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|quote= "Unite or die! Don't you remember the Great Battle? The spirit-cats told us afterward that we could not live without each other."
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'''Cloudspots''' is a long-furred{{r|secrets|24}} black-and-white tom{{r|dc1|110}} with a white chest, white ears, and two white front paws.{{r|secrets|24}}
===In the [[Dawn of the Clans]] arc===
====''[[The Sun Trail]]''====
:As Dappled Pelt describes the possible choices of [[Prey|prey]] they could hunt in their new home, Cloud Spots muses that they have to be careful not to eat too much, and [[Snow Hare]] snorts at his comment, stating that it was a problem she would like to have. He leaves with the other sun trail [[Cat|cats]], and responds to [[Half Moon|Stoneteller's]] worrying that he and Dappled Pelt knew quite a bit about herbs and healing.
:Later, after [[Jagged Peak]] and Gray Wing catch up to the group, he and the others are chased by a pair of eagles. When they reach the shelter of an overhang, Cloud Spots quickly pokes his head out and back in, reporting that there were two more eagles sitting on the rock. When [[Skystar|Clear Sky's]] plan is put into action, he is grouped with Gray Wing, [[Bright Stream]] and [[Turtle Tail]] to lead three of the birds away so that the other group can kill the fourth. When the four cats split up, he goes with Turtle Tail, leading two of the eagles away.
:Cloud Spots and Turtle Tail circle back to join Gray Wing just as Bright Stream is being carried away. He catches up to Gray Wing, panting that the gray tom cannot help her. Cloud Spots presses up against Gray Wing as he mourns, and pulls him back from the edge of the cliff, guiding him back to the others and stopping Clear Sky's accusations.
:[[Quick Water]] is helped out of a river by Gray Wing, [[Shaded Moss]], and [[Falling Feather]]. Cloud Spots and Gray Wing help Turtle Tail in licking Quick Water's fur dry. He later crosses the first [[Thunderpath]] the cats come across safely, along with Quick Water. When the cats are interrupted from sleeping in a [[Twoleg]] barn that they had imagined to be their new home by a herd of [[Sheep|sheep]], Cloud Spots knows how to fix [[Hawk Swoop|Hawk Swoop's]] dislocated leg by copying a technique [[Quiet Rain]] had used on an [[Elder|elder]]. He has Gray Wing hold Hawk Swoop and he wrenches her shoulder back into place. Shaded Moss praises him and Cloud Spots responds that he was lucky. Dappled Pelt returns with several herbs and Cloud Spots says that they should be okay.
:Several days later, the cats meet a stranger as they head towards [[Highstones]], and Cloud Spots asks if there were cats pasts the peaks, to which the stranger replies that he's heard about them and how fierce they are, but has never been there. Later, when they are climbing up the peaks of Highstones, Cloud Spots comments all the good eating had made climbing harder than before. When they climb down he points out a [[Twolegplace]].
:Cloud Spots goes with Gray Wing, [[Rainswept Flower]], Jagged Peak, and Turtle Tail to explore the new territory. When they reach a hollow with four large oaks, Cloud Spots breathes out his amazement. The cats hunt in the hollow, and as they are eating they spot several rogues. Jagged Peak leaps up to fight, but Cloud Spots blocks him and tells him that they aren't doing any harm and when [[Moon Shadow]] and several of the other cats get into a fight a few days later, Cloud Spots treats Turtle Tail and Gray Wing with chervil he had managed to find, saying that he wasn't happy fighting these cats, and that they should find a way to make peace with them.
:Gray Wing meets Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots as he is coming back to the hollow the cats are staying in. Dappled Pelt tells him they are looking for herbs, and Cloud Spots adds that Tall Shadow doesn't want cats going off in groups less than three. When Dappled Pelt snorts that she's just fussing, Cloud Spots responds that they could use an extra mouth for carrying. He leads the way to the river and the two cats set to work on foraging, excitedly exclaiming the size of the clumps of herbs. Dappled Pelt comments on how nice it was what they needed was close by so early in the warm season, and Cloud Spots agrees, adding that they wouldn't even be able to find this much in the bottom of the valley in an entire day. When Dappled Pelt wants to cross the river to reach tansy on the other side, she plunges into the river, vanishing underwater. Cloud Spots exclaims that they need to save her, but Dappled Pelt resurfaces, calling that she is swimming. Cloud Spots grunts that it wasn't natural. When Dappled Pelt crosses again with the tansy, she suggests stopping to hunt fish, but Cloud Spots tells her she's going back to the hollow before she gets sick.
:Cloud Spots stays on the moor when Clear Sky and several others go the live in the forest. When Gray Wing returns from walking with them, he offers to go hunt with the gray tom. Gray Wing agrees, and together the two manage to catch a rabbit. Cloud Spots compliments the catch, adding that with the others gone it will just make their home seem bigger.
:Half a moon after Jagged Peak breaks his leg, Dappled Pelt returns from treating him and Hawk Swoop says she's glad the she-cat returned in time to help out with her and [[Jackdaw's Cry|Jackdaw's Cry's]] kits, since Cloud Spots was not a very sympathetic cat. When the cats move their camp into the tunnels underneath the moor, Cloud Spots is with Dappled Pelt moving their store of herbs.
:Cloud Spots tells Jagged Peak, after the young cat is forced from Clear Sky's group due to his leg, that they will find ways to exercise and strengthen his three useful legs. When Jagged Peak says the movements felt weird, Cloud Spots responds that he will need to get used to it, especially since he'd been lying in a nest for more than a moon. Gray Wing tells the young cat Cloud Spots is right, and Cloud Spots adds that he and Dappled Pelt will work on more ideas to get the young cat hunting again.
:When Gray Wing brings [[Thunderstar|Thunder]] to the moor [[Cat|cats]] after [[Storm (Ro)|Storm's]] death, and after Clear Sky refuses to take him, he says that it will be difficult to to take care of him, and that he needs milk. Dappled Pelt responds that Hawk Swoop is near enough to kitting and that she'd look after him. Cloud Spots interrupts her, saying that it would be difficult, but they should try.
====''[[Thunder Rising]]''====
:Gray Wing sees Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt returning from the river, herbs in their jaws. When Gray Wing returns with Turtle Tail, Cloud Spots is present, standing in front of Tall Shadow. He is told by her that he is next to show his skills. As Gray Wing talks to Jagged Peak, he suggests to keep doing the exercises Cloud Spots gave him. When dogs near the camp, Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots vanish onto the moor. Once the dogs are gone, Dappled Pelt returns with Cloud Spots to report on their status. When Shattered Ice and Thunder return from hunting, he asks what they caught, reminding them that they went off on their own. Thunder notes that he caught a shrew, but Cloud Spots sniffs, not commenting, and looks around at other cats, as if his point is made.
:During the night, Cloud Spots gives himself a long stretch. When some cats argue over Tall Shadow's leadership, Cloud Spots asks for them to give him a moment as he shoulders his way forward, but his other words are muddled in the chatter of other cats. As Shattered Ice and Gray Wing argue, Cloud Spots pushes his way between them, and asks Shattered Ice if he wanted a cat who led dogs into their camp to lead them. Thunder fluffs his fur out as he glares at Cloud Spots, and Shattered Ice argues to the latter that he wanted a leader who would do something, calling Cloud Spots flea-brained. Cloud Spots asks whom he was referring to as a flea-brain questioningly, and Shattered Ice leaps at him, only for Cloud Spots to rear up and hurl himself onto Shattered Ice. Gray Wing stops the fight, however, and hauls Cloud Spots off Shattered Ice.
