The codebreakers are a group of cats named by Bramblestar's impostor to have broken the code and must be punished.[1]


The impostor is incredibly adamant about punishing the codebreakers, first forcing Tree and Dovewing to go into temporary exile, and then forcing Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Twigbranch to swear an oath of loyalty to him, with the threat of exile if they break the code again. The punishment for Crowfeather and Mothwing is yet to be revealed. However, the impostor strangely refused to let Squirrelflight take the oath, even though she offered and reminded him that she was a listed codebreaker. Despite this, when she informed him she was going to "atone" by herself, he tried to persuade her to take the oath, but she refused. He only ended up punishing her with exile after she realized he was an impostor.[2]

Named cats and reason for their placement on the list

Please do not add what you think is the reason the cats are listed, even if it is obvious enough as to why. They need to be outright confirmed by the narrative as to why they're on the list.



  • Dovewing, unknown. However, ShadowClan believes it is for getting pregnant with Tigerstar's kits.[6]


  • Tree, for questioning the Clans' way of life.[7]





  • Tree was neglected as a codebreaker throughout The Silent Thaw.[8][9][10][11]
    • This will be fixed in reprints of the book. [blog 1]


"Then why isn't every cat named? Am I going to be punished because my mother broke the code? She was the one who had kits with a cat from another Clan, not me!"
—Jayfeather when he learns he is a listed codebreaker The Silent Thaw, page 164

Lionblaze: "Why should StarClan drag that up now? And what has it got to do with me and Jayfeather? Did we break the code by being born?"
Impostor: "It's pointless arguing. StarClan has spoken. We must obey them."
Lionblaze: "How? Am I supposed to apologize for being born?"
—Lionblaze snapping at the impostor The Silent Thaw, page 201

"I wish I knew exactly what I’ve done wrong, I'd happily own up to it if I did. I've only ever wanted to be a loyal warrior."
—Twigbranch at the secret meeting The Silent Thaw, page 224

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