"Unite or die! Don't you remember the Great Battle? The spirit-cats told us afterward that we could not live without each other."
— Cloud Spots at a Gathering in Moth Flight's Vision, page 347

Cloud Spots is a long-furred black-and-white tom with a white chest, ears, two paws,[2] and green eyes.[9]

Cloud Spots was the first medicine cat of ThunderClan under Thunderstar's leadership in the forest. Originally from the ancient Tribe of Rushing Water, Cloud Spots joined the Early Settlers on their journey to the forest territories. He first stayed with Tall Shadow's cats on the moor and assisted in taking out One Eye. Then, Cloud Spots left for the forest only after the spirit-cats ordered them to separate. He later followed Thunder after the latter left his father's camp to a new place in the forest. Eventually, he settled in Thunder's camp and was chosen to be the first medicine cat of his Clan. Cloud Spots guided Pebble Heart about herbs on the moor, and moons later, he received his own apprentice in ThunderClan, Shivering Rose.


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Dawn of the Clans

"[...] Cloud Spots is great, but he’s not the most sympathetic cat on the moor."
―Hawk Swoop to Dappled Pelt about Cloud Spots The Sun Trail, page 277
Cloud Spots joins Shaded Moss's group on their journey to find new territory, he and Dappled Pelt using their healing skills to help injured cats along the way. Upon their arrival, Cloud Spots insists there is no need to fight over prey in such plentiful land when fights break out with rogues living there, and chooses to remain on the moor instead of following Clear Sky into the forest. As the First Battle begins, Cloud Spots agrees to guard the camp, allowing Dappled Pelt to join the fight.
He continues treating injuries and illnesses, and teaches Pebble Heart when the young kit becomes interested in medicine. However, he shows fighting ability in the battle against One Eye, helping bring the tyrant down. When the spirit-cats order them to separate, Cloud Spots casts his stone to join Clear Sky in the forest, believing they will need a healer, but when Thunder influences some of Clear Sky's cats to split off into their own group, Cloud Spots joins them. When Star Flower is kidnapped by Slash, Cloud Spots believes that it isn't their responsibility to rescue Clear Sky's mate; nevertheless, he helps in fighting off the rogues. Afterwards, Thunder's camp is named ThunderClan by Silver Stripe.

Super Editions

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In Moth Flight's Vision, Cloud Spots is chosen by StarClan to become ThunderClan's first medicine cat. He journeys to Highstones along with the other chosen cats, where they use the Moonstone to meet with StarClan. Later, they take an oath to never have a mate or kits.


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In Thunderstar's Echo, Cloud Spots has begun training Shivering Rose as his apprentice. When Thunderstar and Lightning Tail go off to fight the dogs, Cloud Spots watches over Violet Dawn, and later helps deliver her kits.

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Killed victims

This list shows the victims Cloud Spots has killed:

  • One Eye[10] (Along with Thunderstar, Lightning Tail and Gray Wing)



Interesting facts

  • Vicky confirmed Cloudspots and Cloud Spots are the same cat.[11]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • In Secrets of the Clans, a 2007 field guide, he is originally known as Cloudspots. He is described as inquiring, curious, thoughtful, and sometimes shy and reserved.[12] He is chosen by StarClan to be ThunderClan's first medicine cat when Moth Flight discovers the Moonstone.[13] He is very interested in the theory of medicine, but not as fond of taking care of sick kits. One of Cloudspots's achievements is discovering the difference between greencough and whitecough, and identifying catmint as a possible cure.[12]


"You know, I'm not happy with the idea that we always have to fight these other cats. Maybe we should think about finding a way to live peacefully near them."
―Cloud Spots after Moon Shadow is attacked The Sun Trail, page 206

"[...] You know, the others' leaving won't make much of a difference. It's just as if our home has gotten bigger."
―Cloud Spots on Clear Sky's group leaving the moor The Sun Trail, page 229

Cloud Spots: "It will be difficult to care for him. He needs milk..."
Dappled Pelt: "Hawk Swoop is near enough to kitting. She already said she would look after him. How can you-"
Cloud Spots: "I said it will be difficult. I never said we shouldn't try."
—Cloud Spots on accepting Thunder The Sun Trail, page 312

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"There's plenty of prey for every cat here. We don't need to be fighting over it. All these arguments about hunting rights are ridiculous. We should all be able to hunt where we want."
―Cloud Spots about the prey Thunder Rising, page 85

"You may be ill, but that's no excuse to behave as if your brain is full of bees. Of course you'll be better soon. You survived the mountains. You can survive a bit of smoke in your lungs. Besides, it's not just the kits who need you. You're our leader now, don't forget. You have duties to fulfill."
―Cloud Spots to Gray Wing about his importance in the group Thunder Rising, pages page 201-202

Pebble Heart: "What about my herbs?"
Cloud Spots: "Take these. They'll keep you going for now. There are plenty of herbs left for you to get later."
Pebble Heart: "What about you?"
Cloud Spots: "I'll make myself a fresh bundle. [...] There may even be better herbs in the forest."
Pebble Heart: "And the pines."
Cloud Spots: "I'll come and tell you if I find anything new."
Pebble Heart: "Me too."
Cloud Spots: "Perhaps we should meet regularly to share what we've learned."
Pebble Heart: "Next new moon? At the four trees?"
Cloud Spots: "I'll see you then."
—Cloud Spots and Pebble Heart saying good-bye A Forest Divided, page chapter 4

"Gray Wing saw them exchange a look so warm, he felt a sudden flash of jealousy. Pebble Heart was clearly fond of the tom who had taught him so much."
―Gray Wing on Pebble Heart and Cloud Spots A Forest Divided, page chapter 4

"And this is Cloud Spots. He knows a lot about herbs and treating wounds, and he's come to help you."
―Gorse Fur introducing Cloud Spots to Slate A Forest Divided, page Bonus Scene chapter 1

Pink Eyes: "You told Cloud Spot to be our medicine cat, so now he wants me to eat herbs. He thinks he can cure my aches and pains. But you can't cure old age."
Cloud Spots: "I can try."
Pink Eyes: "I'd rather you brought me a fresh vole every day."
Cloud Spots: "It's my job to take care of you."
—Cloud Spots and Pink Eyes Moth Flight's Vision, page 222

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