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Interesting facts

  • Brightheart respects his lack of faith in StarClan.[1]
  • Princess did not give Cloudtail a name as a newborn because she wanted the Clan to name him.[2]
  • Cloudtail has the best climbing and tracking skills in ThunderClan.[3]

Author statements

  • Kate thinks that after the Dark Forest battle, Cloudtail would believe in StarClan, because "it's difficult to deny something you've seen with your own eyes".[4]
    • Vicky later stated that he still doesn't believe in StarClan,[5] although she later contradicts this, saying Cloudtail is a Clan cat through and through.[6]
  • Kate thinks his kittypet name was "Fluffypaws".[blog 1] She also likes the name "Claude".[blog 2]


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Author references

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