"That stinking Twoleg!"
— Coal raging about the Twoleg in Dawn, page 67

Coal is a tattered black tom.[1]


In The New Prophecy arc


Coal is one of the rogues that is captured by Twolegs during the destruction of the forest. They put him in a cage beside a kittypet named Cody, and Cody tries to befriend him, but he doesn't reply to anything that she says. He only says that his name was Coal before staying aloof from the other cats in the den. Coal ignores all the cats and shows indifference towards the conversations going on beside him. When Cody says it was hard not to get involved with the other cats because the nest is so small, she gives Coal a pointed look.
Later on, a Twoleg opens up his cage to give him food. However, when it reaches inside Coal hisses and scratches its paw. The Twoleg angrily shoves him back into the cage, unintentionally making Coal hit something sharp. He curses the Twoleg, and Leafpaw exclaims that the wound left on Coal looked quite bad, seeing the blood on the cage. Leafpaw asks a WindClan warrior, Gorsetail, to give her some cobwebs. Another rogue under Coal's cage calls out that there is blood dripping down onto his cage floor. Coal begins to panic because he is losing so much blood, and Leafpaw calls out to him to press the cobwebs on harder. Finally, the bleeding stops, and the black rogue comments that the cobwebs didn't even sting.
When Cody tells Leafpaw that sometimes she can train her Twolegs to do what she wanted them to, Sasha asks her if she could train the workfolk that hurt Coal to be more gentle.
Later, along with the other cats, Coal escapes from the den with the help of a ThunderClan patrol.


  • Dawn (First appearance)


"Leafpaw knew that Cody had been trying to befriend the black tom but had not managed to get any answer from him except his name–Coal."
—Leafpaw about Coal Dawn, page 65

"This is such a small nest it's hard not to get involved, with some cats, at least."
—Cody hinting about Coal's refusal to reply to her questions Dawn, page 65

"That badger-pawed Twoleg shoved me against something sharp."
—Coal after a Twoleg hurt him Dawn, page 67

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