Logo-thunderclan Ancient ThunderClan cats
    Leader Thunderstar
    Deputy Owl Eyes
    Medicine cat Cloud Spots (Shivering Rose)
    Warriors (Hunters) Violet DawnPink EyesLeafMilkweedCloverThistleGooseberryYew TailApple BlossomSnail ShellBlue Whisker
    Apprentices Hazel BurrowMorning FireShivering Rose
    Queens N/A
    Kits Patch PeltBeech Tail
    Tribe of Rushing Water (ancient) cats
    Healer Stoneteller
    Members Twisted BranchStone SongHollow TreeSharp HailJay Frost
    Cats that left on the sun trail Shaded MossTall ShadowClear SkyGray WingBright StreamDappled PeltRainswept FlowerTurtle TailMoon ShadowShattered IceCloud SpotsQuick WaterHawk SwoopFalling FeatherJackdaw's CryJagged PeakQuiet RainSun Shadow
    Queen Dewy Leaf
    Kits Fluttering BirdCrow MuzzleMelting IceDancing LeafFalling DuskMorning Star
    Elders Lion's RoarSnow HareSilver FrostMisty Water
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