"StarClan, help us! The Twolegs are destroying the forest!"
Snailpaw after a yellow monster knocks down a tree in Cloudstar's Journey, chapter 3
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Chapter Number: 3 (of 10)
Page Numbers: 220-229

Chapter description

Cloudstar is in the forest with three apprentices of his Clan, and he reflects on how he'd sent their mentors on patrol so he could witness for himself the excitement of the young cats. The SkyClan leader calls for Tansypaw to join him up in a tree, but then adds that Snailpaw and Mintpaw should follow using a route of their choice. The three apprentices safely make it to Cloudstar's branch, so he meows that they'll go to another tree now to practice. Snailpaw protests that he doesn't want to go down, but the leader replies that they won't have to, as they'll be learning how to branch-skip. Cloudstar instructs them to watch what he does, and then follow him from where they are. Each follows the gray-and-white into the next tree, and continue to leap from branch to branch throughout the lesson.
A yellow monster starts rumbling through the forest, and Cloudstar orders the apprentices to back up against the trunk. At first, they wait for it to go away, but it soon becomes a dangerous situation as the tree sways to and fro. The group tries to make it out on a branch to leap into a nearby pine tree, but realize that the tree is falling rapidly. Cloudstar yowls to hold onto the trunk, and tries to keep the apprentices in place with his body. The tree crashes down with a bang, and the leader's vision goes out black around him. The tom soon hears Tansypaw's voice under him, so he pulls her up out of the heap of debris and leaves. Snailpaw is underneath his sister, and Mintpaw below the tom, but is knocked unconscious. Cloudstar meows that they need to get her to Fawnstep as quickly as possible, so he sets off for camp with the apprentice on his back, and her siblings trailing behind.
They almost reach the edge of the fallen tree when a creaking noise starts, and the earth begins to make the ground tremble. Tansypaw yowls a warning to Cloudstar as a fir tree plummets toward him. The leader freezes, but then snatches Mintpaw's body and scrambles out of the way. Snailpaw glances at the yellow monster, and whispers that the Twolegs are destroying the forest.





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