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In The Prophecies Begin arc

Fire and Ice

Cloudkit is born to Princess, Fireheart's kittypet sister. He is Princess' firstborn, and strongest kit. She asks Fireheart to take him to ThunderClan and to make Cloudkit a hero, like his uncle. Princess says maybe he will become leader and get nine lives. Fireheart secretly has his doubts - not just for the reason of his kittypet origins, but also for the fact that it is rare to be granted the power of being deputy to cats like himself.
Fireheart carries Cloudkit to ThunderClan. Cloudkit's arrival is disapproved by many of the cats since he was born a kittypet just as Fireheart was. He pleads with Brindleface, one of the Clan's queens, to nurse the small white kitten, after some hesitation from thinking Cloudkit as a replacement for her recently deceased son, she then treats Cloudkit as if he was her own kit. When Cloudkit catches a cough, he is called Cloudchick by Darkstripe and Longtail. When Bluestar accepts him into the Clan, Mousefur asks Bluestar if there was going to be a naming ceremony, and she coldly replies that there will not be.
The morning after the Gathering, Fireheart is playing catch with Cloudkit with a moss ball. Tigerclaw appears out of nowhere and tells Fireheart to be careful not to lose another plaything, which reminds Fireheart of Cinderpaw.
Later, Brindleface's kits go missing. Fireheart and Sandstorm locate them in the snow: two of the kits are crouched under a log when they find out that Cloudkit is hunting. Cloudkit is found staggering through the snow with a vole, showing he just caught his very first prey. When they return to camp, Tigerclaw growls at him, asking why he would do such a thing, Cloudkit bravely says they were hunting for the Clan, and shows Tigerclaw his vole. Bluestar questions him and Brindleface's other kits about going out into the forest. Brindleface's kits say it was Cloudkit's idea in the first place, and Cloudkit bravely says that the Clan needed fresh-kill. Bluestar tells him that his intentions were good, but that they still broke the warrior code. She left their punishment up to their mother but lets him add his kill to the fresh-kill pile.
He appears in Fireheart's dream when Spottedleaf visits him, as a full-grown warrior and disappears off to hunt. He tries to be included in the battle party to the WindClan camp but ends up being taken back to camp by Brackenpaw. Cloudkit is crestfallen and calls out that Fireheart promised they would one day fight side by side, Tigerclaw sneers at Fireheart while he simply states that now wasn't the time.

Forest of Secrets

Fireheart sees Cloudkit attacking the defenseless Brokentail, and Darkstripe calls Cloudkit a kittypet. Fireheart tells him about his original roots, and at first, Cloudkit doesn't believe him. Cloudkit decides it doesn't matter and vows to be the strongest warrior in ThunderClan.
Later, he goes with Cinderpaw, the unofficial ThunderClan medicine cat apprentice, and Fireheart to collect herbs. He is sent off to find berries and Fireheart and Cinderpaw arrive to see him almost eat deathberries. He receives a stern lecture from Cinderpaw. He is later seen showing deathberries to the other kits, telling them not to eat them.
Soon after, he is playing with his denmates when he strays away accidentally and a badger tries to kill him. He is then saved by Fireheart, Brackenpaw, and Sandstorm. When they get back to camp, Tigerclaw feels it is fair to punish Cloudkit, so he makes him take care of the elders for a while with whom he forms a bond. Cloudkit then runs toward the elders' den happily, as if the punishment to him was actually a reward.
Later, Cloudkit is apprenticed as Cloudpaw. Bluestar names his uncle, Fireheart, as his mentor. He soon begs Fireheart to let him go with the group to Fourtrees, they allow him and he then accompanies Cinderpaw, Fireheart, and Yellowfang to Fourtrees on their way to Mothermouth for Cinderpaw to officially become Yellowfang's apprentice. He makes a lot of trouble for Graystripe and Fireheart when the two warriors were secretly feeding the starving RiverClan. He went and told Tigerclaw that they were on a secret warrior mission.

Rising Storm

Cloudpaw makes a fine catch of a pigeon and is angry at Fireheart because instead of praising him, his mentor scolds him at not praying to StarClan after the kill. He insists on hunting alone, disappearing for long periods of time but brings back little prey, which angers and worries Fireheart. When Fireheart leaves to go to Highstones, Runningwind takes over Cloudpaw, but Cloudpaw leaves early. Sandstorm then notices how fat Cloudpaw has gotten. Determined to find out where Cloudpaw has been going, Fireheart follows Cloudpaw to the Twoleg nest and watches him go inside and eat. When Cloudpaw returns, Fireheart confronts him.
The two get into a fight because Cloudpaw says that he is only getting food, and that he feels like he doesn't need to choose one life - warrior vs. kittypet. Fireheart tells him that he can't have one paw in kittypet life and one paw in warrior life. One day, when returning to the Twoleg nest to get more kittypet food, he is kidnapped by Twolegs, becoming a kittypet for a brief period. Somehow, he ends up in the farmhouse between WindClan and Barley's farm.
Ravenpaw informs Fireheart of Cloudpaw's whereabouts, and Fireheart, Ravenpaw, and Sandstorm set off to rescue him. When they find him, he is inside a house with a dog. The Twolegs see the three cats and open the door, attempting to shoo them away. Cloudpaw is able to slip through the opening and escape with them. After the rescue, he says that he had learned his lesson and would never eat Twoleg food, or try to break the warrior code again. On the way back to camp, they are attacked by Deadfoot, Mudclaw, and Mudclaw's apprentice, Webpaw. Even though Cloudpaw had been locked inside the Twoleg nest, he drives away Webpaw and helps Sandstorm defeat Mudclaw, while Fireheart drives Deadfoot away.
When they return to ThunderClan, many cats, especially Darkstripe and Dustpelt, are skeptical about letting Cloudpaw back in, claiming he chose to go with Twolegs. Cloudpaw protests and tells them how he was stolen and lived in a nest with a dog, which alarms the elders. Fireheart discusses the matter with Bluestar, who agrees he has learned his lesson and can stay. When the fire strikes, Cloudpaw follows Fireheart's instructions and stays with the elders, helps them to eat some fresh-kill, and comforts them about Halftail and Patchpelt's deaths. When they return to camp, he works very hard to rebuild everything, and Fireheart is very pleased with his change of attitude.

