"Do be careful on your way home. The horses can be quite scary if you're not used to them."
— Coriander warning Daisy and Bramblestar of the horses in Bramblestar's Storm, page 69

Coriander is a tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat[1] with amber eyes.[2]


In the A Vision of Shadows arc

River of Fire

While passing the horseplace, Alderheart notes that Smoky and Coriander both live there.

In the Super Editions

Bramblestar's Storm

When Daisy and Bramblestar take a trip to Smoky's barn, they encounter Coriander. The tortoiseshell she-cat is Smoky's new denmate, replacing Floss. Daisy first encounters the loner when Smoky leads her to where he had buried Floss and Pip, one of the dogs who lived near there. She questions Coriander and asks who she is. Smoky replies that she's Floss' replacement, shocking Daisy in the process, who thought that Smoky loved Floss.
Coriander approaches the two ThunderClan cats, and Bramblestar dips his head in greeting. Although Coriander doesn't return the greeting, she does speak, saying that Daisy and Bramblestar must be those forest cats, calling them weird. She asks what they're doing at the barn, and Daisy replies that they're just visiting. She then inquires if it was Smoky and Coriander watching ThunderClan the previous night as they traveled to the Gathering. Smoky admits they were watching the Clan, and he explains that Coriander wanted to see who the forest cats were.
This encounter greatly upsets Daisy, and she says everything has changed since she was in the barn last. She asks where Smoky's nest is, and he replies that Coriander found a corner where it was less drafty. Coriander happily replies that it was so comfortable, and this angers Daisy. She and Bramblestar soon decide that it's time to go, and Smoky doesn't hesitate to let her go. Coriander warns Daisy and Bramblestar to watch out for the horses, her amber eyes gleaming. She says that the horses can be quite scary if a cat doesn't know how to handle them properly.
Seeing Daisy distressed, Bramblestar tries to comfort her. She snaps and gets upset that she wasn't told about Floss' death, adding on that Smoky must have forgotten about Floss due to the appearance of Coriander. She thought Smoky loved Floss, but the new she-cat appears to speak otherwise.



"This is Coriander. She replaced Floss. She's a great mouser!"
—Smoky introducing Coriander to Daisy and Bramblestar Bramblestar's Storm, page 67

Coriander: "You must be some of those weird cats from the woods. What are you doing here?"
Daisy: "Just visiting. Was that you watching us go to the island last night?"
Smoky: "Yes, Coriander wanted to see these famous cats, and I know that you all go to the island on the night of the full moon, so we lay in wait."
—Daisy's first encounter with Coriander Bramblestar's Storm, pages 67-68

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