"I guess I did, but today I saw just how fragile your freedom is. You have to fight for everything—for your food, even somewhere to shelter. I like to know where I will be sleeping every night, and that there will always be food when my belly grows empty. And I like my housefolk. Not all Twolegs are as bad as the ones destroying your home."
— Cody to Leafpaw in Dawn, page 209

Cody is a plump,[4] soft-furred[5] brown mackerel[blog 1] tabby she-cat[6] with bright[1] blue eyes.[6]


In The New Prophecy arc


"This is no life for me, all this death and blood and uncertainty. I am happy with my housefolk, and they'll be missing me."
—Cody to Leafpaw Dawn, page 209
Cody is a kittypet who was trapped by the workfolk after she took off her collar and was mistaken for a forest cat. When Leafpaw is trapped in the Twoleg nest, Cody is in the neighboring cage. She encourages Leafpaw to cheer up and eat some food. The two cats become good friends and Cody shows her some of the other cats who have also been trapped; Mistyfoot, Brightheart, and Cloudtail. While talking to Cloudtail, she mentions that she knows Princess, Cloudtail's mother, and Smudge, who had said a cat named Rusty used to live where she now lives, and that he joined the wildcats in the forest. Cody asks Leafpaw about her father when she learns that Firestar has the same color coat as Rusty's.
Cody tries to bond with the workfolk, by purring and letting them stroke her. Leafpaw thinks she is mad, but Cody says that it can't hurt to try and escape this way. When a rogue named Coal is badly injured by the workfolk, Leafpaw instructs the kittypet to pass some cobwebs to him, so that he can stop the bleeding. Afterwards, Cody tells Leafpaw how impressed she was about how Leafpaw handled the situation.
When they finally escape, with the help of Graystripe and several other cats, she stays with ThunderClan temporarily. At first, the Clan is not pleased with having to share their prey with an extra cat, but Firestar explains that she cannot return to her housefolk until they can spare a patrol to escort her. Cody shows sympathy for Ferncloud when her kit dies and tells Leafpaw that she lost a litter too. When Leafpaw thinks they died, Cody quickly adds that the Twolegs took her kits away, to live in new homes. She helps to nurse Birchkit while Ferncloud grieves over the loss of her daughter, Hollykit, and helps remove splinters from the ShadowClan kits, after their camp is destroyed by monsters.
When the four Clans leave, she tells Leafpaw that she is not suited for Clan life, and that she is much happier with her Twolegs. It is also noted that Birchkit asks where she will go once the Clans set out on the journey. Leafpaw remembers that Cody was too busy to ever ask if Firestar was the former kittypet Rusty.

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Unidentified kits:[3] Status unknown




The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

In Secrets of the Clans, a 2007 field guide, Cody is mentioned in the kittypet section. She ran away from her Twolegs, intending to have some fun before returning home. However, she was caught by the construction crew who thought that she was a stray, since she wasn't wearing her collar at the time, and she is thrown into a cage. She befriended Leafpaw, and when they escaped, she went with her to ThunderClan. The wild life of a Clan cat wasn't for her, but she will always remember her friend, Leafpaw.[7]


"Leafpaw? What an odd name. Well, bad luck on getting caught, Leafpaw, did you lose your collar too? I wouldn't be here if I hadn't pulled mine off—the wretched thing! I thought I was so clever managing to wriggle out of it, but if I'd still been wearing it, the workfolk would have taken me home instead of bringing me here. My housefolk are going to be mad with worry. If I'm not back by midnight they start rushing around the garden shaking the pellet pot and calling for me. It's nice that they care, but I can look after myself."
—Cody to Leafpaw when they first meet Dawn, page 24

Cody: "I thought I might be able to help, I lost a litter once."
Leafpaw: "A whole litter? That's so sad!"
Cody: "They didn't die; my housefolk sent them away to new homes. But I felt the loss as badly."
Leafpaw: "And these are the Twolegs you want to go back to? How could you possibly forgive them?"
Cody: "It is normal for kittypets not to raise their kits. We don't expect anything else. My housefolk are gentle and kind. They choose good homes for each kit. They wouldn't have known that I miss them."
—Cody after Hollykit dies Dawn, page 129

Leafpaw: "But we're still alive. Can you take out splinters?"
Cody: "I can do much more than that. Come on, Birchkit!"
Blackstar: "Is this kittypet a medicine cat?"
Leafpaw: "It's okay, she knows what she's doing."
—Cody treating injured ShadowClan kits Dawn, page 201

Birchkit: "Why couldn't Cody come with us? Did you tell her to go away?"
Leafpaw: "She has a home of her own."
Birchkit: "But she was fun!"
Ferncloud: "There'll be plenty of time for fun when we get to our new home."
—Birchkit asking Leafpaw and Ferncloud about Cody Dawn, pages 282-283

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