A Dangerous Path

He is mentioned by Fireheart when Cinderpelt tells Speckletail that Snowkit is deaf, as white kits with blue eyes are often deaf, but luckily that is not the case with Cloudpaw.
Cloudpaw begins to challenge StarClan, which alarms Brightpaw and Fireheart especially. He calls it a story, saying that it was created to frighten little kits and to not fight at Gatherings. Instead of being angry and frustrated at the young apprentice for insulting their warrior ancestors, Bluestar is amused with Cloudpaw's words, because of her ongoing clash with StarClan.
He later fights in the battle against RiverClan for Sunningrocks. Cloudpaw is made a warrior, with the warrior name Cloudtail after the battle, during which he fought with the skill of a full warrior. He is the only apprentice made warrior. As he fought, Swiftpaw had gone to fetch more warriors. Also, Bluestar snaps that he doesn't grovel to StarClan like the rest of the Clan.
Later, he is off on a patrol with Fireheart, Graystripe, and Sandstorm, and they come to find Swiftpaw and Brightpaw's bodies, he runs to his friend Brightpaw's side, While the others head to Swiftpaw's unmoving body. Then he calls to the others that Brightpaw is not dead. He becomes protective over her, and Fireheart knows he is in love with her. Later, he provides moral support to Lostface while Cinderpelt is nursing her back to health after she was brutally injured by the dog pack.
Cloudtail expresses that he dislikes the name Lostface and that he wouldn't call Brightpaw by that cruel name. Later, Cloudtail, Fireheart, Graystripe, and Sandstorm visit his mother, Princess, and introduces her to Lostface. He later comforts Lostface after she sees her reflection for the first time since the accident and Princess' alarming comments. Cloudtail states that she will always be beautiful in his eyes.
When Tigerstar kills Brindleface to give the dog pack a taste for cat blood, he wants to make a raid on the ShadowClan camp; this is because Brindleface had suckled him and had been his mother figure.

The Darkest Hour

Cloudtail and Lostface are praised by Fireheart when he returns to camp. After Fireheart publicly confronts Darkstripe, Cloudtail wants to attack ShadowClan but is calmed by Fireheart. He then goes to share tongues with Bluestar for the last time. He asks Firestar if he could change Lostface's cruel name given to her by Bluestar when she was at war with StarClan. Firestar learns the name changing ceremony from One-eye after Cloudtail points out that Halftail or One-eye could not have been originally called that, and then changes Lostface's name to Brightheart. Cloudtail then proves his loyalty to her by training her to fight with her disability before the fight against BloodClan.
He is part of the fight against BloodClan as a member of LionClan; he was one of few cats to be attacked directly by Scourge and live, even though he lost the fight.

In The New Prophecy arc


Cloudtail is now a senior warrior, helping his Clan out and supporting Firestar after his daughter, Squirrelpaw, disappears with Brambleclaw. However, he remarks amusingly that Squirrelpaw is an attractive she-cat, hinting that he was waiting for Brambleclaw to finally pad after her.
He also wants to lead a patrol to attack a badger living at Snakerocks that is suspected of killing Willowpelt.


He continues to support Firestar but is doubtful that the other Clans will listen to him and work together. When he hears that WindClan has been stealing prey from ThunderClan, Cloudtail and Mousefur are all for launching an attack on them but are overruled by Firestar.
Cloudtail and Brightheart suddenly disappear from the Clan, having been caught by Twolegs. Their daughter Whitepaw begs her mentor, Brackenfur, and Firestar to go search for them, but the idea is rejected.


It is revealed that both he and Brightheart are captured by Twolegs, along with Gorsetail, Mistyfoot, and Leafpaw from the Clans. He asks Cody if she knew anything about his mother, Princess. He, along with the other cats held captive, are freed by a ThunderClan patrol just as they are being taken away. Cloudtail stays back to free Brightheart, who's cage was stuck, but Graystripe orders him to leave. Graystripe struggles to free Brightheart, and eventually does, but is captured himself in the process.
Cloudtail is surprised to hear that the Clan had moved to Sunningrocks, wondering if it can shelter everyone. But as soon as he and Brightheart reach Sunningrocks, they are excited to see their daughter, Whitepaw.
He also looks pointedly at Brambleclaw to be the new deputy when the Clan pressures Firestar after Graystripe is taken.
He travels over the mountains with ThunderClan and the other three Clans to new territory after Twoleg monsters destroy most of the forest. He helps to carry Birchkit, Dustpelt and Ferncloud's remaining kit.


When Squirrelflight explains that she found ThunderClan's new camp of a hollow by falling into it, Cloudtail snorts in laughter and doesn't seem surprised. He is assigned to guard the Clan when they were traveling to the hollow and is the first to lead the Clan across a stream to ensure that it was safe.
Cloudtail is chosen to lead a patrol to investigate ThunderClan's new territory, a duty given only to senior warriors. He scents fox, but Brightheart reports that it was stale.
He later attends the next Gathering, muttering how it won't be hard to keep WindClan off their territory. When they meet Smoky and Daisy for the first time, he springs forward, along with Mudclaw, ready to fight.
Firestar assigns him and Brightheart to be in charge of camp when he leads a patrol to WindClan to help Onewhisker when Mudclaw rebels against him. He posts sentries around camp in case any enemy cats are coming to their camp. He appeared to Leafpool and asked her if Crowfeather was "one of them," making Crowfeather bristle. Leafpool quickly got between them and said that he wasn't.


Cloudtail leads a patrol to take two dead ShadowClan cats back to their Clan after they had fallen into the hollow, and goes with Dustpelt, Rainwhisker, and Brightheart to fill in a badger set after a family of badgers had been driven out. He also attends the first Gathering on the island where a tree bridge would allow the cats to cross over to it.
Cloudtail leads a hunting patrol with Squirrelflight, Spiderleg, and Rainwhisker that finds Daisy and her three kits on ThunderClan territory. He makes the decision to allow the four cats to come back to camp, and helps Daisy get there. He defends her when Brambleclaw says he doesn't want her in the camp because she was a kittypet, saying he would "claw his ears off" because he was a kittypet and was very sensitive about it. Squirrelflight also says she would help him because she is half kittypet because her father, Firestar, was a kittypet.
Brambleclaw chooses him to go on a patrol to assist ShadowClan with a kittypet problem.
He spends so much time with Daisy that Brightheart gets mad at him and is jealous of Daisy.
He later speaks to Firestar about Daisy, admitting that he doesn't think she will be able to be a warrior. However, he continues to try and train her and defends Daisy against Brightheart when his mate grows angry at her three kits for being in the medicine den and messing with the herbs that Brightheart just collected.
During the badger attack, he helps lead Daisy and her kits out of camp and to safety.


