy young cat, inclined to be a bit too rough, but always kind to his weaker brother."
―Yellowfang's thoughts about Clawpaw Yellowfang's Secret, page 328
Clawpaw is a ShadowClan apprentice. He is first seen with his brother, Nightpaw, watching in alarm as Raggedpelt carries Cloudpaw back to camp, until Foxheart and Crowtail come up and take them away. As Yellowfang and Cloudpelt are gathering cobwebs from a tree, Clawpaw is seen rushing past along with Blackpaw, Nightpaw, Flintpaw, and Fernpaw.
While the apprentices are cleaning out the elders' den, Flintpaw hurls himself at Nightpaw saying he is a WindClan warrior, wrestling. Clawpaw, along with Blackpaw and Fernpaw, join in happily, until Hollyflower stops them. During a training session, Yellowfang takes Nightpaw away because he is wheezing. Clawpaw touches his nose to Nightpaw's ear, telling him to get well soon.
He later earns his warrior name of Clawface. Clawface is part of the attack on the rats organized by Raggedstar and is ordered to hold back any rats while the other cats kill them. He is mentioned by his brother, Nightpelt, when he says that he trained with him and Flintpaw when they reach a thicket of dense bushes. Brokenstar promises Volekit to Clawface after Mosskit is apprenticed to Brokenstar. However, Mosspaw later dies, and Brokenstar instead mentors Volepaw, giving Littlepaw for Clawface to mentor.
When Brokenstar ends up suggesting Featherstorm join the elders, and when she reluctantly does so, Clawface comments that more cats would be outside the camp than in it at this rate. After Marigoldkit and Mintkit go missing, Yellowfang wakes up Clawface, asking if he'd seen them. Clawface responds in the negative, saying they weren't there, but they might have snuck out with the night patrol, as he had told them they had to wait until they were apprenticed.

In the Novellas

Tigerclaw's Fury

"They haven't crossed the border, I promise. But...but we've been taking turns to patrol on our side, looking for some sign that ShadowClan is all right. We're worried about our Clanmates. We've been here for a while and haven't heard or seen any border patrols. What if something terrible has happened?"
―Clawface about him and the other former ShadowClan cats Tigerclaw's Fury, page chapter 3
Tigerclaw encounters Clawface and Blackfoot while stalking along the very edge of Twolegplace. When Tigerclaw bursts through a bramble bush, Clawface and Blackfoot are frightened, thinking it to be a ThunderClan patrol. Once they recognize it is Tigerclaw, they calm down, and Clawface realizes that Tigerclaw had survived the battle. Tigerclaw snarls that it was no thanks to him, and Blackfoot says they were going to get him afterwards. The cats, although pretending to be happy to see Tigerclaw alive, are secretly terrified. After Tigerclaw asks where Mowgli was, Clawface limps forward and drops a mouse at the former ThunderClan cat's paws and informs him he can have the rest if he wants.
Tigerclaw wonders whether accepting the prey is a sign of weakness or not before accepting it. Blackfoot mentions that he never thought ThunderClan would be as fierce as they were, and Clawface agrees with him. The next day, Tigerclaw wakes before dawn and carefully steps around Clawface, who is pressed against his spine. Clawface, along with the rest of the group, wake up later and walk along the ShadowClan border. Clawface's eyes are wide as he scans for former Clanmates. He explains that the line of straight bushes at the border come from the Twolegplace. It is so dense that ShadowClan uses it as defense against the wild part of the forest.
They climb through the bush to find oak and ash tree, a bit like ThunderClan territory. Clawface murmurs that it's their territory for now. Clawface suggests to Blackfoot to hunt and start a fresh-kill pile. Blackfoot nods, but Tigerclaw steps forward and says that this isn't a game of mini Clans. He explains that he still wants to take over ThunderClan, and as soon as they are strong enough, they will do it again. Clawface among the others give flashes of uncertainty in their eyes.
Three sunrises later, during battle training, Tigerclaw nudges Snag closer to Clawface so he is hanging over him. Clawface starts to look worried. Stumpytail suggests that it will be easier to unbalance Snag, but Tigerclaw warns to try not to let him land on Clawface. Snag swipes at Clawface, and Stumpytail barges into the rogue at the same time. Clawface is easily left to scramble free, but quickly helps Stumpytail by leaping into Snag. Tigerclaw congratulates them and asks where Blackfoot and Tangleburr are. Stumpytail glances at Clawface and meows that they'll be back soon. Tigerclaw sees the guilt and asks where they are. Clawface promises that they haven't crossed the border and explains Blackfoot and Tangleburr have been taking turns to patrol the ShadowClan border, as they are worried for their former Clanmates. He says that they've been there for a while and have seen no sign of ShadowClan cats and asks if something terrible has happened.
Tigerclaw decides to go find Blackfoot and Tangleburr, and Clawface's eyes widen, asking if he'll punish them. Tigerclaw says that it depends on what they have done. Blackfoot, Tangleburr, and Tigerclaw end up meeting a ShadowClan patrol. Tangleburr explains that they live at the fallen oak now with Stumpytail and Clawface. That night, Tigerclaw wakes up coughing, and Clawface asks if he is alright. Tigerclaw spits that he is fine. The next day, a deal is struck to fetch fresh-kill for ShadowClan as they are sick and weak. Clawface is unsure, stating it could be a trap. He admits that they may be sick, but still outnumber them, and once they enter camp, anything can happen. Tigerclaw says that they are taking fresh-kill to the border, and he is not putting them into danger.
The group of rogues decide to go to ShadowClan's camp, regardless of the risks, where Clawface asks for Cinderfur, stating he heard his son was made deputy. Rowanberry, his former mate and mother to Cinderfur, explains that he died. He brought the rat and sickness into the camp. Clawface sways, echoing he died. He insists to Rowanberry that he should have stayed, if only he had caught the rat instead, but Rowanberry interrupts. He tells him their son walks in StarClan now, and he knows what Clawface has done for them this day. Tigerclaw soon flicks his tail for his group to leave, and Clawface reluctantly draws away from Rowanberry.
Back at the rogue's camp, Tangleburr explains that she and Clawface had a ShadowClan patrol request them to hunt for them again tomorrow. Clawface decides to nap before battle practice, but Tigerclaw blocks his way. He asks if he will be able to nap before the enemy attacks. Tigerclaw demands that he trains now with the energy he has, asking if he understands. Clawface's eyes give a flash of anger, but he nods and says he understands. The rogues start joining in with ShadowClan hunting patrols, and Clawface looks very composed, but his ears still pricked and tail tip still twitching, with Whitethroat standing beside him.
Tigerclaw suggests hunting different prey, and Clawface asks if the prey will be from somewhere else. After Tigerclaw announces they'll hunt on ThunderClan territory, Whitethroat says he'd rather not take prey. Clawface whispers to Tigerclaw that there are rumors Whitethroat and Littlecloud went to find shelter in ThunderClan during the worst time of the sickness. Tigerclaw asks if he thinks that is true. Clawface looks at the black-and-white warrior and states that he can imagine frightened cats trying to escape from their Clan that is dying around them.
On the patrol, Tigerclaw attacks and kills Runningwind. Clawface scrapes his paw on the ground and asks for what reason they will find the other cats of the ThunderClan patrol. They have trespassed, and Tigerclaw killed a warrior, but they don't want to drag ShadowClan into a war as they are not strong enough yet. He tells Tigerclaw they came to hunt, not fight. They cannot win this battle, not yet. Tigerclaw gives the approval, and Clawface and the rest of the patrol plunge into the elder bush and race back across the Thunderpath. They manage to get into an outnumbered fight anyway, and Clawface is forced to retreat to the edge of the Thunderpath, completely covered in scratches.
Tigerclaw lies to ShadowClan over the fight, and he catches Clawface's eye before the brown tom agrees with him. The next day, as the Clan mourns over Nightstar's death, Clawface lies the tip of his tail on Rowanberry's back and guides her to an empty place. Runningnose picks Tigerclaw to sort patrols, and Tigerclaw tells Stumpytail, Clawface, and Tangleburr to lead the hunting patrols. They do a great job stocking the fresh-kill pile so the Clan has a great feast in Nightstar's honor. Runningnose invites the group to ShadowClan, and Rowanberry glances fondly at Clawface and welcomes her former Clanmates back.
A quarter moon later, Clawface wakes up Tigerclaw reporting he returned from a dawn patrol. He saw over on the other side of the Thunderpath that the forest is on fire. He explains it looked like the fire was above ThunderClan camp.

