"Driftkit, you should not have taken that mouse to play with. Prey is too scarce to be wasted. That mouse did not die to become a toy, but to keep us alive after a long leaf-bare. Do you understand?"
Lilystar to Driftkit in Code of the Clans, page 46
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Chapter description

Leafpool introduces the code by asking who the kittypets thank when they eat. She explains that Lilystar helped cats realize that they should respect the prey and they should thank their ancestors for teaching the Clans and finding a place to live.
Driftkit calls over to his sister, Fallowkit, and Fallowkit shoves a mouse over to him. It is said that their mother licks the mud off of their belly fur every night, as the camp is very wet after the snow melted. The tom-kit jumps off the branch and lands on the prey, and he thinks about becoming a warrior. Sunnytail asks him what he is doing with the mouse, and he falls off of the rodent, saying that he was practicing to be warrior. Sunnytail exclaims that they can't eat it now and asks if their mother, Splashnose, knows they were playing with the mouse. Fallowkit tells the deputy that she said to play outside, and Sunnytail tells the two kits that it was the last piece, and the Clan would be hungry until a hunting patrol brings more prey. Driftkit apologizes, and wishes a hole would appear to jump in. Driftkit's mother appears and asks what's going on. Sunnytail tells her what happened, and Splashnose says that they didn't know, but Sunnytail argues with her. Lilystar asks if it's true that he was playing with the mouse, and Driftkit tells her that it is. Splashnose tries to defend her son, but Lilystar hushes her and scolds the tabby kit.
Suddenly an owl appears, and it swoops down towards Driftkit. Splashnose yells a warning, and the cats move to safety, except for Driftkit. He stands there, terrified, as the owl get closer to him. The bird swoops down and takes the mouse instead of Driftkit. He opens his eyes to see the mouse hanging from the owl's claws. Splashnose runs over to Driftkit and asks if he's all right while she sniffs him. He shrugs off his mother's fussing. Lilystar says it's a sign and she will add a new addition to the code: "Prey is killed only to be eaten. Thank StarClan for it's life." She meows that it's the warriors' way.




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