After the attack, he stops Daisy from entering the nursery, saying that Cinderpelt's body still needed to be removed. He argues with her, saying that she should stay in camp. He helps to rebuild the destroyed camp along with the other warriors and is angered to hear the Twolegs had set out traps that could be fatal to a cat.
Cloudtail is forced to stay in camp due to his injured paw, irritating him when he could not hunt for the Clan. He later reports to Firestar about hearing Twoleg boats on the lake, which confuses most of the cats. He also is worried about Berrykit when the kit goes missing and was going to lead the patrol to find him when Daisy insisted that he remain there and watch over her and her other two kits. He agrees, though he is embarrassed.
He becomes worried when the she-cat disappears with her kits and goes with Brambleclaw to the horse-place barn to convince her to come back to the Clan. He also eats twoleg food, when Brambleclaw catches his own. Meanwhile, he is seemingly oblivious to the fact that he was hurting Brightheart with how much time he was spending with Daisy. However, he manages to convince Daisy to come back to the Clan but does not notice that the she-cat was actually in love with him.
Later, Cloudtail rekindles his love with Brightheart with a slight nudge from Leafpool, by advising him into going hunting with her.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

Cloudtail has now become the mentor of Cinderpaw, Brackenfur and Sorreltail's daughter. His daughter is also a warrior, now known as Whitewing.
Several times, Cloudtail is seen on patrols or with his apprentice, Cinderpaw. While training Cinderpaw one day, he watches Leafpool teach Hollypaw basic fighting moves and is impressed by Hollypaw even though this was her first time trying out the moves. He comes up with the idea for Hollypaw to practice with Cinderpaw.

Dark River

On a patrol, Cloudtail is surprised when Cinderpaw is able to identify the scent of badger even though she had never seen one before.
He, along with Spiderleg and Brackenfur, give their apprentices an assessment. Towards the end of it, Mousepaw begins to climb the Sky Oak, alarming the warriors. When he gets stuck, Cinderpaw goes up to fetch him but loses her grip on the tree when she is startled by Mousepaw's sudden movement and falls from it. He waits for Leafpool to arrive to look over Cinderpaw before he helps carry her back to camp since her leg is broken.
He assists in reinforcing the camp when the Clan believes that WindClan is getting ready to attack them.


Cloudtail becomes annoyed with Foxkit and Icekit when he hears them shouting that ShadowClan is attacking, and is relieved when they are finally apprenticed.
He resumes training Cinderpaw after she recovers again, and takes her to the training hollow along with several other cats for advanced training. He is alarmed at how hard Ashfur trains Lionpaw, and reassures the other apprentices that they wouldn't train like that. He worries about Cinderpaw's injured leg, constantly telling her not to push herself, which annoys her.


When Cloudtail is out on a patrol, he finds a bees' nest. He manages to snag some honey, despite being stung. Cloudtail goes to see Leafpool one day, asking her if Cinderpaw is ready for her final assessment before becoming a warrior. He is reassured by Leafpool that she is. However, during the assessment, Cinderpaw's leg gives way while she hunts, causing her to crash to the ground. Cloudtail immediately comes to help her and carries off the tree she had fallen onto, but still needs help from Lionpaw and Cloudtail to walk back to camp. He tries to calm her down when Cinderpaw knows she cannot be a warrior along with Poppypaw and Honeypaw, and is disappointed when she doesn't come to see her siblings' warrior ceremony.
He helps to defend the camp when WindClan attacks, and is the one to identify that WindClan had split up into three groups that were spread out over ThunderClan territory. However, on the patrol that attacks a WindClan one, his white fur gives him away and he is attacked by several warriors.
Cloudtail is pleased to see Cinderpaw finally become a warrior alongside Hollypaw and Lionpaw. Her warrior name is Cinderheart.

Long Shadows

Cloudtail is in charge of the patrol that finds Tawnypelt and her three kits on ThunderClan territory. When Tawnypelt says that she has escaped from ShadowClan with her kits, Flamepaw, Tigerpaw, and Dawnpaw, Cloudtail allows them to come back to camp and speak with Firestar. She decides to stay soon after speaking with Firestar, and the ThunderClan leader assigns her son, Flamepaw, to Cloudtail for him to mentor. This arrangement soon proves temporary, however, and Tawnypelt takes her kits back to ShadowClan.
When a greencough outbreak spreads throughout ThunderClan, Cloudtail is one of the first cats to catch the disease. Alongside various other cats, Cloudtail goes to the Twoleg nest in an attempt to prevent the sickness from spreading to the other healthy cats. While there, the white warrior is one of the cats to witness Firestar lose a life from the deadly disease.


Cloudtail is one of the cats to believe that Sol murdered Ashfur, saying that he was threatening them by saying he would be back one day. He later reassures Daisy that no one would harm her kits. When Sol is brought to camp and held prisoner, he takes the first watch over to him to make sure that he didn't go anywhere, but isn't worried when the loner still manages to get away and leaves the camp.
It is briefly noted by Hollyleaf that though Sol had been encouraging disbelief in StarClan, cats within their own Clan—in particular, Cloudtail—didn't believe in StarClan either.
Dustpelt comments that Whitewing's two kits, Dovekit and Ivykit, would probably be a handful, considering that they have Cloudtail's blood, knowing what a hard time he gave Firestar as a kit and as an apprentice. Cloudtail responds that they would be great warriors one day and he would claw anybody who said differently.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

During the Gathering at the very beginning of the book, it is revealed that Cloudtail has mentored another young cat, and he has received his warrior name, Toadstep. As Firestar announces the young warrior's new name, Cloudtail can be seen looking very pleased, and proud of his former apprentice.
Cloudtail leads a patrol to the lakeshore to get water, and they find RiverClan warriors patrolling it. The patrol approaches them, and Berrynose provokes them, only meaning to defend his territory. Cloudtail becomes angry with him because he almost started a fight that would not have ended well, and then has to apologize for Berrynose's behavior, showing how important collecting water for the Clan was. When the patrol returns from collecting water, they race into camp, seeing it on fire. They quickly put it out with their water, but another patrol has to go out to fetch more since all of the water was used up putting the fire out.
After this, Cloudtail is seen returning from a hunting patrol, dragging an enormous rabbit along with him.

