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"Haven't I always been a loyal warrior, living my life by the code and leading my Clan accordingly?"
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"Thank you, Ashfoot. You taught me what I needed to learn. Everything I endured brought me to this, to give me something to fight for in WindClan. And if trouble does come, then WindClan will deal with it. After the Great Battle, and the fight against the stoats, there's surely no threat that our Clan can't face."
— Crowfeather thinking about Ashfoot and WindClan's future in Crowfeather's Trial, page 418

Crowfeather is a dark smoky-gray, almost black, tom with blue eyes.[1]

Crowfeather is the current deputy of WindClan under Harestar's leadership in the lake territories. He was born as Crowkit to Deadfoot and Ashfoot alongside his siblings, Downkit and Hillkit, and later became an apprentice as Crowpaw, being mentored by Mudclaw. Crowpaw was chosen to represent WindClan on the journey to the sun-drown-place, and during the journey, he fell in love with Feathertail. At his warrior ceremony, Crowpaw asked to be named Crowfeather in honor of Feathertail, who had died saving him. Crowfeather later took interest in Leafpool, and they ran away to be together. However, she returned to ThunderClan, unable to abandon her duties as a medicine cat. Crowfeather was heartbroken, but took Nightcloud as a mate to prove his loyalty to WindClan.

Unbeknownst to him, Leafpool bore his kits, Lionkit, Jaykit, and Hollykit, while he and Nightcloud had a litter of kits, though Breezekit was the only survivor. Because of the loss, Nightcloud was extremely protective of their son, and Crowfeather often felt left out of their relationship. He became a mentor to Heathertail, and during the Great Battle, Crowfeather made amends with Leafpool and acknowledged their kits as his own. Breezepelt and Lionblaze later forgave him as well, and Crowfeather established friendly terms with Nightcloud. He also mentored Featherpelt and Fernstripe, and following Onestar's death, Crowfeather was appointed deputy by Harestar. He later was exiled from WindClan after being listed as a codebreaker, taking refuge in ShadowClan, though Crowfeather returned to his position after Bramblestar's impostor was deposed. He ventured into the Dark Forest to help defeat Ashfur as a Light in the Mist.


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The New Prophecy

"Don't you know how I feel about you? And how much I hate myself for feeling that way about another cat so soon after Feathertail's death? I loved her, I really did! How can I love you too?"
―Crowfeather telling Leafpool of his love for her Starlight, page 311
Crowpaw is a WindClan apprentice chosen by his deceased father, Deadfoot, to represent WindClan on the journey to find Midnight. He meets Tawnypelt, Brambleclaw, and Feathertail, the other chosen cats at Fourtrees, along with Squirrelpaw and Stormfur, who soon begin their journey to the sun-drown-place. Along the way, Crowpaw falls for Feathertail, but is distrustful and argumentative with the other cats, though he eventually learns to trust them.

Leafpaw and Crowfeather

After Midnight reveals that Twolegs are destroying the forest, the cats pass through the mountains on their way back to the forest. They meet the Tribe of Rushing Water, who hold Stormfur prisoner and force the others to leave. Before going to rescue Stormfur, Crowpaw and Feathertail decide to continue seeing each other once they return home. Sharptooth attacks the Tribe during their rescue mission, and when Crowpaw is cornered, Feathertail gives her life to save him. He blames himself for her death, and when the Clans pass through the mountains on the Great Journey, Tallstar holds Crowpaw's warrior ceremony, where Crowpaw requests to be named Crowfeather in honor of Feathertail.
At their new home, Crowfeather develops feelings for ThunderClan's medicine cat, Leafpool, and during Mudclaw's rebellion, he saves her from death and confesses his love for her. The two meet in secret and ultimately run away from the Clans to be together. While traveling, they find Midnight, who warns them that her kin are planning to attack ThunderClan. The couple decide to go back and fight in the battle against the badgers. After the death of her mentor in the battle, Leafpool is left as her Clan's sole medicine cat, and the two mournfully decide to separate.

Power of Three

"You mean nothing to me, Leafpool. That moon has passed. My loyalty is only to WindClan, and I have no kits other than Breezepelt."
―Crowfeather disowning his ThunderClan kits Sunrise, page 306
In an effort to prove his loyalty, Crowfeather has become mates with Nightcloud, and they have a son, Breezepaw; however, he does not have a great relationship with either of them. He also trains an apprentice, Heatherpaw. Crowfeather and Breezepaw begrudgingly travel to the mountains to help the Tribe sort out a rogue problem. During the battle of the eclipse, Lionpaw attacks Crowfeather, nearly killing him. Later, when the three discover that Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight are not their biological parents, Yellowfang gives Jayfeather a crow's feather, hinting the identity of his real father. The littermates confront Crowfeather, who denies their claim. At a Gathering, Hollyleaf announces that he and Leafpool are their parents, and Crowfeather once again denies it, but Leafpool admits that it's true.

