"Don't worry little one. It's not your time yet. You have a great destiny ahead of you."
Mapleshade to Stormkit when he breaks his jaw in Crookedstar's Promise, page 36
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Chapter Number: 3 (of 40)
Page Numbers: 25-39

Chapter description

Stormkit wakes early, stretching. He tries to wake Oakkit, but Rainflower tells him to go back to sleep, and that it's too early. He ignores her and pokes him, finally managing to wake his brother. He suggests they go exploring, and Rainflower warns them to stay in camp. Stormkit promises they will, and pokes Oakkit again. Nearby, Beetlekit wakes, struggling to his paws and asks if it's time to eat yet. His brother, Volekit states that he's hungry, and his sister Petalkit tells them that the hunting patrol will bring them something. 
Stormkit announces that he is going to catch his own prey with Oakkit. Rainflower says that Stormkit is going to get him and him in trouble again. She and her kits talk for a little while before Oakkit slithers out of the nursery with Stormkit following behind him. Outside, they saw normal camp activity going on. They find Brambleberry, and Stormkit asks her about coltsfoot. They want to collect coltsfoot with her but, she says that they need to be apprentices before they go out of camp. This does not stop him from going out of camp.
Stormkit gets the idea of hunting out of camp with Oakkit following him. They find the Sunningrocks and decide to cross there using the stepping stones. They spot Goosefeather, but thinks he is not worth the trouble, since he looks as old as Sunningrocks. But right before Stormkit and Oakkit reach the shore, Goosefeather notices them, and he chases the two kits. As a result, Stormkit slips on a stepping stone. He sees a StarClan cat and she says that he has a great destiny ahead of him. Stormkit makes it out, but barely alive with Mudfur carrying him back towards Brambleberry. Rainflower is shocked by the damage and Brambleberry gives him herbs to soothe the pain.






  • Ottersplash is mistakenly called a tom.[4]
  • It says that Stormkit stared at his "bother" instead of "brother".[9]
  • Cedarpelt is called "Cedarpelt's" incorrectly.[9]

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