"Cats of SkyClan! Today is a glorious day! Today we have the chance to reset our border marks, to make ThunderClan realize that we will no longer tolerate their trespassing on what was SkyClan's hunting ground long before theirs."
Cloudstar to SkyClan in Cloudstar's Journey, chapter 8
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Chapter description

Buzzardtail begins to assign patrols in the clearing, but Cloudstar interrupts him. The SkyClan leader says that no cat will hunt today, as they're all going to do battle practice. Buzzardtail and Weaselwhisker protest, meowing that no cat can fight Twolegs. Cloudstar replies that they won’t be going after Twolegs - instead, against ThunderClan. The tom states that they will take back the territory Darkstar gave to them. Buzzardtail agrees, saying that it isn't even against the warrior code to re-claim it. This leads Cloudstar to reflect on the past days, and he thinks that StarClan isn't watching over SkyClan anymore. Buzzardtail then reorganizes the patrols, and the apprentices become excited with the new routine. Acornpaw and Mintpaw comment on the battle moves they want to practice most, but Cloudstar notices the warriors are quieter. As the leader watches the patrols leave, he wonders if they realize how desperate he is. The pale gray tom worries for his Clan, as they are weakened at the moment, and haven't fought another Clan in moons.
At sunrise the following day, Cloudstar gathers SkyClan beneath a gnarled thorn tree. He says that they will all have the chance to get back what is rightfully theirs, and then meows that he'll be at the head of the attack. The SkyClan leader opts to let Mintpaw, Snailpaw, and Tansypaw stay behind, as they are too young. Cloudstar then glances at his warriors, who look tired and thin. He declares that today is a glorious day - one in which they will be victorious. The warriors cheer after this, and then Buzzardtail divides them into three attack patrols. Birdflight wishes Cloudstar good luck as he leads his cats out of camp with a yowl.
The SkyClan warriors launch themselves across ThunderClan's border, and immediately begin setting scent markings. However, the rival Clan's patrol meets them a few paw-lengths inside the territory. They are momentarily stunned as SkyClan attacks them, but soon start fighting hard. Weaselwhisker begins to tussle with a ThunderClan warrior while Cloudstar helps him. The pale gray tom watches his Clanmates begin to climb trees, and their opponents are frustrated, stuck on the ground. Three cats plunge onto Nettleclaw, a ThunderClan warrior, but he quickly shakes them off. Seedpelt attacks Cloudstar, and the deputy snarls that he needs to respect their borders more. With a start, he realizes that even Redstar had joined in the battle. The pale gray tom then focuses on Amberclaw; however, the ThunderClan warrior moves and goes after Mousefang. The SkyClan warrior's leg is broken, so Cloudstar protects her from the opposing cat. The pale gray tom then knows that this is a battle they can't win, and calls for his Clan to retreat.






  • Darkstar is mistakenly called Duskstar.[1]

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