Fading Echoes

He makes his first appearance dropping off some prey he had caught on the fresh-kill pile.
He is next seen much later stretching in his nest and asking Lionblaze what was happening after Dovepaw senses that a tree was falling. He is also part of the patrol to try and shift the branches of the beech tree to get Longtail and Briarpaw out. He is seen wearily bringing branches against what was left of the barrier with Brackenfur when Jayfeather and Squirrelflight return from ShadowClan.
He is part of the group of warriors that Firestar consults when he is debating whether or not to attack ShadowClan. Cloudtail tells the group that Ivypaw wouldn't lie, and is surprised when Firestar tells the group that he will give ShadowClan a chance to surrender the clearing peacefully.

Night Whispers

Cloudtail is first seen trying to get his mate Brightheart to get up after the battle with ShadowClan, and she ends up being okay. The next morning, Cloudtail joins Dustpelt's patrol to check the new ShadowClan border with Sorreltail and Spiderleg. Later, he leads a hunting patrol and brings Blossomfall and Bumblestripe.
He is part of the patrol to ask ShadowClan to give Ivypaw back when she is held hostage. He wonders what Ivypaw was doing on the border at night, and says that holding Ivypaw hostage is predictable for ShadowClan. He also wonders why Brambleclaw is being so polite to the ShadowClan patrol they speak to.

Sign of the Moon

Cloudtail was one of the cats that came to aid Icecloud. Birchfall, Foxleap, Dovepaw, Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Spiderleg were there too. When Foxleap gets worried and thinks that WindClan is in the tunnels, Cloudtail retorts.
Cloudtail helps haul up Icecloud and helps her to the camp. He urged Jayfeather on when he saw that he wasn't moving. He reminded him that the others would bring Dovepaw.

The Forgotten Warrior

Cloudtail is first seen when he comments on Sol's return. He is disgruntled by the return of the traveler and doesn't believe his story of saving Molepaw and Cherrypaw. When Sol doesn't return for a few sunrises, Cloudtail and Dustpelt comment on his disappearance and hope he doesn't return.

The Last Hope

Cloudtail gets asked to go hunting by Lionblaze, but Brightheart reminds him that she and Cloudtail were going to share a piece of prey, and asks him if he was going to stay and gossip. Lionblaze comments to Cinderheart that they could have been like that, but she tells Lionblaze that they can't change their destinies.
When the Clan is talking about why the Clans are nervous, he asks if that was why ShadowClan accused their medicine cat of murder. He is on the dawn patrol with Squirrelflight, Graystripe, and Millie. He asks Lionblaze if he was okay when he returns from sleeping by the lake. He is seen unsheathing his claws when they reach a ShadowClan border patrol. Cloudtail protects the flank of the patrol. When Ratscar accuses ThunderClan of crossing the border, he asks what he was talking about. He and Squirrelflight are ordered by Graystripe to hold Lionblaze down after his fight with Ratscar. Cloudtail tells Lionblaze to lean on him. He is seen waiting by the thorn barrier with Lionblaze, Foxleap, Cherrypaw, and Molepaw.
Brightheart gives birth to their second litter shortly before the battle with the Dark Forest cats. He is seen pacing outside the nursery. Mousefur walks up to him and asks how many there were. He tells her there are two toms and a she-kit, named Dewkit, Snowkit, and Amberkit. He anxiously waits for the news of how they are doing. Cloudtail comes out of the nursery with bright eyes saying that they were lively, and they were fighting to see who could get closest to Brightheart's belly. Firestar tells Cloudtail he'll welcome his kits to the Clan later.
When Firestar calls a Clan meeting about the Dark Forest, he tells the Clan the Dark Forest warriors had found a way to cross into Clan territory. Cloudtail starts growling that it was impossible. Brightheart asks how she will protect her kits, and Cloudtail tells her he won't let anyone harm her kits. He also says they will beat the Dark Forest warriors. Cloudtail crouches beside his mate, his fur ruffled. Lionblaze orders Cloudtail to join his Clanmates. Lionblaze said he would teach Brightheart how to defend her kits. He plucks sandy earth, while anticipation was pricking from his pelt. Cloudtail asks how they were to kill the Dark Forest warriors. When Firestar says the cats from the other Clans coming to stay with them would be hunting and sleeping with them, Cloudtail exclaims he wouldn't sleep beside a ShadowClan cat.
Cloudtail, Molepaw and Rosepetal go to find Blossomfall, Mousewhisker and Birchfall in the forest. When the patrol comes back from trying to find Birchfall, Blossomfall, and Mousewhisker, he rushes into the camp exclaiming they were gone. Brambleclaw asks him if he was sure they looked everywhere, and Cloudtail tells him the whole Clan had scoured the forest.
At the beginning of the battle, he orders his kits to stay inside the nursery. He also couldn't believe it was happening. Cloudtail and Dovewing are attacked by Darkstripe when they fall behind their patrol, because of Dovewing. He taunts the other cat, unsurprised by the fact that Darkstripe is in the Dark Forest. Darkstripe sneers and asks Cloudtail if he actually believes in StarClan now, to which Cloudtail replies that he believes in evil. Darkstripe counters that at least Cloudtail believed in something now and Cloudtail snarls back that he always believed in the warrior code and he always would. The two fight and Cloudtail is badly injured, falling unconscious before Darkstripe is ordered to move on by another Dark Forest cat and to leave them to bleed to death. For a moment Dovewing fears that Cloudtail is dead, as his eyes are dull, but he gets back up and continues fighting despite his many wounds when he hears that the camp is going to be attacked. Cloudtail is seen in front of the nursery writhing with a Dark Forest warrior.
After the battle, he is shown to be very upset when his uncle, Firestar, loses his final life.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

Cloudtail and Brightheart become grandparents to their son, Snowbush's litter with Lilyheart.
On the beginning of Alderpaw's first full day as a warrior apprentice, Alderpaw sees Cloudtail, along with Bumblestripe and Rosepetal, emerging from the warriors' den. After quick grooming, the three cats exit camp, with the elder white warrior in the lead. Molewhisker explains to Alderpaw that those cats are part of the morning border patrol.
Cloudtail is present at the Gathering where the medicine cats deliver a prophecy, and Cloudtail is one of the cats to question it. The white cat wonders if the prophecy applies to all four Clans, or just Jayfeather in particular. Jayfeather answers his question by saying that Firestar did say it was for all four of the Clans by the lake.
Before Alderpaw leaves for his journey, Cloudtail emerges from the warriors' den as Bramblestar calls a Clan meeting. He, Brightheart, and Dovewing take their places at the foot of the rock wall in ThunderClan's camp.