:Cloud Spots apologizes after Shattered Ice attacks him. Jackdaw's Cry continues to keep his opinion that Gray Wing should be their leader, and Cloud Spots remarks that there was plenty of prey for every cat, and didn't need to fight over it, believing that they should hunt anyplace they desired. As Jagged Peak describes Clear Sky's sorting of cats, he mentions that Cloud Spots would have the job of using healing herbs. After they are done discussing it, Cloud Spots comments that they knew Gray Wing wouldn't end up like Clear Sky. As Turtle Tail kits, Cloud Spots helps her, bending over one of the kits, and Gray Wing is relieved that he can help her. Once she is done, Cloud Spots silences Rainswept Flower, and instructs Turtle Tail to greet her kits, slightly queasy.
:When Jagged Peak wishes to visit Turtle Tail's kits, Cloud Spots walks away from Turtle Tail's tunnel, and notes that she'd appreciate visitors. He suggests for Jagged Peak to go hunt a mouse for her, as she would be hungry. Cloud Spots is then seen sorting through herbs to toss out any shriveled ones. When [[Bumble]] wishes to join the group, the kits run up excitedly to Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots, informing them of the event, and the two appear startled. After she leaves, Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt have a consultation over a herb heap. As the fire starts, Cloud Spots is one of the cats to follow Gray Wing. Moon Shadow is found, and Cloud Spots shakes his fur, telling Dappled Pelt to find some herbs. He then informs Moon Shadow that it wouldn't have to end badly for him. They vanish from sight, moving through burning branches.
:Tall Shadow tells Moon Shadow that Cloud Spots would be back soon, as he was said to be the best at finding herbs. Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt return, only to drop bundles of weeds and grass beside Moon Shadow. Cloud Spots bows his head, appearing helpless, and explains that the fire had left few herbs unscathed. Gray Wing attempts to encourage him, and Cloud Spots replies that they could try. As they start to cross the river, Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots go after Rainswept Flower, and Cloud Spots irritably dabs at sparks on his body, remarking never again to go into a fire. Once Moon Shadow is on the other side, Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt hurry to examine him. Tall Shadow thanks [[Riverstar|River Ripple]] for saving their lives, with Cloud Spots agreeing with her, inquiring the possibility of the toll the fire could have had on the cats.
:As they move for the hollow, Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt support Moon Shadow. As the two groups meet, Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt move among the cats, checking for any wounds. Gray Wing notices that Frost has a burn on his leg, but realizes that there is nothing he can do that Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots can't. A day later, Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt head for the river, and bring back riverside herb bundles. Gray Wing then begins to have breathing problems, and Pebble Heart offers to see if Cloud Spots had [[Medicine#Coltsfoot|coltsfoot]], before heading for his den to check. Cloud Spots pads after Pebble Heart, gesturing the kits away from Gray Wing with his tail, and tells them to leave him alone. He dips his head to Turtle Tail, and informs her that he would look after Gray Wing.
:After Turtle Tail leaves, Gray Wing asks him if he was going to get better. Cloud Spots rolls his eyes, and remarks that although he was ill, Gray Wing had no excuse to behave oddly. He confirms his guess, as he had survived the mountains, and believes that he could survive some smoke in his lungs. Cloud Spots adds that not only the kits needed him, but the group, too, as he was their leader, and had duties to fulfill. Pebble Heart returns to offer helping Gray Wing, and Cloud Spots pauses before agreeing him to, ordering him to collect and chew up the coltsfoot. After treating Gray Wing, Cloud Spots gives Pebble Heart the order to stop, and gives a satisfactory nod. He informs Gray Wing not to do any unnecessary difficult work, and after the next moon, he would be as energetic as one of the kits.
:[[Lightning Tail]] informs Gray Wing that Cloud Spots suggested to give Wind and Gorse longer names, like themselves. Cloud Spots remarks that it was good to have Wind and Gorse present, but remarks that their names are short, and suggests for them to have their names lengthened if they were to live with them. After Wind and Gorse playfully suggest names, Cloud Spots lets out a laugh, and asks why he thought they weren't taking it seriously. When Gray Wing questions Pebble Heart's skills, the latter explains that he listens to Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt for his information. When Gray Wing returns with Turtle Tail, Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt look up as they sort herbs. As he licks Owl Eyes, Pebble Heart explains that he learned how to use licking as a healing method from Cloud Spots, who teaches him about herbs, and would take him to gather herbs when he was of age.
:When Wind Runner calls for a group meeting, Shattered Ice joins Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt, and it is noted that Cloud Spots appears particularly displeased. After hearing of [[Misty|Misty's]] death, Gray Wing offers to lead a patrol to confirm that Clear Sky did not kill her kits, and takes Cloud Spots with him. Bumble is then found wounded, and Cloud Spots pushes forward to examine Bumble's wounds. It is noted that despite not having Cloud Spots's skills, he assumes that Bumble is dying. Cloud Spots confirms Gray Wing's assumption, remarking that he could do nothing, and it was beyond the heal herbs' power. He then picks up the scent of another cat and Gray Wing realizes that he is right. Gray Wing shouts Clear Sky's name, and Cloud Spots's eyes widen before he takes another sniff, only to confirm Gray Wing's guess. After Bumble dies, Cloud Spots confirms her death.
====''[[The First Battle]]''====
:When the cats in Wind Runner’s group argue on if they should fight with Clear Sky’s group, Gray Wing blinds at Cloud Spots, who seems relaxed despite the accusations flying across the clearing, and his fur is unruffled, his gaze calm. Gray Wing asks the black-and-white tom what he thinks, and knows that Cloud Spots is smart enough to know how to heal sickness and injury with herbs. The gray tom considers that he might know how to heal the rift opening among the moor cats. Cloud Spots notes that he thinks there is no prey on the prey heap, and nods toward the empty patch of earth beside the flat rock. He meows that the kits will be hungry, and so will they. The black tom glances around at the other cats, adding that empty bellies never soothe frayed tempers, and Gray Wing is grateful for the tom’s common sense.
:As Gray Wing talks with Wind Runner and Tall Shadow about what Clear Sky’s next plans may be, Rainswept Flower interrupts him by mewing Thunder, and Cloud Spots pads forward, tasting the air, then says the brown tabby is right. When the ginger tom comes into the camp with [[Frost]], and explains why they have come and how Frost is injured, Cloud Spots goes to circle the white tom, his nose twitching. Frost backs away, bristling, but Cloud Spots distractedly murmurs to him that it is okay. His eyes search Frost’s pelt, and he explains that he is checking to see how badly he is hurt, and Frost mumbles that it is a burn on his leg. The white cat holds still and warily watches as Cloud Spots pads around him. Cloud Spots says that the wound has gone sour, and his nose wrinkles as he sniffs at the rogue’s hind leg. Frost asks if that is the reason it hurts so much, and Cloud Spots says it is, crouching and sniffing the wide, raw wound. Thunder explains that it is a burn from the fire that won’t heal, and Cloud Spots tells Frost to come with him. He beckons to the other cat with a nod, leading him toward a gorse bush. Its branches jut over the clearing and he gently noses Frost into the peace beneath. The white tom sinks down into the shade, and Cloud Spots says he will fetch some herbs to ease the pain, then ducks out from beneath the gorse and trots toward the gap in the heather.
:Soon after, Cloud Spots pads into camp, a bunch of green leaves clamped between his jaws. Gray Wing acknowledges him with a nod and waits for him to drop his leaves beside the gorse and take his place among the others, before he begins to talk the moor cats. After Gray Wing explains that he will talk with Clear Sky to stop him from moving borders, a couple of cats offer to come with him, but Cloud Spots weaves between them and looks up at Gray Wing. The black-and-white tom softly meows that they should wait, causing Shattered Ice to be surprised and jerk around to look at the other cat. Cloud Spots reasoned that they accused Clear Sky of murder just the other day, and the forest cat will still be angry, so they should let that anger pass before confronting him. Gray Wing argues that he only wants to talk, and not confront his brother, but Thunder agrees with Cloud Spots and warns that Clear Sky will see it as a confrontation. As Gray Wing is in his nest that night, Pebble Heart has a dream about so much blood and kin fighting, and Gray Wing wonders if the kit had Stoneteller’s powers, as the tabby tom had once described more than one vivid dream and he’d already learned all the herbs Cloud Spots used, as though born to heal.
