"You told me not to tell Onestar. But I told Gorsetail. I reckoned you'd have to let me come if I had my mentor's permission."
Hootpaw to Crowfeather about going to find Nightcloud in Crowfeather's Trial, page 268
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Chapter Number: 21 (of 34)
Page Numbers: 263-270

Chapter description

Crowfeather trudges towards the WindClan camp as night falls. He pushes through the snow, filled with determination to find Nightcloud. The tom warily approaches, knowing that he's not allowed inside camp as of now. He recognizes Heathertail as the cat on guard and creeps closer to where she's sitting. Crowfeather softly calls to the she-cat and she bounds over to meet him. She's excited that he's come back, but he clarifies that he's not here to stay. He apologizes for the way he acted, as he's not the easiest cat. Heathertail says that's okay, and she welcomes a challenge. Crowfeather requests to speak wit Breezepelt because he's found out where Nightcloud is.
Heathertail gasps in astonishment, and he explains how he met Yew, who'd relayed that Nightcloud was on the edge of Twolegplace. Crowfeather meows that he thinks she's trapped there, and wants Breezepelt to come with him to get her out. Heathertail nods and says she'll go too, and then goes to fetch the tom. Crowfeather crouches beneath a thorn bush to wait, but scents Hootpaw nearby. He tells the apprentice to come out, and so he does, and they crouch in the bush together.
Crowfeather asks why he's out of the den, and Hootpaw says that he'd just gone to make dirt, but heard he'd found Nightcloud. The older tom then states that he was eavesdropping, and the apprentice admits it, but asks to come along. Crowfeather says no, despite Hootpaw's protests. The older tom threatens that he'd better not breathe a word about this, and he relents.
As the apprentice scampers off, Crowfeather settles down to wait for his Clanmates. Heathertail and Breezepelt join him, and he notes how battered they look. Crowfeather asks what happened, and they explain that Onestar had them block off some of the tunnel entrances. However, Breezepelt notes that they didn't finish, so it was pointless. They both express their wish to help, so the trio prepare to leave. Gorsetail and Hootpaw approach, and Crowfeather hisses that he'd said not to tell.
The apprentice cheekily states that he'd said not to tell Onestar, and that he should be able to come with his mentor's permission. Gorsetail agrees that the younger cat can come, if she can too. Breezepelt and his father are hesitant of the idea, but Heathertail says they're wasting time. She meows that they can come, and Crowfeather agrees that it could help. Hootpaw is excited, and Gorsetail reminds him that if they come across stoats, he'll need to stay close to her. They set out, and Crowfeather silently hopes that they'll find Nightcloud.





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