Thunder and Shadow

Cloudtail is part of the patrol that finds Rowanstar and brings him to ThunderClan's camp. Alderpaw thinks that he, Brightheart, and Whitewing must've found the ShadowClan leader before they had time to hunt, as the fresh-kill pile is empty. Later, as Rowanstar leaves camp, he stares curiously at the tom and follows him out into the forest.
When WindClan cats are found fighting rogues in ThunderClan's territory, Cloudtail busts into camp with Molewhisker at his side. Bramblestar asks the white warrior why they didn't drive them off, and he replies that there were too many of the vicious cats, noting that WindClan might need help. The ThunderClan leader nods and tells him, Birchfall, Rosepetal, and Lionblaze to come with him. They race through the thorn barrier and through the forest, hearing the shrieks of battle as they come closer. Cloudtail throws himself on a rogue tabby, knocking him off Furzepelt. The attacking cat jumps on the white warrior, but Birchfall knocks the rogue away and tells him to get off his Clanmate. Once Darktail orders them to stop, Bramblestar nods and meows for his warriors' to release their attackers'. When Alderpaw goes around to check for injuries, Cloudtail comments that he's fine. Moments later, Onestar loses a life and the white warrior, along with Rosepetal, back away with their eyes wide. The WindClan leader soon comes to, and Cloudtail is told by Bramblestar to sit with Furzepelt's body until a patrol can fetch her.
Back in camp, Alderpaw watches as the white warrior, Brackenfur, Brightheart, and Thornclaw pad from the warriors' den. At the next Gathering, Cloudtail crosses the tree-bridge along with his Clanmates. He and Brightheart share tongues with Minnowtail and Mallownose.
Later, Squirrelflight assigns him to a patrol with Thornclaw, Poppyfrost, and Berrynose. When the topic of finding Twigpaw's mother comes up, he comments that there probably isn't any point in searching, as it's been a long time. Ivypool glares at the white warrior and meows that the apprentice has hope, so even if it's risky, they have to look. Many days later, Cloudtail is also a part of the patrol that rescues Twigpaw from ShadowClan's camp when she is held hostage.

Shattered Sky

Cloudtail is seen by Twigpaw when the Clans are preparing for the battle against the rogues. He is standing with Brightheart, and their daughter, Whitewing.
Soon after, Cloudtail disagrees when Alderheart states they should look for SkyClan again, pointing out the many theoretical 'ifs' and 'perhaps'. He lifts his paw to inspect his claws and says if they ask him, it seems like a bunch of thistle-fluff. He expresses his belief that Alderheart's vision is nothing more than a vivid dream. Jayfeather snaps at him, and Cloudtail mutters sure and that he is starling, but not loud enough to carry up to Highrock. Dovewing, however, agrees with Alderheart and glances exasperatedly at Cloudtail.
Lionblaze bounds into ThunderClan camp saying he needs to report. Cloudtail is beside the fresh-kill pile with Brightheart and Squirrelflight and he races after the deputy. When he learns of the rogues’ trespass, Cloudtail draws his lips back to snarl and claws the ground. Lionblaze mentions they are no closer to figuring out the prophecy than they were moons ago and Cloudtail snaps their minds were occupied with other things. Lionblaze dips his head to the white warrior and admits what he says is true.
As Tawnypelt says they need to work to get all RiverClan prisoners out of The Kin and Cloudtail asks how they will do this. Later, when Mallownose complains about WindClan’s behavior, this annoys the cats and Cloudtail mutters under his breath, calling the RiverClan cat a mouse-brain. While going over the plan to rescue the RiverClan prisoners, Bramblestar states they will only fight if the rogues’ resist and hope to outnumber them with Darktail and his closest allies distracted and former ShadowClan cats joining their side. Cloudtail gives an amused snort, commenting that it would be lovely. He points out that nothing has been easy since Darktail came to the lake.

Darkest Night

Cloudtail is first seen in the ThunderClan camp, sharing tongues with Brightheart near the warriors' den. A little bit later, there is a yowl heard in the clearing when Owlnose angrily asks Cloudtail what Mosspelt is supposed to eat. Although the fresh-kill pile is small, there is still some prey left, and Cloudtail sharply answers that there is more than enough left for Mosspelt and that Owlnose is making a fuss unnecessarily. The latter glares at the white warrior and reminds him that the warrior code orders that the weakest cats eat first.
About a half-moon later, Cloudtail is called for border patrol with Squirrelflight, along with Thornclaw and Poppyfrost. The deputy is met by the three warriors on her way down from the Highledge, and they walk to the entrance. The four cats start talking about borders, and Cloudtail points out that they don't have to pay much attention to RiverClan's border anymore since they cut themselves off. Squirrelflight looks at her Clanmate and tells him that that reason means they should pay more attention, especially if the scent marks grow stale. Cloudtail questions why and states that keeping to themselves might mean RiverClan won't bother with borders, but Thornclaw answers that if RiverClan marks their borders regularly, ThunderClan will know they are still behaving like a real Clan. The patrol then ducks through the entrance tunnel, with Cloudtail at the rear.
Later, when there is a rockslide in camp, Lionblaze calls to Cloudtail, Birchfall, and Snowbush to help him and Alderheart with saving Jayfeather and Briarlight. Lionblaze and Birchfall carry Briarlight away from the medicine den, but when Jayfeather remembers his herb stock, Cloudtail tells him to leave them. The gray medicine cat glares at Alderheart and Cloudtail and insists that the herbs must see them through leaf-bare. Snowbush brings out the bundles of herbs and Cloudtail, Jayfeather, and Alderheart hold them in their jaws while exiting the den. During the rockslide, their son Snowbush has his leg crushed by a rock. Despite Alderheart and Jayfeather's best attempts to help Snowbush, the white tom dies of his injuries. Cloudtail and Brightheart attend the funeral and vigil of their son.

River of Fire

Cloudtail is one of the cats to voice his distrust of Finpaw and Twigpaw when they decide to come to live in ThunderClan. Flicking his tail, Cloudtail mews to Bramblestar that he should look at what happened lately in the Clans, remembering what happened with ShadowClan when they allowed Darktail to live on their territory. Twigpaw wonders if Cloudtail was making a jab at her, but the white tom has his gaze fixed firmly on Bramblestar.
When Leafstar gives Tree, a former loner staying with SkyClan, a role as mediator, Bramblestar and the others agree to monitor his progress and see how he is doing. Tree flexes his shoulders and says that there isn't any pressure, and this causes Cloudtail to burst out into laughter, causing the tension at the Gathering to vanish.
He and Brightheart become great-grandparents to Fernsong and Ivypool's litter; Bristlekit, Flipkit and Thriftkit.

