"At first I thought that the way the wind drove back the water meant that WindClan would have a victory, but there was a second surge, and no wind do defeat that. Does that mean WindClan will be defeated? And what will that mean for the other Clans? Will we have to face the teeth and claws of another enemy, whether that's the stoats or some other hostile force lurking in the darkness?"
Kestrelflight to Crowfeather in Crowfeather's Trial, pages 159-160
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Chapter Number: 12 (of 34)
Page Numbers: 153-160

Chapter description

Crowfeather dreams he's fighting in the Great Battle, and spots Hollyleaf's body next to him. He watches Breezepelt leap onto Lionblaze, taunting that he's not as strong as he'd thought. Crowfeather charges forward, hearing Ivypool plea for him to stop. Breezepelt tells her that Lionblaze shouldn't never been born, and that it's his turn to die, since his sister has already passed. Crowfeather reaches the pair and drags him off Lionblaze, insisting this has to stop. The dream shifts as the ThunderClan tom leaves, leaving Breezepelt and his father. Crowfeather watches in horror as his son blinds him, asking himself if the black tom really hated him that much.
Crowfeather crouches down, feeling Hollyleaf's body next to him. Breezepelt taunts that he's gotten what he deserved for never loving Nightcloud, and choosing his ThunderClan kits. He asks him why he'd done that, and Crowfeather can't answer. The older tom feels that he couldn't have let his sons hurt each other, or do anything unforgivable. The dream shifts again, and finds himself in a forest with Hawkfrost. Crowfeather shocked to see the RiverClan tom, and launches himself forwards. Hawkfrost simply dodges, teasing that he's too quick. Crowfeather's vision blurs, but he attacks again, wanting revenge for Hollyleaf's death.
Hawkfrost dodges again, and Crowfeather slams into another cat. He faces Breezepelt, who quickly pins him down. The younger tom asks why he fights for his ThunderClan kin, but not him. Crowfeather can't find the words to reply, and Breezepelt prepares to strike. The dream ends, and Crowfeather finds himself in the warriors' den. He creeps outside and slips out of camp, nodding to Larkwing as he exits. The warrior thinks about how much he misses Nightcloud, and has mixed feelings for Breezepelt and his other sons.
Crowfeather looks out over the moor, hoping Breezepelt, Heathertail, and Weaselfur return safely from investigating the stoats. He worries for his son's future, and realizes that's what his dream stemmed from. Kestrelflight approaches Crowfeather, and the black tom tells him about his dream. They discuss it, and the medicine cat reassures that he's usually the one who gets visions. Crowfeather and Kestrelflight wonder about what StarClan may be trying to stay with the new threat of stoats. The black tom says they should be working with other Clans, and thinks it's the path to victory. Crowfeather hopes that it will turn out well, and that Breezepelt could redeem himself by helping in this crisis.





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