Omen of the Stars

Crowfeather: "This has to stop! I will not watch you harm a whisker on that cat!"
Breezepelt: "I always knew you hated me!"
Crowfeather: "I never hated you! That's just what you were determined to believe. And Nightcloud encouraged you."
—Crowfeather arguing with Breezepelt The Last Hope, pages 308-309
Crowfeather's son, Breezepelt, begins training in the Dark Forest, seeking revenge against Crowfeather and the cats who betrayed him. Breezepelt gets into a fight with Lionblaze at the border, and Crowfeather does nothing to break it up. Leafpool attempts to stop them, but Breezepelt attacks her. Crowfeather protects her, and the two share some words before Nightcloud drags Crowfeather away from Leafpool. During the Great Battle, Breezepelt fights for the Dark Forest and attacks Lionblaze, but Crowfeather chases him off. Breezepelt insists that his father always hated him, but Crowfeather snarls that it was Nightcloud who made him believe that. Leafpool approaches Crowfeather, sharing a brief moment with him, and Crowfeather says he never regretted anything.

A Vision of Shadows

"That's all very well, Mistystar. But it's beginning to feel like you're using the other Clans. You wanted nothing to do with us until we came and saved your tails, and now that you need help, you want to be a Clan again!"
―Crowfeather challenging Mistystar River of Fire, page 194
Crowfeather trains another apprentice, Fernpaw. When a ShadowClan patrol visits WindClan territory for lungwort, Crowfeather's patrol confronts them. Onestar refuses to give the medicine to ShadowClan, and when Bramblestar attempts to persuade WindClan, Crowfeather turns them away. Squirrelflight brings up their journey to the sun-drown-place in an attempt to reach common ground, but Crowfeather dismisses her. After the battle against the Kin, Onestar dies, and Harestar becomes WindClan's leader, making Crowfeather his deputy. He is distrustful of SkyClan and is hesitant to believe their legitimacy.

The Broken Code

Crowfeather: "Do you really think StarClan wants us to start throwing around accusations? They want peace in the Clans, not arguments."
Ashfur: "You're just another codebreaker in denial about what's really going on!"
—Crowfeather at a Gathering The Silent Thaw, page 49
Crowfeather is named as a codebreaker by Bramblestar's impostor, though the WindClan deputy refuses to to atone for anything until StarClan speaks again. At a Gathering, Harestar exiles Crowfeather, and Crowfeather bitterly tells the Clans that punishing cats won't bring back StarClan. Shortly thereafter, he is brought to ShadowClan as a refugee and is vocal about killing the impostor to prevent any more cats from being hurt. He later returns to his deputy position after the exiles are welcomed back to the Clans.

Super Editions

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"Crowfeather asking another cat for advice? What next? No matter what, Breezepelt and Nightcloud are your kin. True, you've had a difficult past, but you could have a good future. Admit it, Crowfeather, you might have had a paw in your problems with both of them. You're not the easiest cat in the forest to get along with."
―Leafpool to Crowfeather Crowfeather's Trial, pages 350-351
In Crowfeather's Trial, Crowfeather is ashamed of Breezepelt's betrayal with the Dark Forest, though he feels guilty for his hostility towards his son and mourns of the loss of his mother, Ashfoot. Appearing as a spirit, Ashfoot encourages her son to let go of his hatred and learn to care for his family. After Nightcloud is seemingly killed by stoats, Crowfeather grows closer to his son. When he discovers Nightcloud is alive, he, Gorsetail, Hootpaw, Heathertail, and Breezepelt travel to the Twolegplace to rescue her. After returning, Crowfeather believes ThunderClan and WindClan must work together to drive off the stoats, and the allied Clans succeed, but Breezepelt is gravely injured in the battle. Crowfeather goes to ThunderClan for help, but finds only Jayfeather in the medicine cats' den, who reluctantly agrees to save Breezepelt's life.


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In Leafpool's Wish, Leafpool realizes that she is expecting Crowfeather's kits and wonders what kind of father he would've been to them. She dreams of Crowfeather teaching her to stalk rabbits and climbing trees, longing for them to be together. While gathering herbs near the border, Crowfeather reveals that he misses her and wishes things were different. Leafpool disagrees, much to Crowfeather's surprise, and she tells him to go away before he makes things worse. He leaves reluctantly and twines his tail with Nightcloud. As Leafpool gives birth, she wishes to name the black she-kit Crowkit, but Squirrelflight insists on Hollykit. She agrees, but admits she'll name Jaykit, Jayfeather, in honor of his father.

Detailed description

Crowfeather is a small,[17] slender,[18] long-limbed,[19] lean,[20] and sleek-furred,[21] dark smoky-gray, almost black, tom with blue eyes,[1] and a small, neat head.[20]

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Personality and Relationships

Crowfeather is cold, sharp-tongued, and short-tempered. Crowfeather fell in love with Feathertail and wished to be her mate, but she died saving the Tribe from Sharptooth. He later loved Leafpool and ran away with her, however they returned to their Clans and ended their relationship, and unbeknownst to him, she had his three kits. He and Nightcloud became mates, however never truly loved each other and they ended it, but are on good terms. For more of Crowfeather's personality and relationships, click here!


Crowfeather's parents are Ashfoot and Deadfoot, and his siblings are Eaglekit, Downkit and Hillkit. His former mates are Leafpool and Nightcloud, and Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Breezepelt are his children. For more of Crowfeather's family, click here!



Did you know that Vicky has said she thinks if Crowfeather had not requested his name, Tallstar would have named him Crowclaw? For more trivia about Crowfeather, click here!


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