:The next morning, Tall Shadow is seen squeezing out of the gorse den where Cloud Spots had led Frost. Thunder heads for the gorse den and gives Frost a mouse, asking the white tom how he is. Cloud Spots mews that he has a fever, surprising Thunder. The black tom was hardly visible in the shadows at the back of the den, but now that he had spoken, the ginger tom can make out his white ears, chest, and paws. Thunder blinks at Cloud Spots, his eyes adjusting to the gloom, and asks if the latter can heal Frost’s wound. Cloud Spots replies that he has been applying poultices, and he pads forward and sniffs the rogue’s leg. He explains that they should work eventually, but that it has been left to fester a long time, and the infection is pretty deep. The healing cat adds that it should have been treated earlier. Thunder notices that Frosts’ eyes are round with worry, and stares at Cloud Spots, wondering if the adult cat is accusing him, or Clear Sky, of negligence. The young tom uncomfortably mumbles that that isn’t how things work in the forest, and Cloud Spots agrees that he can see that. The black cat turns his attention back to Frost, and reassures that injured cat to be patient. He explains that the poultice he put on earlier will be working now and he asked Acorn Fur to bring more herbs back from her hunting trip. Frost worriedly asks if he will be okay, and Cloud Spots nudges the moss closer to his body, assuring that he will be fine. The moor cat says that the journey from the forest has taken a toll on him and he needs to rest.
:Pebble Heart enters the den and asks which herbs Acorn Fur is collecting, and Cloud Spots tells the kit that it is [[Medicine#Marigold|marigold]] and [[Medicine#Dock Leaves|dock]]. The young tabby asks if he will give borage for fever, and Cloud Spots says that he would, but there isn’t much on the moor, going on that it is a forest herb, and he cant gather medicine there now. Cloud Spots nods at Frost, asking if forest cats collect it for wounds, but Frost frowns that they don’t collect herbs, only prey. Cloud Spots questions what they would do if injured, but Frost bitterly mutters that they either recover or are banished by Clear Sky. The white tom glances at Thunder with seeming reproach in his eyes, and the ginger cat quickly mews to Cloud Spots that he seems to be busy, and that he will go.
:When Wind Runner and Gorse Fur will join the moor cats, Gray Wing leaps onto the flat rock to announce it, and Cloud Spots slides from the gorse where Frost peeks out. The gray tom announces that they will welcome the two moor cats to the group, adding that Wind Runner is expecting kits, but a few cats worry about if they can feed extra mouths. Cloud Spots asks what will happen when the cold season comes, reasoning that prey will go to the ground, but Shattered Ice says that they would then hunt in the tunnels that the moor cats showed them.
:Later in camp, when Gray Wing plays with Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes, he asks where Pebble Heart is, and Turtle answers that he is helping Cloud Spots make ointment for Frost. When Thunder comes to camp, he announces that he saw Tom, who wants to meet Turtle Tail, and gray Wing is horrified, knowing that Tom is a bully. He glances at where Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes are trying to out-pounce each other, and hears Pebble Heart asking Cloud Spots endless questions beneath the gorse, and the tom knows that the kits must never meet Tom.
:Thunder leads Tall Shadow, Turtle Tail, and Gray Wing to Tom, and when they return to camp, Gray Wing has troubles breathing. Tall Shadow comforts Gray Wing that it is just the smoke sickness, and that Cloud Spots will have some herbs for him if they just get him back to camp. Back in camp, when Gray Wing is in his nest, Turtle Tail tells him that cloud Spots is fetching coltsfoot. Kit mews are heard, asking what Is wrong with Gray Wing, and Cloud Spot’s calm mew sounds above Gray Wing, saying that he will be fine. The tom tells Gray Wing to eat the leaves, and Gray Wing laps the herbs. As Gray Wing’s thoughts swirl, Cloud Spots mews that he will probably sleep, and that he will be better when he wakes. Gray Wing dreams that Stoneteller tells him to wake up, and the gray tom jerks up his head, finding himself in hi own nest with Turtle Tail and the kits. He goes back to sleep, and when he wakes again, he sees Cloud Spots carrying herbs toward the bramble, due to Wind Runner beginning her kitting.
:When Turtle Tail calls to ask if there is any news, Thunder heads toward her and tells the queen that Cloud Spots is with Wind Runner. Turtle Tail tells Thunder to bring a stick, and when the ginger tom returns with one, he asks what it is for, and is told to come and see. In the cavern, Cloud Spots and Dapple Pelt are seen huddling near Wind Runner’s tail while Gorse Fur crouches by her check. Gorse Fur tells Cloud Spots that she is exhausted by the pain, and asks if he could do anything else to help her. Turtle Tail hauls Thunder’s stick across and lays it by Wind Runner’s head, saying that she could bite down on it and searching Cloud Spot’s gaze. The black tom agrees, his eyes shining in the gloom, and exclaims that it might focus her mind away from her pain. As Wind Runner convulses, she bites down on the stick, and Cloud Spots says that it is good and nods to Turtle Tail, commenting that it is helping her bear down. Wind Runner shudders again, and Cloud Spots tensely mews that it is the first kit. Turtle Tail sniffs at the white she-kit, and when Wind Runner convulses again, Cloud Spots meows that it is another, and he scoops the first bundle toward Turtle Tail, who began lapping at the skin encasing it. Turtle Tail tells Thunder to come and see the tom, and the ginger cat pads nervously around Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt, stopping beside Turtle Tail. Thunder looks at the kit and another spasm grips Wind Runner. Cloud Spots calls that there are two more toms. Dapple Pelt places Wind Runner’s kits by her muzzle, and Cloud Spots announces that that is all, though Turtle Tail mews that that is plenty.
:After the kitting, Turtle Tail goes missing, but as Thunder, River Ripple, and Lightning Tail go to look for her, they find Turtle Tail lying still on the Thunderpath, injured. Thunder says that she is dead, but Lightning Tail doesn’t accept it, and he says that she will hurt and that Cloud Spots will be able to make her better if they get her home.
:Back at camp, as Gray Wing worries about his mate, Cloud Spots pads past Acorn Fur. He is carrying herbs between his jaws, heading for the bramble, and Gray Wing wonders why his gaze is so dark. Later, when Gorse Fur tells Gray Wing that Wind Runner lost one of her kits, Gray Wing stares to the bramble, noticing for the first time Cloud Spots and Dapple Pelt huddles outside.
:When Thunder and the other cats find Turtle Tail’s kits, they decide to try to make the kits want to come back to the moor, and as they say their good-byes to the kits, Thunder mentions to Pebble Heart that Cloud Spots will miss him, and that he knows the tom was proud of his skills.
:In camp, as Gray Wing still waits for Turtle Tail to come back, Shattered Ice comes out of his nest and sits beside Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt, muttering that it started as such a good day. Cloud Spot’s fur brushes the ground, and he says that Thunder will be back soon with Turtle Tail and the kits. After Thunder and Lightning Tail return with the kits, and explain the news of their mother, the time comes to bury Emberkit. The moor cats gather around the grave, and Cloud Spots and Dapple Pelt are seen facing Thunder as he stands rigidly beside the piled earth. After the kit is buried, Gray Wing looks at the clouds and tells Turtle Tail that he will not fail her, and Cloud Spots meets his gaze, is eyes glistening.
