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Chapter Number: Prologue (of 40)
Page Numbers: 1-8

Chapter description

As a storm ravages RiverClan camp, Echomist calls out to her mate, Hailstar. The queen is carrying two of her three kits away from the floodwater seeping into the camp, and Hailstar grabs the third, Volekit, before the raging water can reach his nest. The RiverClan leader gives Volekit to Timberfur and sends his mate, warrior, and kits to the elders' den further inland.
Hailstar then calls to his deputy, Shellheart, asking for his opinion of the situation, and Shellheart notes that even the elders' den won't be safe for long. Hailstar then gives the order to abandon camp. Brightsky protests, trying to save a den from being washed away, but Shellheart reassures her that the camp can be rebuilt, though drowned cats cannot. The deputy calls for his mate, Rainflower, who is close to kitting, and they leave camp together with Brambleberry, the medicine cat.
Echomist reemerges from the elders' den with her three kits, asking Hailstar for instructions on where to go. Hailstar instructs her and the rest of the Clan to head for higher ground. The elders worry about leaving the river, but Hailstar assures them that the move is only temporary. It is noted that Duskwater is missing, and the remaining cats search the dens for warm bodies, finding nothing.
Further inland, Rainflower begins to kit, and Brambleberry sends the queen up an oak tree to a wide branch where the queen can kit safely away from the water. Tucked into a hollow in the tree, Rainflower begins to kit while Shellheart attempts to rescue some herbs from Brambleberry's den. Shellheart returns with nothing, as the store has been washed away, and Rainflower is forced to bite down on a stick to distract her from the pain. Two kits are born, Oakkit, named for the tree that protected them, and Stormkit, named for the storm that heralded the births. Shellheart notes that kits born in a storm are destined to be leaders, though it's a shame that not both can lead RiverClan.





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