"Crowfeather noticed that all the volunteers had trained with the Dark Forest cats; they were all cats who had been doubted and feared and distrusted by their Clanmates, yet here they were, eager to prove themselves loyal warriors of their Clans at last."
Crowfeather's thoughts in Crowfeather's Trial, chapter 29
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Chapter Number: 29 (of 34)
Page Numbers: 366-373

Chapter description

The day after the Gathering, Crowfeather travels behind Onestar to meet Bramblestar at the ThunderClan border. Their patrols meet, and the leaders greet each other courteously. Crowfeather hopes that together they can come up with a plan to succeed and drive the stoats away. He notices that Breezepelt and Lionblaze are glaring at each other, and internally sighs. Onestar recounts their previous efforts to fight the stoats, and how they failed. He says that they need to get them out in the open, and kill a good number of them.
Rosepetal and Mousewhisker seem skeptical that the stoats are that much of a threat, because they're so small. Larkwing and Furzepelt argue that despite their size, they are fierce and fast, especially in large numbers. Bramblestar asks for ideas of how to fight the stoats, and Crowfeather suggests blocking up the tunnels, and send a group to drive them out in one place. Heathertail agrees, and Lionblaze adds that they need to make sure they don't come out on ThunderClan's side either.
This makes Heathertail seem uncomfortable, and Breezepelt gains a sour expression. The black tom suggests that one cat go and attack a stoat to draw out the others. Lionblaze challenges if Breezepelt means to put a lone cat in danger, and the WindClan cat says yes, and that he volunteers. Crowfeather is proud, but fears for how his son will fare inside the tunnels. Onestar asks if he's sure, and he confirms that he is. Crowfeather meows that he'll be going too, which surprises his Clanmates, but he says he needs to show his loyalty too.
Onestar suggests combining the plans, by blocking every tunnel entrance but one, and have the stoats chase Breezepelt and Crowfeather out to the rest of their attack force. Several cats start to volunteer for different roles, and become excited about the plan. Crowfeather notices that many of them are cats who'd trained in the Dark Forest, and are eager for the chance to prove themselves. He hopes that their lives will be easier after they're able to show their loyalty.





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