:Later, as Gray Wing, Thunder, Tall Shadow, and Jackdaw’s Cry get ready to go to talk with Clear Sky, Cloud Spots is seen showing Frost the prey heap in camp. Thunder returns to camp alone, announcing that the others are in trouble, and Cloud Spots slides from beneath the gorse, asking what the problem is. Thunder explains how Clear Sky betrayed them and brought other loners and rogues to fight, and when the ginger tom says that someone must stay with Wind Runner and the kits, Dapple Pelt is seen joining Cloud Spots and she stares at Thunder. Thunder insists that some cat must stay behind, and after asking Jagged Peak and Dappled Pelt, who both object to staying, Cloud Spots pushes past the tortoiseshell she-cat and says that if Dappled Pelt wants to go, then she must. He says that she is nimbler than he is, and will make her a good fighter. Cloud Spots offers to stay behind with Wind Runner and the kits. Dappled Pelt glances gratefully at her friend and asks if he is sure. Cloud Spots nods, and confirms that he will be more use at camp. Jagged Peak is also convinced to stay in camp, and when Wind Runner yowls that she will come too, Gorse Fur asks about the kits. His mate answers that their kits are tough, and will have Jagged Peak and Cloud Spots.
:After the battle, Gray Wing tells Lightning Tail, who has tufts of fur hanging from his pelt that is matted in blood, to go back to the hollow and get Cloud Spots to treat his wounds. The young tom nods and leaves.
:As the spirit cats talk to the group cats, paw steps thrum toward the clearing, and Cloud Spots is seen scrambling to a halt at the edge. He holds a wad of green leaves in his mouth, but drops them and stares across the bodies, his gaze fixing on Gray Wing. Cloud Spots says that Dappled Pelt told him they needed coltsfoot, but speaks blankly, his eyes widening as his gaze flicks back to the bloodstained bodies, and then the spirit-cats. The black-and-white tom asks what happened, and Storm glances at him, answering that they brought a message. Cloud Spots stares at her, disbelief clouding in his eyes, and he hoarsely echoes the word message in a question. The spirit-cats continue talking, and when a falling star is seen, Cloud Spots lifts his tail and as he watches its glittering trail, claiming that it is a sign.
====''[[The Blazing Star (book)|The Blazing Star]]''====
:Right after the Great Battle, when dead cats are being buried, Shattered Ice tells the deceased Jackdaw's Cry that the hollow won't be the same without him, but Cloud Spots adds that the former has not died in vain, standing so close to Shattered Ice that their pelts brushed. The black tom continues that none of them have, promising that the cats will learn from the terrible day, and more cats take up his voice, yowling that they promise.
:Later, when Holly, a rogue who joined Wind Runner's group, pushes Jackdaw's Cry to cross a stream, Gray Wing tells Holly that his kin did it, and Cloud Spots lets out a half-stifled mrrow of laughter. Gray Wing snaps that it isn't funny, noting that the new rogue is picking on Jagged Peak, but his voice trails off when he notices amusement glimmering in Cloud Spots' eyes. The black-and-white tom advises his campmate to stay out of it and guesses that it isn't what Gray Wing thinks, pointing out that the younger tom can take care of himself.
:At the first Gathering between the early settlers, Tall Shadow is seen watching, with mild surprise, Cloud Spots and [[Leaf (DotC)|Leaf]] touch noses and settle down side by side, their pelts brushing.
:After a patrol of moor cats learn that Clear Sky has recruited new rogues, a meeting is called among the whole group, and Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt are seen settling nearby. The problem is explained, and as Tall Shadow asks Gray Wing his thoughts, Thunder notes that his uncle's health is poor, because despite Dappled Pelt, Cloud Spots, and Pebble Heart's hard work, the gray tom's lungs wouldn't heal.
:Later, a patrol of moor cats finds sick mice, and when they report this back, the group remembers the spirit-cats' message that a claw blights the forest. Cloud Spots thoughtfully murmurs that the claw might be the sickness that killed the mouse. The moor cats decide to search for [[The Blazing Star (herb)|the Blazing Star]] to cure the sickness, and when Dappled Pelt urges them that they must find the plant quickly, cloud Spots thoughtfully nods and agrees that it might even protect them against the sickness.
:When [[Morning Whisker]] gets the sickness, Pebble Heart approaches the kit, but Gray Wing exclaims to stay away from the dying cat. Pebble Heart sets down a lump of chewed leaves and replies that he was helping to treat her, because Cloud Spots said something about tansy, but Gray Wing interrupts. The gray tom asks where the said tom is and says that he should be dealing with the sickness instead of the young Pebble Heart. The gray tabby tells his foster-father that Cloud Spots went to gather herbs, as they have finished nearly all of their tansy from using it so much. He adds that Cloud Spots left him in charge, then as he gently forces the tansy between Morning Whisker's jaws, he reassures Gray Wing that Cloud Spots instructed him to be careful not to touch her sores or let her breath on him.
:Soon after, Thunder and Cloud Spots come into camp carrying herbs. The two cats bound across the hollow and carry the herbs to Wind Runner's den. Cloud Spots stays to examine Morning Whisker and Thunder leaves the den, then calls on all the moor cats. The ginger tom announces that they need to be vigilant about the sickness, and that no cat except Cloud Spots or Pebble Heart may touch Morning Whisker. When Thunder is done, Gray Wing asks when Morning Whisker became ill, and the former explains that it was just after moonhigh, but adds that Cloud Spots has never seen the sickness before.
:Later, when Morning Whisker is even more sick, Wind Runner and Gorse Fur are seen saddened, but Dust Muzzle comforts that Cloud Spots and Pebble Heart know what to do for the kit. When Morning Whisker dies, Tall Shadow tells Pebble Heart that he and Cloud Spots were the only ones to have touched Morning Whisker, and she asks them to wrap her in leaves. Pebble Heart agrees, and he and Cloud Spots wrap the kit in several layers of leaves until her whole body is covered, their denmates intently watching them.
:At another gathering, the cats discuss ill prey they have seen, and Shattered Ice tells Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt that they know herbs. The gray-and-white tom asks if they have seen anything like that before, and Jagged Peak asks if there are any herbs that could help. Cloud Spots reluctantly rises, looking bewildered, and Thunder knows that the black tom won't have any useful news. The moor cat meows that he advised Pebble Heart to treat Morning Whisker with tansy, but that it didn't cure her. He then apologizes.
:When Clear Sky brings Sparrow Fur back to the moor, Cloud Spots is noted to check over her injuries. Thunder asks the kit how she is, but Cloud Spots answers for her ans he strokes a clump of fur back into place. He meows that her wounds are healing well, then turns to Clear Sky and stiffly dips his head. The black tom thanks him for taking care of Sparrow Fur while she was in the forest, and Clear Sky returns the nod polity, though he suspects that the thanks is not entirely sincere. The pale gray tom is sure of it a moment later when Cloud Spots mutters that it is better that she is back in her rightful home, but Sparrow Fur pulls away from him and insists that Clear Sky was good to her.
:The cats begin to talk about Holly, and when Thunder announces that he learned the Blazing Star is a healing herb, Cloud Spots springs to his paws with excitement, and reminds the cats that the spirit-cats told them that 'The claw still blights the forest,' and 'Only the Blazing Star can blunt the claw.' The black-and-white tom ponders if the sickness is the claw, and the Blazing Star can heal it. He wonders if it would cure Holly, and points out that they tried everything else, but his last few words are drowned out by enthusiastic yowling from Owl Eyes and Jagged Peak, who offer to fetch more.
:When Clear Sky and Jagged Peak are unsuccessful in bringing more of the herb after being attacked by One Eye's rogues, Gray Wing tells them that they need to let Cloud Spots check them. That sunset, when the moor cats are gathered for a meeting, Cloud Spots and Jagged Peak emerge from Holly's den. Clear Sky notes to himself that the burdock root Cloud Spots had put on his bitten tail had felt better.
