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Interesting facts

  • Cloudtail has the best climbing and tracking skills in ThunderClan.[1]

Author statements

  • Kate thinks that after the Dark Forest battle, Cloudtail would believe in StarClan, because "it's difficult to deny something you've seen with your own eyes".[2]
    • Vicky later stated that he still doesn't believe in StarClan,[3] although she later contradicts this, saying Cloudtail is a Clan cat through and through.[4]
  • Kate thinks his kittypet name was "Fluffypaws".[blog 1] She also likes the name "Claude".[blog 2]
  • Vicky has said she feels Brightheart respects his lack of faith in StarClan.[5]



The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • In Secrets of the Clans, a 2007 field guide, Brightheart credits Cloudtail's love for her even after her accident for her recovery. Cloudtail later tells about how he broke the warrior code by taking kittypet food from Twolegs and ended up getting captured. He says that he didn't understand some parts of the warrior code and so he decided to only follow the rules that he thought made sense. He began visiting Twolegs every day, but was later caught and put in a wire web inside the belly of a monster. He was upset, but thought that ThunderClan would be glad to be rid of him. However, he wanted to let his Clanmates know that he had been taken against his will, and deep down he wanted to become a warrior. Luckily, he was spotted by Fireheart's friend, Ravenpaw, who told Fireheart where Cloudpaw had been taken to, and was rescued.[8]
  • On the Warriors website family tree, Cloudtail's father is Oliver and his littermates are Zack, Livy, Nami and Taylor.[9] His grandchildren via his son Dewnose are Baypaw and Myrtlepaw.[10]

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