The Raging Storm

As Puddleshine's condition deteriorates from his accident with silverthorn, Cloudtail and Molewhisker are sent as part of a small patrol to go and alert Tigerstar of his condition. Barely a moment passes before Cloudtail and Molewhisker return, flanking a group of ShadowClan cats including Tigerstar himself, along with Juniperclaw and Sparrowtail. Cloudtail makes eye contact with Bramblestar, telling him that Tigerstar wishes to speak with him in private.

In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

He is now retired to the elders' den. When Bristlepaw drops off the vole to the elders, Cloudtail is curled up drowsily with Brightheart.

The Silent Thaw

When Bramblestar questions why the warriors were busy repairing the elders' den instead of hunting, he insists the warriors should be taken care of first. Graystripe insists that Cloudtail's bones feel the cold, and Bramblestar replies extra bedding will keep him warm. Later, Jayfeather rubs goldenrod pulp on Cloudtail's hind leg to ease his pain. Cloudtail remarks that Bramblestar is acting foul since he lost a life.
Cloudtail is eager to eat as a patrol arrives with fresh prey. Bramblestar halts him to wait so he and Squirrelflight can eat before the elders. Blossomfall and Lionblaze cite the warrior code, but Bramblestar insists the code says nothing about leaders and deputies. Lionblaze disapproves but gives Cloudtail two shrews.
After Lionblaze accidentally catches a rabbit on WindClan's territory, he remarks the prey will make a great meal for Graystripe, Brightheart, and Cloudtail. When Molewhisker's patrol brings in Rootpaw, Cloudtail and Brackenfur watch from the elders' den. Later, Poppyfrost lines Graystripe's and Cloudtail's nests with fresh moss.

Veil of Shadows

Cloudtail leads the elders to stand at the back of a Clan meeting that Bramblestar calls, naming Bristlefrost as ThunderClan's new deputy.

In the Super Editions

Firestar's Quest

Cloudtail now has his first apprentice, Rainpaw. It is also revealed that Brightheart is now his mate and is expecting his kits. He is assigned to the hunting patrol with Longtail when the tabby warrior is scratched in the eyes by a rabbit, permanently blinding him.
When a badger makes its way onto ThunderClan territory, one of Cloudtail's Clanmates, Willowpelt, is trampled by it, resulting in her death. Afterward, Cloudtail and Mousefur attempt to chase it away from their territory and the two warriors are successful in doing so. Cloudtail is later mentioned by Firestar, when he meets a white kittypet who bears a resemblance to the white warrior.
It is mentioned by Firestar that Cloudtail has some of the best tracking and climbing skills in the whole of ThunderClan, his skills being used many times to help his Clan.
At the end of the book, Brightheart gives birth to Cloudtail's first daughter, Whitekit. He, along with Whitekit and Brightheart, are in by the nursery when Firestar goes to see his own mate, Sandstorm, and their new kits, Leafkit and Squirrelkit.

Crowfeather's Trial

Cloudtail is part of the battle patrol sent by ThunderClan to help WindClan deal with the stoats, who are attacking Clan cats and are responsible for causing many problems, especially for WindClan. Cloudtail, along with the rest of ThunderClan's patrol and WindClan, is successful in killing the stoats, and driving away the few survivors.