:Later, as Clear Sky is about to leave the moor to challenge One Eye, all of the moor cats come to wish him luck, except for Holly, who is still sick, Cloud Spots, and Jagged Peak. After the cats encourage him, Clear sky is about to leave when he decides to see Holly, and goes to her den. Holly, Jagged Peak, and Cloud Spots are there, and the latter encourages Holly to eat [[Medicine#Tansy|tansy]]. He meows to Holly that she must hold on, and that it will help until they can get the Blazing Star. The healing tom adds that the sooner they get rid of One Eye, the sooner they can get safely across the Thunderpath to fetch some. Jagged Peak tells Holly that she will be fine, but the queen has a faraway look in her eyes and didn't seem to hear what Cloud Spots or Jagged Peak said.
:As the moor cats wait for the attack, Gray Wing tells Thunder where everybody is hiding, and he mentions that Tall Shadow, Cloud Spots, and Shattered Ice are in a hollow screened by gorse bushes, along with Mud Paws and Mouse Ear. One Eye comes and fights with Clear Sky, but the moor cats leap out of their hiding places to attack the rogue, and Cloud Spots leads the cats who had hidden behind the gorse bushes. During the battle, Gray Wing watches Thunder and Star Flower fight, but knows that he has other things to worry about, and with Lightning Tail and Cloud Spots on both of his sides, he launches himself at One Eye. As Gray Wing lands on him, the rogue batters his belly with his hind paws, and although Cloud Spots tries to get a grip on One Eye's throat, the ginger tom twists his head aside and fastens his teeth in Cloud Spot's shoulder. The three moor cats fight against One Eye, but at last Cloud Spots and Lightning Tail dart in from either side and manage to pin One Eye down. Gray Wing stands over the rogue, about to slash his throat, but Thunder yowls that One Eye is his, and he rushes over, motioning Cloud Spots and Lightning Tail aside with a fierce gesture of his paw. Thunder and One Eye roll together on the ground in a flurry, but soon there is a sudden quiet, and Thunder, Lightning Tail, and Cloud Spots stand over One Eye's dead body.
:With the battle over, Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt bend over Clear Sky, who lies bleeding on the ground. After the gray tom's injuries are tended, Cloud Spots helps him to his paws and lets Clear Sky lean on his shoulder. The black-and-white tom meows that he will go back with him to the forest, and says that he won't argue, as he doesn't want Clear Sky collapsing halfway there.
:As Clear Sky approaches the forest, he begins to speed up, but Cloud Spots, who is falling behind, calls to him to take it a bit slower. Cloud Spots mews that he is still hurt and the forest won't go anywhere, but Clear Sky doesn't slow down. When the cats reach the camp, Acorn Fur runs to up Shattered Ice and touches noses with him, then with Cloud Spots. The young she-cat shows them where Birch, Alder, and Petal are lying sick, stating her fears that it is too late, but Cloud Spots says that it might not be. He shoulders his way past Clear Sky and rushes over to the sick cats, explaining that Tall Shadow and Gray Wing went to fetch the Blazing Star from the other side of the Thunder Path. He meows that they must use tansy, quickly, to use until they return. Shattered Ice, Acorn Fur, and Sparrow Fur rush to find the herb, but as Petal talks with Clear Sky, she goes limp. Cloud Spots pads up, Acorn Fur just behind him with tansy, and he gives Petal a brief sniff then shakes his head. Cloud Spots apologizes to Clear Sky that she is gone, and he explains that she went untreated for too long. The older tom adds that the kits are younger, and more able to fight it, so there is still hope for them. Clear Sky and Acorn Fur both recall memories of Petal, but Cloud Spots meows that they must quickly bury her. The three cover Peal's body with leaves to prevent the sickness from spreading, and when Shattered Ice returns, they lift the she-cat's body out of the nest.
:Meanwhile, Cloud Spots chews up some of the tansy and begins tricking the juices into the kits' mouths. Birch asks where Petal is, and Clear Sky lies that she went back to camp, while fixing Cloud Spots with a gaze that forbids to other tom to contradict him. The pale gray tom asks if they should move the kits to camp, but Cloud Spots shakes his head, and says that they still aren't well, and need the Blazing Star. He adds that it is best to keep the kits away from the healthy cats too, then Clear Sky leaves Cloud Spots to help dig the grave. After Petal's body is buries, Cloud Spots offers to stay with the kits until the herb comes, as he must make sure it will help them. Clear Sky thanks him and asks the black cat if he will be okay on his own there. Cloud Spots responds that he thinks One Eye's rogues are long gone, but still asks Clear Sky to keep an eye out for Sparrow Fur on the way back, as she hadn't came back from collecting tansy. Clear Sky promises Cloud Spots to do that, then heads back to camp.
:When he is back his camp and Tall Shadow comes with the Blazing Star, Clear Sky informs her that Petal died of the sickness, and Cloud Spots is with the ill kits. Tall Shadow asks where he is, stating that she must see her campmate, and Clear Sky takes her to the direction of where the kits are.
:Tall Shadow takes Cloud Spots back to the moor for Holly's early kitting, and he is seen in the queen's den, standing beside Pebble Heart, supervising, as he had just returned from the forest. Thunder waits outside for the news, and at last Cloud Spots breaks away from the cluster of cats in the mouth of the den and bounds over to him and Tall Shadow. The tom triumphantly announces that Holly has given birth to three kits, and that the kits and Holly are fine. He mews that it is as good as they could possibly hope for. Tall Shadow asks if Holly will actually make it through the night, and Cloud Spots, his elation fading, replies that they have given her another does of the Blazing Star, and can now only wait. As it is now twilight, Thunder says good night to Tall Shadow and Cloud Spots, then heads to his den.
====''[[A Forest Divided]]''====
:On the moor, Thunder mentions to Clear Sky, who is visiting, that Tall Shadow is in Cloud Spot's den, having a scratch on her paw treated by Pebble Heart. As Thunder leads his father back to the forest, the latter gets attacked by a badger, causing the two toms to go back to Tall Shadow's camp. When they are outside the gorse wall, Cloud Spots calls to Thunder from the camp entrance. The black tom asks if his campmate is okay and he hurries towards Thunder and Clear Sky, noting that he smells blood. Thunder explains how his father was attacked by a badger, and the young tom thinks how Cloud Spots has always been tending to injured cats and passed on his skills to Pebble Heart. Cloud Spots pushes against Clear Sky's shoulder, but although the gray tom insists that it is just a scratch, the moor cat frets that even a scratch can turn nasty, especially from a badger. Cloud Spots comforts that he still has a good store of herbs, and the black tom lifts his chin and calls to the camp for Pebble Heart. The young tom appears at the camp entrance, calling out the older cat's name, and the black-and-white cat orders him to start chewing a poultice of marigold and oak leaf. Thunder notices the worry in Cloud Spot's voice, and he asks if Clear Sky will be okay. The forest leader reassures that he obviously will, and the cats enter the hollow.
:Thunder explains to Tall Shadow and Gray Wing how Clear Sky was hurt by a badger, but Cloud Spots, who is already guiding Clear Sky into his den, says that he will be fine. Thunder follows the two toms into Cloud Spot's den, where the healing cat eases Clear Sky onto his side. Cloud Spots instructs his former Tribemate to lie still so Pebble Heart can reach his wound, but Clear Sky huffs that they are making a fuss over a scratch. As Thunder walks across the den, he wrinkles his nose at the tang of herbs and wonders how Pebble Heart and Cloud Spots can sleep with the smell. The ginger tom spots wads of leaves stuffed between the gorse stems and questions if it is the herb store, surprised that Cloud Spots has collected so many. The black tom replies that it should last hem through leaf-bare. His gaze is fixed on Clear Sky's neck as Pebble Heart washes the bloodstained fur, and he asks the young tom if it is deep. Pebble Heart answers that it is not, and he begins to work a mouthful of dark sludge into the forest cat's wounds. Clear Sky flinches and is skeptical on if it will help, but Cloud Spots runs his tail along the former's flank, explaining that the sting shows that the herbs are working. The pale gray tom thanks the moor cats and suggests that everyone lived in the forest, allowing them to spread as the spirit cats ordered them too. Cloud Spots gently disagrees but Clear Sky retorts that he wouldn't know since he wasn't there. Thunder tells his father to leave Cloud Spots alone, and the forest tom is frustrated that no one agrees with him.
