"The sun warms me here, and that's all I want now."
— Cloudy Sun on moving to the mountains in Long Shadows, page 219

Cloudy Sun is a pale ginger she-cat with green eyes.[2] She has a graying muzzle, and scant fur.[3]


In the Power of Three arc

Long Shadows

Cloudy Sun appears as an elder, along with Running Horse, when Jaypaw goes back in time to the Ancients. She decides to stay at the lake instead of going to the mountains with the younger cats, saying that she only wants the sun warming her fur then, when they cast the stones. However, those who want to leave outnumber those who wanted to stay by the lake, so she and Running Horse must go along with the others.
Just before the journey to the mountains, Cloudy Sun and Running Horse are standing under a tree. Running Horse sadly tells his denmate that the stones are cast, and they are forced to join their Tribemates and leave. Cloudy Sun bravely tells him they'll get through it together.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

Sign of the Moon

Rising Moon tells Stone Song that Shy Fawn refuses to eat, Cloudy Sun's pads are bleeding, and Running Horse is planning on going back to the lake once the snow storm lifts. Jagged Lightning angrily complains that they have to admit moving to the mountains was a disaster.
Later on, Jayfeather sees Cloudy Sun and Running Horse laying on the ground in the cave behind the waterfall. Upon seeing the two elderly cats, Jayfeather is unable to tell whether or not they are asleep or unconscious.



"We'll get there. We'll help each other."
—Cloudy Sun to Running Horse, referring to the trip to the mountains Long Shadows, page 227

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