Bramblestar's Storm

Sometime after the Great Battle with the Dark Forest, Cloudtail and Brightheart's second litter of kits, Snowkit, Dewkit, and Amberkit, have become apprentices. Dewpaw, their son, has been paired with Cloudtail's eldest daughter, Whitewing, from his first litter with Brightheart. Their other son, Snowpaw, has been paired with Snowpaw's niece and Whitewing's daughter, Ivypool, while Amberpaw's mentor is Spiderleg. He is seen by the fresh-kill pile, with his fellow Clanmates, Spiderleg and Cherryfall. After Bramblestar returns from his visit to ShadowClan, Cloudtail asks how ShadowClan is doing after the Great Battle. Bramblestar answers Cloudtail, saying that although there is a lot of damage, their camp is almost back to normal. Cloudtail accepts this answer with a lash of his tail, and the conversation continues. Later on, he and Squirrelflight discuss who to take to the Gathering, and Cloudtail is one of the cats suggested.
On the way to the island where the Gathering is supposed to take place, Cloudtail's son, Snowpaw, falls into the lake, and Cloudtail bounds alongside Bramblestar in an attempt to get to Snowpaw. After seeing that Snowpaw is okay, Cloudtail lashes out at him, asking him what he was thinking and calling his son mouse-brained. Furious, Cloudtail says that if he was leader, he would have sent his son home for his foolish behavior. After Snowpaw's apologies, Cloudtail tells him to run around to make himself dry, although he makes sure to keep a closer eye on his son to avoid any more accidents. During the Gathering, Cloudtail is one of the cats to speak out against Blackstar, annoyed and aggravated that the ShadowClan leader would try to not allow each Clan to name their own fallen Clanmates.
After Bramblestar has discovered the lake has flooded, Cloudtail expresses his disgust at the soaked condition of the warriors' den and complains about the amount of rain that has fallen. Seeing this, Bramblestar tells Cloudtail and his mate to go sleep in Jayfeather's den, alongside the medicine cat. The others are sent to various dens throughout the camp on higher ground. After the camp starts to flood, Cloudtail helps round up the apprentices to try and get them out of camp safely. Cloudtail is sent up the slope in ThunderClan's camp with his daughter, Amberpaw, since her mentor, Spiderleg, had already made it up to safety. After the Clan has made it, Cloudtail is sent back down, alongside Cherryfall, Brightheart, and Birchfall to check the damage. Upon seeing the damage, the white warrior asks what ThunderClan is going to do now.
ThunderClan soon shelters in the tunnels that Hollyleaf had lived in, and after settling down, Cloudtail offers to lead a hunting patrol for food. Bumblestripe offers to join him, as does Graystripe. Bramblestar tries to join Cloudtail's patrol but is stopped by Sandstorm. The patrol leaves without him, and soon returns with rabbits, although he admits to Bramblestar that he and his patrol didn't actually catch them. Cloudtail says he found them by the floodwaters, saying that they must have drowned. He also mentions that he had lapped up some of the floodwaters, and says that it had tasted odd. Bramblestar, upon hearing this, asks Cloudtail to take him to where he drank the water, and the white warrior agrees to take him where they found the water. The leader tastes the water and says that Cloudtail tasted the water from the sun-drown-place. Cloudtail is amazed and asks Bramblestar how the water got all the way to the lake. Bramblestar tells Cloudtail he doesn't know and says that they shouldn't drink it. Worried, Cloudtail asks what ThunderClan will drink now, saying that the only stream near ThunderClan territory is the one on the WindClan border. Bramblestar sets out on patrol to check the stream, and when he returns, sets Cloudtail on guard duty at the entrance to their makeshift camp, with Lionblaze on the other end of the tunnel.
Cloudtail is part of a hunting group with Rosepetal, Blossomfall, and Brightheart. The group of cats bring back mice and other animals for ThunderClan, and Cloudtail happily reports that he believes the prey is returning to ThunderClan territory. Squirrelflight sends him and Sandstorm out on hunting patrols the next day, and they return with even more prey, although the mouse Cloudtail picks to eat has turned soggy, and he complains about it. Brightheart tells him to deal with it, and that mouse is the best he'll get. Although grouchy, Cloudtail returns to his mouse and continues to eat it.
He is part of a patrol that Squirrelflight takes to the WindClan border, after hearing that Bramblestar and Jessy saw WindClan cats where they shouldn't be. When they get there, they see that WindClan is using a fallen tree to cross into ThunderClan land, and Jessy suggests removing the rubbish around the tree trunk in an attempt to dislodge it. Cloudtail agrees with Jessy's idea, and thinks it's worth a shot. A distance away, Poppyfrost and Cloudtail find something that gets Bramblestar's attention; a huge bush upstream that was uprooted by the water. They attempt to drag the bush closer to the fallen tree in hopes of making it a stepping stone, and although Cloudtail emerges from the bush with thorns in his pelt, the mission proves successful, and they manage to get the tree away from WindClan's reach.
After they are done, Cloudtail takes Bramblestar aside and talks to him. The white warrior admits things are different, saying it's kind of weird, being cut off from WindClan. The elder cat and his leader have a moment of remembrance for Firestar, having both been mentored by ThunderClan's old leader. Jessy, upon hearing talk of Firestar, comes bounding up and asks to hear more about Firestar. Cloudtail happily tells Jessy of Firestar and how he was related to him, and Jessy soon asks about Cloudtail's parentage. Although slightly embarrassed, Cloudtail explains who his mother is, and although he has to ignore a snort from Thornclaw, he goes on to explain that although it was hard, and he missed his Twolegs at first, he soon got used to ThunderClan and their ways, and now calls ThunderClan his home and his family. He admits that kittypets in other Clans are uncommon, and calls Firestar and he special cases. He is backed up by Thornclaw, who takes control of the conversation.
After taking another patrol, Cloudtail soon returns with news for Bramblestar. He tells his leader that ShadowClan is trespassing again, and takes no time in insulting them soon after. That evening, Bramblestar meets with his cats, Cloudtail included, and it is decided to take action against the kittypets wreaking havoc in ShadowClan's territory. Cloudtail is one of the cats who joins Bramblestar's group, and he engages in battle with a kittypet named Webster. Cloudtail and ThunderClan are successful in driving the kittypets away, although this angers ShadowClan's leader, Rowanstar.
Cloudtail accompanies Bramblestar back to ThunderClan's old camp, and on the way, they share memories about Firestar, saying how much they miss him. When Cloudtail senses Bramblestar's doubt, the white warrior tries to reassure Bramblestar that he's doing just fine, saying that he needs to trust that Firestar made the right choice to lead ThunderClan after his death. After they return to the tunnels, they relay the news of the floodwaters, and Cloudtail is almost knocked over by Mousewhisker as he tries to get out of camp to see what the elder warrior and leader are talking about.
On a newleaf morning, Bramblestar awakens to find that Cloudtail has taken a patrol to ShadowClan's border, and to counter this, Bramblestar takes a patrol to WindClan. Later, Cloudtail is the leader of another patrol to WindClan's territory, and he takes Mousewhisker, Berrynose, and Birchfall with him. He later joins another border patrol, this one with Thornclaw. When it is time to confront the badgers, Cloudtail is one of the cats chosen to join the battle. He fights alongside Dustpelt, and the two warriors fling themselves into the heat of battle, although at the cost of Dustpelt's life. After the battle, Cloudtail is seen with Millie, Jessy, and Frankie. Later, Cloudtail returns from a hunting patrol including Blossomfall, Dovewing, and Berrynose. All four cats have their jaws loaded with prey, and Bramblestar is overjoyed at the idea.
He leads another patrol, this one on WindClan's border. Squirrelflight tells him to take Ivypool, her apprentice, Snowpaw, and Squirrelflight's new apprentice, Stormpaw. The deputy explains to Cloudtail that she wants him to learn the ins and outs of a border patrol. She admits that she is busy, but the white warrior doesn't object and lets Stormpaw join his patrol.
Moons later, he is present at the apprentice ceremonies for the kits of Lionblaze and Cinderheart. Hollypaw, Sorrelpaw, and Fernpaw are each given their mentors, and Cloudtail is assigned the young and spirited Hollypaw as an apprentice. Bramblestar tells Cloudtail that he has shown great courage and perseverance while serving his Clan, and hopes that he will pass on his skills to the young cat.

Squirrelflight's Hope

While repairing the elders' den, Brackenfur mentions to Squirrelflight how Cloudtail worries about Brightheart becoming cold. When she returns from the Sisters, Cloudtail is fascinated about a group of only she-cats and jokingly wonders what he and Graystripe would do if their mates threw them out. Later, Bramblestar orders Berrynose and Bumblestripe to move the elders to the nursery for Sunrise.

In the Novellas

Tigerclaw's Fury

During the fire that ravages ThunderClan's territory, Fireheart asks if any cat is missing after they've gotten to safety. Upon hearing this, Cloudpaw's fluffy white head pops up, and asks where Halftail and Patchpelt are. Smallear, another one of the elders, replies that they're not with him, and Whitestorm mews that they might still be in ThunderClan's camp.

Leafpool's Wish

When Leafpool offers the position of assistant medicine cat to Brightheart, she is honored, although she declines the offer. She asks of Cloudtail and Whitepaw and says that she is a mother and mate to them first.
Three sunrises after this, Leafpool sees Cloudtail bringing Whitepaw's pale body into camp. He places his daughter's unconscious body gently on the ground, with Brightheart's help, and his mate presses to him for comfort. When Leafpool announces that Whitepaw has dislocated her tail, Cloudtail expresses confusion, asking the medicine cat if that is actually possible.
After Whitepaw is woken up, they try and put her tail back into its normal placing. When they try this, Whitepaw lets out a screech, and Brightheart tries to go to her aid, clearly worried about her daughter. Cloudtail holds her back until Leafpool is done working with her.