:Thunder leaves the den and goes to play with Holly and Jagged Peak's kits. Jagged Peak and Eagle Feather question about Clear Sky coming into camp, and Thunder explains that he is in Cloud Spot's den, since they ran into a badger. The kits go to find moss by Tall Shadow's rock, and Jagged Peak stares at Cloud Spot's den, questioning about his brother's condition. Thunder wonders if someone other than Cloud Spots and Pebble Heart is worried about Clear Sky after all, but it turns out that the gray tabby is just anxious for the injured tom to go back to the forest. The cats of the moor then start quarreling over whether to stay on the moor or move on, and Jagged Peak announces to all the cats in the clearing that they need to settle where they will live before a fight starts, and Clear Sky pushes his way out of Cloud Spot's den to listen.
:The cats decide to cast stones to decide which territory which cat will go to, and as Gray Wing, Tall Shadow, and Jagged Peak get the rocks ready, Pebble Heart and Cloud Spots slide from beneath the gorse where they'd treated Clear Sky, the scent of herbs swirling around them. The cats trace four circles, for Clear Sky's camp, the river, the moor, and the pine forest. After Pebble Heart chooses to go to the pine forest, Cloud Spots casts his stone into Clear Sky's circle. Pebble Heart stares at the black tom and frets what he will do without him to guide him, and how he will know which herbs to use. Cloud Spots reassures that the younger tom will know them, as he has nothing left to teach. He adds that it is better to spread their healing skills between two groups, so that Pebble Heart will treat the pine forest cats, and he will help Clear Sky. The long-furred cat looks at the forest tom and notes that he certainly needs someone to take care of his cats.
:As the cats going to the pine forest leave the moor camp, Pebble Heart worries about his herbs and glances toward the jutting gorse. Cloud Spots slides out, holding a wad of leaves in his jaws. The black tom crosses the grass and drops them at his student's paws, instructing the young cat to take them. He adds that they will keep Pebble Heart going for now, and there are plenty of herbs left for him to get later. The gray tabby blinks at that long-furred cat gratefully and questions what the latter will do. Cloud Spots answers that he will make himself a fresh bundle and turns back to his den, then pauses. The black tom adds that there may even be better herbs in the forest, and Pebble Heart agrees that there may be finer medicine in the pines too. Cloud Spots promises to come and tell him if he finds anything new, and the young cat echoes the promise. The two exchange a warm glance, and Gray Wing notes that Pebble Heart is clearly fond of the tom who taught him so much. Cloud Spots suggests that they meet regularly to share what they learn, and Pebble Heart suggests the next new moon, at four trees. Cloud Spots agrees, saying that he will see the gray tabby then, and he disappears back into his den. As the cats going to the pine forest hurry through the tunnel, Gray Wing notices the sudden silence, only broken by the scuffling of Cloud Spot's paws as he rummages in his den.
:Later, in Clear Sky's camp, Sparrow Fur looks through the prey pile and Cloud Spots approaches her, asking what is fresh. The young she-cat points out a shrew, and Cloud Spots questions if she caught it. Owl Eyes snorts that his sister has been boasting about her catch since they got back from hunting, but Cloud Spots licks his lips and says that he loves shrew. Owl Eyes suggests a starling for the older tom, but Sparrow Fur tells her littermate that their campmate wants her prey, not his. The tortoiseshell cat nudges her catch toward Cloud Spots, who takes the shrew and carries it to the beech, where he settles beside Nettle and Thorn.
:Further on, Thunder sits in Clear Sky's camp and, from beneath the yew, hears Cloud Spots tell Milkweed to chew some leaves. He explains that the she-cat has a slight sickness in her chest, and the leaves will clear it. The black tom instructs her to send Clove for more if she still feels bad later. He comes out from beneath the yew and pads to the short, steep bank beneath the oak. The long-furred cat slides behind the brambles overhanging Clear Sky's nest; it is noted that he had been collecting herbs for days and stashing them among the stems. Later that day, Cloud Spots is seen in camp again, crouching beside the sick Milkweed and chewing leaves into a pulp.
:Soon after, Thunder confronts Clear Sky about his leadership and his rules, and he announces that he will go live somewhere else in the forest, in a different group. Leaf, Lightning Tail, and Owl Eyes immediately say they will go too, and Cloud Spots adds that he will also leave. The black tom glances anxiously toward Milkweed and instructs that he will leave herbs for her cough, and Thunder tells the cats around him that they can come if they want to. Clear Sky and Thunder have a quick private discussion outside the clearing, and when the latter comes back, Leaf, Pink Eyes, Cloud Spots, Owl Eyes, and Lightning Tail gather around him. The ginger tom leads the group out of the camp, thinking of how he is responsible for all of them now. Thunder is unsure where to lead the cats, and he glances over his shoulder, looking at the cats following him. As the group continues on, Owl Eyes notices that they are being followed, and the rest of the group stops to find out who it is. Cloud Spots's pelt brushes against Thunder's, and the former wonders if Clear Sky has come after them. Lightning Tail points out that the gray tom has no reason to, but Cloud Spots snorts that Clear Sky can't be trusted. The cat turns out to be Milkweed and her kits, who are allowed to join the group. The group looks for a camp, and when Leaf finds one, he calls to Thunder; the latter skids around Cloud Spots and Milkweed and sees a small ravine. Leaf guides Pink Eyes, Cloud Spots, Milkweed, and the kits down the cliff, and Cloud Spots noses his way into the clearing with Milkweed and Leaf. The cats settle down for the night, and Cloud Spots crouches next to Milkweed, tasting the scents of their new home. Thunder watches as the cats in the clearing fall asleep, and Cloud Spots is noted to begin snoring gently. Thunder worries how he will protect all of these cats, who are now his.
:The next few days, the group makes nests in the ravine and explores the new territory; Cloud Spots collects herbs, and Pink Eyes sometimes helps him. One day soon after coming, while Thunder hunts he finds Quiet Rain and Sun Shadow in the forest, having come from the mountains. He notices that Quiet Rain's leg is injured and offers that he knows a cat who could give her herbs to heal it; he wonders if he should get Cloud Spots. The old she-cat rejects his help and is given prey, but as she eats, Thunder tells Sun Shadow that he thinks Quiet Rain's wounds need treating. The ginger tom thinks that Cloud Spots would know what to do, and when Quiet Rain asks what the two are talking about, Thunder tells her that she should come to his camp to rest and let Cloud Spots help her. He hopes that the mention of her old friend from the mountains might convince her, but Quiet Rain mews that she doesn't want to waste any more time before seeing her old Tribemates. Thunder takes the two mountain cats to the pine forest, and when he gets back to his camp, he explains what happened, and adds that he will take Clear Sky to Tall Shadow's camp to see his mother. Cloud Spots is surprised that the old she-cat came all the way from the mountains just to see her son.
:In the Bonus Scene, Gorse Fur finds Slate on the moor after she is attacked by a fox, and he says he will have Wind Runner and her kits watch over her while he gets help. He soon returns with Cloud Spots, the latter carrying a bundle of leaves in his jaws, and the former introduces himself and his campmate. He says that Cloud Spots knows a lot about herbs and treating wounds, and he has come to help her. The black tom pads up and examines Slate, sniffing at and gently touching her wound. Slate is half-conscious, but she fully wakes when she hears Wind Runner, Gorse Fur, and Cloud Spots arguing. Cloud Spots retorts to Wind Runner that Slate has lost a lot of blood, and although he patched her wound with cobweb and put on a poultice of chervil, she is still weak and needs watching. Wind Runner snaps that he should take her back to the hollow, but the long-furred tom counters that she can't move her that far, as it will break open her would again. He tells her that her camp is just on the other side of the gorse thicket, but Slate objects to joining Wind Runner's group. The two she-cats have a brief quarrel until Cloud Spots waves his tail for silence. He asks Slate what she wants to do and if she has kin, but Slate responds that she will look after herself. However, the she-cat has troubles getting up, and Gorse Fur convinces Wind Runner to take her in. Slate is unhappy about this, and Cloud Spots twitches his whiskers in amusement, guessing that the two will have a lot to talk about.
