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Chapter Number: 10 (of 34)
Page Numbers: 119-131

Chapter description

After the sun rises the day after Crowfeather went onto ThunderClan territory to search for Nightcloud, Onestar calls a Clan meeting, announcing that tonight they will sit vigil for Nightcloud, honoring her as a brave and valued member of the Clan. Crowfeather recounts on how his leader had not been pleased to hear he had sneaked onto ThunderClan's land, but he had softened after he heard of Nightcloud's death. Crowfeather's paws itch restlessly, and he wishes to be doing something rather than stand and listen to Onestar.
Knowing that the stoats are still in the tunnels worries him, and he is unable to forget Kestrelflight's vision of a storm. He wonders if it means they will need to involve other Clans and if Onestar is going about it wrong. Crowfeather recalls how Breezepelt had been held back by five cats that morning to prevent him from storming into the tunnels to take on the stoats on his own, and Heathertail had finally convinced him to wait and he is now resting. Crowfeather wonders how he can help with his son's grief, without running into an ambush of stoats.
Onestar gives Hootpaw Gorsetail as his new mentor, then has Harespring send out hunting patrols, and tells him that no cats are to go near the tunnels. Disapproval arises from the Clan, and Onestar explains that they have just lost Nightcloud and he wants their warriors wounds from the last fight to heal. He meows that for the time being, he doesn't want them provoked, and if they think cats aren't going to fight them, they may become careless and lazy.
Featherpaw approaches Harespring, asking if she can hunt together with Hootpaw.

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