Blackfoot's Reckoning

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Killed victims

This list shows the victims Clawface has killed:



Former mate:

Rowanberry:[10] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Stumpytail:[11] Living (As of Tigerclaw's Fury)
Cinderfur:[11] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Toadskip:[4] Living (As of Redtail's Debt)


Nightstar:[12] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Wolfstep:[13] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Cloudpelt:[14] Deceased, residence unknown


Foxheart:[13] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Littlekit:[14] Deceased, residence unknown


Turtlekit:[15] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Quietkit:[15] Deceased, verified StarClan member
Rubblekit:[15] Deceased, verified StarClan member


See MoreToadskip ♂
Rowanberry ♀Clawface ♂Nightstar ♂
Stumpytail ♂Cinderfur ♂

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown





The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.


Rowanberry: "There's another cat gone. What is Brokenstar thinking?"
Clawface: "StarClan knows. If he's not careful, there'll be more of us out there than in camp."
—Rowanberry and Clawface when Featherstorm joins the elders Yellowfang's Secret, page 467

"What if it's a trap? They may be sick, but they still outnumber us. Once we're inside the camp, anything could happen."
―Clawface after ShadowClan asks they hunt prey for them Tigerclaw's Fury, page chapter 4

Clawface: "Where's Cinderfur? I heard he'd been made deputy?"
Rowanberry: "He died, Clawface. He was the one who brought the sickness into the camp, when caught an infected rat."
Clawface: "He died? I should have been here, Rowanberry. If I had caught that rat instead..."
Rowanberry: "Hush. Our son walks with StarClan now. He will know what you have done for us today."
—Clawface and Rowanberry over their son's death Tigerclaw's Fury, page chapter 4

Clawface: "There are rumors, that Whitethroat and Littlecloud sought shelter in ThunderClan during the worst of the sickness."
Tigerclaw: "Do you think that's true?"
Clawface: "I can imagine two frightened cats trying to escape a Clan that was dying around them."
—Clawface and Tigerclaw Tigerclaw's Fury, page chapter 5

"For what reason? We have trespassed on their territory. You've killed a warrior! We don't want to drag our Clanmates into a battle with ThunderClan. We are not yet strong enough for that! [...] Tigerclaw, we came here to hunt, not to fight. This is not a battle we can win. Not yet."
―Clawface to Tigerclaw Tigerclaw's Fury, page chapter 6

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