:Soon after, Wind Runner, Gorse Fur, and Slate go to fight another fox on their territory, causing Slate to be pass out and get seriously wounded. When she wakes up in Wind Runner's camp, Gorse Fur, Wind Runner, Dust Muzzle, and Cloud Spots gaze down at her. Wind Runner is relieved that the gray she-cat woke up, but Cloud Spots meows that he isn't surprised. He says that he knew from when he first met Slate he could tell that she is a fighter. Slate sees that Cloud Spots has sealed the wound on her belly with a wad of cobwebs again, and she thanks him and the rest of the cats. Wind Runner and Gorse Fur invite the gray she-cat to be a part of their group, and Slate looks from the kits to Cloud Spots to Gorse Fur and back to Wind Runner, and accepts their offer.
====''[[Path of Stars]]''====
:In Thunder’s camp, after a hunting patrol has come back, Cloud Spots pads from the fern tunnel that leads to his nest. He still looks bleary with sleep, but notes that he smells prey and glances at the thrush that the patrol caught. His gaze flicks to the mouse at [[Pink Eyes|Pink Eye’s]] paws, worriedly asking if that was all that they found, but Thunder reassures him that Owl and Leaf, who are about to leave on patrol, are bound to find more. Cloud Spots says that he will go with them, claiming that six eyes are better than four. Owl Eyes hurries to the camp entrance, Cloud Spots at his heels, Leaf following. After the patrol leaves, Thunder hopes that Owl eyes, Cloud Spots, and Leaf will find better hunting than he and Lightning Tail had. Later, Owl Eyes comes into camp, warning Thunder that Clear Sky is coming with a patrol, and he explains that Cloud Spots and Leaf are talking to them at the moment. Soon, Clear Sky and the patrol enter the camp, and after he explains his situation to Thunder, paw steps sound beyond the gorse and Cloud Spots hurries into camp, Leaf at his tail. Clear Sky pleads Thunder to help him save Star Flower, but Pink Eyes, Lightning Tail, and Thunder all refuse, and Cloud Spots watches the visitors through narrowed eyes. Clear Sky repeats that they must help him, but Thunder’s cats disagree, and Cloud Spots says that it is not their problem.
:Later, after Star Flower is rescued and Thunder visits Clear Sky's camp, he returns to the ravine, but hears angry mews from beyond the gorse barrier. Cloud Spots indignantly asks how they could fight them off, exclaiming that they were outnumbered, but Leaf snaps that it would have been better than running away. Lightning Tail reasons that they were unprepared, but thunder hurries into the camp, demanding what happened. Leaf, Cloud Spots, and Lightning Tail turn to face hi, fur fluffed out, and clumps of it sticking out here and there as if they had been fighting. [[Thistle (TC)|Thistle]] scampers between Lightning Tail and Cloud Spots, telling his leader that the rogues attacked them while they were hunting. When Milkweed frets if the woods aren’t safe anymore and Pink eyes replies that there have always been rogues, Cloud Spots darkly mutters that they weren’t like these rogues. He says that they came looking for them and took their catch just to prove they could, and Leaf nods. Lightning Tail wonders if they can outwit the rogues like they did with Star Flower, and Cloud Spots growls in agreement that they can’t let the rogues rob them. Lightning Tail says that they need to train, and Cloud Spots offers that he already knows a few moves that he can share.
:During a meeting among the group cats to discuss how Slash’s former rogues are fitting in, Thunder mentions that Ember goes hunting by himself, and silently adds to himself that he won't work with Cloud Spots, remembering how the tom refuses to be trained in the group ways.
:Later, when Thunder and [[Violet Dawn|Violet]] make dens in the camp, Violet tells Thunder that Cloud Spots gathered more bracken. She nods toward the black tom's tail as it disappears into the bracken patch beside the fallen tree, and adds that he wants to keep them well supplied. After the two cats take a break, Violet tells Thunder that they should get back to work, and glances toward the hazel bush, where Cloud Spots comes, carrying a fresh bundle of bracken toward the pile. Thistle offers to help and races toward the hazel, with [[Clover (ES)|Clover]] chasing after him, and Cloud spots blinks at them warmly as they barge in front of him. He suggests that they had better start on the lower branches, while he reaches to the top.
:Before the leaving for the Gathering where the rogue cats would become part of the group, Cloud Spots is seen sliding from the fern tunnel in Thunder's camp. Across the clearing he asks if they are ready to leave, and Thunder nods at the black tom, agreeing that they should go.
===In the [[Super Editions]]===
====''[[Moth Flight's Vision]]''====
:During Moth Flight's dream about the establishment of medicine cats, she briefly thinks of Cloud Spots, the ThunderClan cat who figured out the cure of the mysterious sickness—[[The Blazing Star (herb)|the blazing star]]. Half Moon then shows Moth Flight a vision of the sleeping ThunderClan cat, which indicates that he is to be the first [[Medicine cat|medicine cat]] of ThunderClan.
:When Moth Flight announces who the medicine cats would be, she says [[Dapplepelt|Dapple Pelt]] for [[RiverClan]], [[Pebble Heart]] for [[ShadowClan]], her for [[WindClan]], and Cloud Spots for [[ThunderClan]]. Later, when Dappled Pelt announces that she had been dreaming about healing and teaching cats about herbs, Cloud Spots says that he had these dreams too. He says that he saw the stone and asks if it was in a cave. Moth Flight replies that it was in [[Highstones]]. He also asks if there was a hole in the roof and replies that he had been there with Moth Flight, Dapple Pelt, Pebble Heart and Micah.
:After the omen occurs, Cloud Spots is mentioned as ThunderClan's medicine cat. Later in the book, he and Micah catch up with Moth Flight. Cloud Spots admits that he is worried the spirit-cats won't come. Micah assures him and Cloud Spots picks up Dapple Pelt and Pebble Heart's trail. Cloud Spots follows it and bounces over to them excitedly. As the medicine cats walk up to the Mothermouth, Cloud Spots asks if it's the right place. They all grow nervous and walk inside. The medicine cats see the spirit-cats and Cloud Spots is the first to see [[Half Moon]]. After the vision fades, he realizes that they were on a hill the whole time.
=== In the ''[[Novellas]]''===
====''[[Thunderstar's Echo]]''====
:[[Shivering Rose]], Clover, and Thistle are fighting because Clover and Thistle got the wrong leaves for Cloud Spots. They ask Thunderstar for an opinion and explain that the medicine cat had send the siblings out for dock leaves, and the pair brought back [[medicine#beech leaves|beech leaves]]. After more arguing, Thistle accidentally calls the dock leaves beech leaves, and Shivering Rose points out that they were collecting dock leaves for Cloud Spots once more. Thunderstar commands them to stop arguing, and to apologize to each other and to Cloud Spots. Then, Pink Eyes and Leaf start arguing, and Thunderstar tells them that if they keep behaving like this, he'll ask Cloud Spots to have the two toms pick ticks off of [[Gooseberry]].
:Later, Thunderstar finds his mate, Violet Dawn, in Cloud Spots' den, and he asks why she's here, and if she's alright. They look at him, startled, and the medicine cat looks at Violet Dawn questioningly. Thunderstar notes that Cloud Spots looks like he knows something. The black-and-white tom excuses himself, saying he should leave them alone for a moment.
