"But your enemy won't be sniffing the flowers, either. They'll be coming for you, so you need to do something unexpected. Any ideas?"
Crowfeather training the apprentices in Crowfeather's Trial, page 172
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Chapter Number: 14 (of 34)
Page Numbers: 170-178

Chapter description

Crowfeather watches Harespring as the deputy tells the apprentices that they won't be part of the battle, on Onestar's orders. Hootpaw protests, saying that WindClan needs every cat. Crowfeather is annoyed with the discussion, finding it a waste of time. He suggests to Harespring that they join in on the training, in preparation for a possible attack on the camp. Featherpaw is excited at the idea, and the deputy agrees. They pair off to practice, and thinks about the apprentices' skill levels. Crowfeather tells Featherpaw to be more bold, and she complies eagerly.
Crowfeather reflects that almost all of WindClan were together training on a large stretch of moorland. He thinks about the battle plan, which includes driving the stoats to the entrances, while others waited to ambush. Crowfeather instructs the apprentices to attack again, and they all blurt out suggestions of how to fight. He agrees with most of them, and says they should try attacking from behind. Breezepelt joins them, reminding the apprentices how dangerous their enemy can be. Crowfeather agrees, and the younger cats go back to practicing.
Leaftail whispers to Gorsetail that Breezepelt is a mouse-heart, not the fierce warrior he's made out to be. Crowfeather snaps that they should be working, nor gossiping. Leaftail looks ready to argue, but Gorsetail nudges him away. They bound away, and they begin to practice across the clearing. Crowfeather tells his son to ignore them, and the tom agrees that they'll see differently in battle today. The older tom is concerned about Breezepelt's injuries, but his comments are brushed off.
As sunhugh approaches, Harespring leads a patrol of cats to fight the stoats. Crowfeather and Heathertail are concerned about Breezepelt, but he wants to fight. Harespring reminds everyone of the plan, and then enters the tunnels while the rest of cats wait for the stoats. The creatures are drawn out, and WindClan prepares to attack. However, the four apprentices make their presence known, and Crowfeather demands to know why they're here. He's horrified as they say they've come to fight, and to be bold. Crowfeather yowls at them to go back to camp, but they ignore him and move to attack.





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