Dovewing's Silence

After the death of Sorreltail, Brightheart calls out to Cloudtail and tells her mate to make sure that their kits stay put. The white warrior then makes his way to the remains of the elders' den, while Brightheart goes to take care of Lilykit and Seedkit. He later helps Berrynose dig though the warriors' den to look for extra bedding so their Clanmates can rest. The two are stopped by Squirrelflight, the new deputy, and she tells them that they might as well rest before Brambleclaw returns. He, along many of their other Clanmates, bury their fallen warriors, while Brambleclaw is gone. Cloudtail helps carry Hollyleaf, and he is accompanied by Dovewing, Ivypool, and Poppyfrost. The white warrior also helps dig the graves for his Clanmates, and helps Poppyfrost extend the graves, as Purdy thinks they should have room to stretch their legs while they rest.
After an outbreak of greencough, Bramblestar tells his cats to go to Jayfeather if they feel ill. Brightheart reprimands Cloudtail for not going to Jayfeather and wants to know why her mate didn't speak up when Bramblestar asks if any other cat felt sick. Ducking into the gap near the camp entrance, Cloudtail promises his mate that he'll go if he feels himself getting worse.

In the Ravenpaw's Path arc

A Clan in Need

Cloudtail is on a hunting patrol with Graystripe, Ravenpaw, and Barley. When they are ambushed by the BloodClan cats, he fights against them. He is with the patrol of cats that attacks BloodClan's camp in Twolegplace.

The Heart of a Warrior

Cloudtail is part of the patrol that helps Ravenpaw and Barley get their barn back from the rogues. The morning that they are leaving, he complains that they are leaving too early. When they reach the farm, Firestar orders him to take a hunting patrol out with Brightheart, Brackenfur, and Bramblepaw. Later, he tells Firestar that their patrol brought back plenty of prey so they could be able to stay hidden for a while.
The next morning he fights the rogues along with the rest of the patrol. Cloudtail flees when Firestar tells them to retreat because there are too many rogues. Cloudtail is seen fighting alongside Brightheart when they attack the rogues for a second time. He leaves with the rest of the ThunderClan cats once the rogues had left the barn for good.

In the Graystripe's Adventure arc

The Lost Warrior

Cloudtail is seen during Graystipe's delirium, calling out his name.

In the Field Guides

Cats of the Clans

When Rock tells the three kits of StarClan about Firestar, he says that because Firestar became leader of ThunderClan, no cat could argue that Cloudtail was not a worthy warrior. Rock also talked about how Cloudtail struggled to adjust to forest life after Princess thought he could just slip in and be a great warrior like her brother. Cloudtail did struggle from the start, and even went back to the kittypet life. However, he finally put things in perspective after he was captured by Twolegs, then brought back to ThunderClan by Firestar. Now, he still doesn't believe in StarClan, but he is still fiercely loyal to his Clanmates. He can relate to Brightheart somewhat because he also stands out from other cats with his white fluffy pelt, and more importantly his kittypet origins. He is the only cat who has never flinched at Brightheart's scars, and he has been able to see past them to the trustworthy and kind cat she is.
When Rock talks about Princess, he explains that she gave Cloudtail to Firestar believing he would have a nobler life as a warrior than a kittypet. Although Cloudtail didn't adjust naturally to life in a Clan, he showed a rare degree of trust and hopefulness.

Battles of the Clans

Cloudtail appears in "Graystripe Speaks: The Battle Against the Foxes." He is part of the patrol that goes hunting for foxes. He is said to have a keen nose because his fur stands out so much.
In "Whitewing Speaks: My First Battle," Cloudtail's daughter Whitepaw retells the story of the badger attack in the ThunderClan camp. Cloudtail convinces Brightheart to let Whitepaw stay and fight the badgers, instead of leaving the camp with Daisy and her kits. After Brightheart runs off into the battle, a badger attacks Cloudtail and Whitepaw. Cloudtail runs off into the clearing, leaving Whitepaw to fight for herself. But when the badger is about to kill her, he comes running back and launches himself onto the badger's shoulders. Whitepaw then orders Cloudtail to go help Brightheart and Daisy's kits. He obeys and runs off. After the fight, Cloudtail got Daisy's kits to safety.

The Ultimate Guide

On the page he shares with his mate, Brightheart, it is mentioned that he and Brightheart have two litters of kits, and they even have grandkits. The mother of these kits is their eldest daughter, Whitewing, and those kits play a vital part in the battle against the Dark Forest.
Cloudtail alone is the only cat who never once has flinched upon seeing the scars that frequent Brightheart's face, although Cloudtail can relate with not fitting in- the fluffy white warrior's pelt isn't the only thing that sticks out. The nephew of Firestar is the son of a kittypet- Firestar's sister, Princess- and he was given up to live the life of a warrior, which he does. He struggled at first, though, being tempted by the life of a kittypet. He is soon given a second chance, both by his uncle, and by StarClan. His lack of belief in the warrior ancestors that walk their skies, however, doesn't change how loyal he is to the warrior code, and to Brightheart and his Clan.
Cloudtail risks his life, time and time again to save his Clan from many threats, including badgers, storms, and illness. Making the Great Journey with the rest of ThunderClan, he helps establish territory for his Clan, and all of this is done without any faith in StarClan. Cloudtail does, however, believe in good and evil, and this skill does prove to be useful in the battle against the Dark Forest, where he risks his life again, fighting as fiercely as any cat, putting his Clan before his own life, loyalty unwavering.
He appears on Princess's and Smudge's page. Princess was proud of enough of Fireheart that she gave up her firstborn to him, wishing for him the same noble life that Fireheart spoke of. The wisdom of this decision at first was questionable, especially when Cloudpaw had difficulty settling into a tougher life.

In the Short stories and plays

After Sunset: We Need to Talk

Cloudtail appears while Leafpool and Crowfeather are talking, along with Brambleclaw and Berrypaw, where he asks Crowfeather whether WindClan has enough warriors to send on proper patrols or not. Cloudtail appears to be protective of Leafpool, asking if Crowfeather was bothering her. Cloudtail hints at a fight with Tornear and then states WindClan are only fast because they keep running away, which annoys Onestar. Cloudtail growls at the mention of Hawkfrost, sarcastically commenting on bringing Hawkfrost back to camp after his failed attempt at killing Firestar to have the first pick of the fresh-kill pile. They all then leave.

Ultimate Leader Election: Firestar

He is mentioned to be seen voting for the individual leaders to lead their own Clan.
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