:Clover pads into camp, asking Cloud Spots if he can look at her leg, as she thinks she sprained it. Cloud Spots tells her to come to his den, mentioning that Shivering Rose can practice with sprains.
:When the dogs approach the ThunderClan camp, the medicine cat and his apprentice emerge from their den, heading for a tree. When Thunderstar decides to look for the dogs, Lightning Tail insists he go with, saying that Cloud Spots can look over Violet Dawn, to which the leader replies that the tom isn't a fighter. After coming to a decision, Thunderstar announces it to the Clan, mentioning that Cloud Spots will advise the temporary deputy, Owl Eyes, as usual.
:After the Clan learns of Lightning Tail's death, Cloud Spots is mentioned to walk out of the medicine den, his tail drooping sadly.
:Violet Dawn announces that her kits are coming, and her mate calls for the medicine cat immediately. He arrives, followed by Shivering Rose, and appears calm as he helps her to the nursery. Cats are crowding around, and Cloud Spots orders for them to give the pregnant she-cat some space. He tells his apprentice to get chervil to help with the birth. He gives Violet Dawn the chervil, and tells her that she's doing well. Violet Dawn asks for Thunderstar, and he bolts into the den, only for Cloud Spots to tell him that sometimes, it's better if the father waits outside. Violet Dawn says that she needs him, and Cloud Spots allows the tom to stay. He announces that the first kit is coming, a tom. He helps the queen deliver four healthy kits.
====''[[Shadowstar's Life]]''====
:Cloud Spots is seen with his fellow medicine cats, Acorn Fur and Pebble Heart, discussing medicine cat business, during a Gathering. Later, Pebble Heart mentions Cloud Spots and how the black-and-white tom had taught Pebble Heart everything he knows, and that he would have been lost without the elder cat's guidance. Pebble Heart also says that Cloud Spots had wanted to go and live in the forest, with ThunderClan, and Pebble Heart had opted to stay in ShadowClan, knowing he did not belong in the forest.
===In the [[Field Guides]]===
====''[[Secrets of the Clans]]''====
:Cloudspots is an ancient [[ThunderClan]] cat.
:He is described as inquiring, curious, thoughtful, and sometimes shy and reserved.
:He is chosen by [[StarClan]] to be ThunderClan's first [[Medicine cat|medicine cat]] when [[Mothflight]] discovers the [[Moonstone]]. He is very interested in the theory of medicine, but not as fond of taking care of sick kits.
:One of Cloudspots's achievements is discovering the difference between [[Diseases and injuries#Chest Infections|greencough]] and whitecough, and identifying [[Medicine#Catmint/Catnip|catmint]] as a possible cure.
====''[[The Ultimate Guide]]''====
:Cloud Spots has his own page shared with Dappled Pelt. Cloud Spots was a mountain cat who settled on the moor. He was interested in healing, especially the research of how herbs work on cats. He and Dappled Pelt were close friends, and were a formidable team. He was not a strong fighter and did not fight in the Great Battle, instead staying back preparing herbs for the wounded. He was a shy and reserved cat, making it harder for him to show compassion, even being impatient towards sickly kits. He did however, grow close to Pebble Heart and taught him in medicine herbs. Despite his time on the moor, Cloud Spots is happier in dense undergrowth and went with Thunder to the forest and became the first medicine cat of ThunderClan.
:Although not mentioned by name, it is mentioned on Moth Flight's page that Moth Flight received a vision that she will become the first medicine cat of WindClan, and also had a vision of the medicine cats of the other Clans.
===Interesting facts===
*Vicky confirmed Cloudspots and Cloud Spots are the same cat.<ref>Revealed on [ Vicky's Facebook]</ref>
*Cloudspots was the first medicine cat to identify the difference between whitecough and greencough and catmint as a cure for both illnesses.{{r|secrets|24}}
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==Killed Victims==
This list shows the victims Cloud Spots has killed:
*[[One Eye]]{{r|dc4|239-240}} ''(Along with Thunderstar, Lightning Tail and Gray Wing)''
|quote=You know, I'm not happy with the idea that we always have to fight these other cats. Maybe we should think about finding a way to live peacefully near them.
|speaker=Cloud Spots after Moon Shadow is attacked
|source=The Sun Trail
|page number=206
|quote=Great job. It's a good plump one, too. It'll fill a few hungry bellies. You know, the others' leaving won't make much of a difference. It's just as if our home has gotten bigger.
|speaker=Cloud Spots on Clear Sky's group leaving the moor
|source=The Sun Trail
|page number=229
{{Dialogue a-b
|speaker a=Cloud Spots
|quote a=It will be difficult to care for him. He needs milk...
|speaker b=Dappled Pelt
|quote b=Hawk Swoop is near enough to kitting. She already said she would look after him. How can you-
|speaker c=Cloud Spots
|quote c=I said it will be difficult. I never said we shouldn't try.
|description=Cloud Spots on accepting Thunder
|source=[[The Sun Trail]]
|page number=312
|quote= There's plenty of prey for every cat here. We don't need to be fighting over it. All these arguments about hunting rights are ridiculous. We should all be able to hunt where we want.
|speaker= Cloud Spots about the prey
|source=Thunder Rising
|page number=85
|quote = You may be ill, but that's no excuse to behave as if your brain is full of bees. Of course you'll be better soon. You survived the mountains. You can survive a bit of smoke in your lungs. Besides, it's not just the kits who need you. You're our leader now, don't forget. You have duties to fulfill.
|speaker = Cloud Spots to Gray Wing about his importance in the group
|source = Thunder Rising
|page number = page 201-202}}
{{Dialogue a-b
|speaker a = Pebble Heart
|quote a = What about my herbs?
|speaker b = Cloud Spots
|quote b = Take these. They'll keep you going for now. There are plenty of herbs left for you to get later.
|speaker c = Pebble Heart
|quote c = What about you?
|speaker d = Cloud Spots
|quote d = I'll make myself a fresh bundle. [...] There may even be better herbs in the forest.
|speaker e = Pebble Heart
|quote e = And the pines.
|speaker f = Cloud Spots
|quote f = I'll come and tell you if I find anything new.
|speaker g = Pebble Heart
|quote g = Me too.
|speaker h = Cloud Spots
|quote h = Perhaps we should meet regularly to share what we've learned.
|speaker i = Pebble Heart
|quote i = Next new moon? At the four trees?
|speaker j = Cloud Spots
|quote j = I’ll see you then.
|description = Cloud Spots and Pebble Heart saying good-bye
|source = [[A Forest Divided]]
|page number = chapter 4
|quote = Gray Wing saw them exchange a look so warm, he felt a sudden flash of jealousy. Pebble Heart was clearly fond of the tom who had taught him so much.
|speaker = Gray Wing on Pebble Heart and Cloud Spots
|source = A Forest Divided
|page number = chapter 4}}
|quote = And this is Cloud Spots. He knows a lot about herbs and treating wounds, and he's come to help you.
|speaker = Gorse Fur introducing Cloud Spots to Slate
|source = A Forest Divided
|page number = Bonus Scene chapter 1}}
{{Dialogue a-b
|speaker a = Pink Eyes
|quote a = You told Cloud Spot to be our medicine cat, so now he wants me to eat herbs. He thinks he can cure my aches and pains. But you can't cure old age.
|speaker b = Cloud Spots
|quote b = I can try.
|speaker c = Pink Eyes
|quote c = I'd rather you brought me a fresh vole every day.
|speaker d = Cloud Spots
|quote d = It's my job to take care of you.
|description = Cloud Spots and Pink Eyes
|source = [[Moth Flight's Vision]]
|page number = 222
==Notes and references==
[[ru:Облачник]][[de:Wolkenfleck]][[fr:Poil de Nuage]][[fi:Pilvitäplä]][[pl:Obłoczna Plama]][[nl:Gevlekte Wolk]]
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[[Category:Medicine cats]]
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