"I'm sorry I didn't accept you and your littermates when I found out about you. I'm sorry that I said I had only one kit, and that anything else was a lie. If I'd known... If I'd only known when you were kits, when you needed me, surely things would have been different. I have no excuses, but... I hope you can forgive me for the way I acted."
Crowfeather to Lionblaze in Crowfeather's Trial, chapter 31
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Chapter Number: 31 (of 34)
Page Numbers: 386-394

Chapter description

After the battle, Crowfeather and Nightcloud carry Breezepelt back to camp. He's nearly dead from his wounds, but Kestrelflight begins to try to treat him in the medicine den. Crowfeather hangs back with the black she-cat, noticing several other injured warriors resting nearby. Kestrelflight implores them to leave, as he can't treat Breezepelt in such a crowded den. They reluctantly pad out, but wait near the entrance. Crowfeather reminisces on how he'd been as a father, and Heathertail comes to ask how the black tom is. Nightcloud informs her Kestrelflight is doing all he can, and the trio settle to wait together.
Kestrelflight comes out of the den and informs them that Breezepelt is badly injured but should recover with rest. When the medicine cat okays it, Heathertail offers to spend the night with him. Nightcloud and Crowfeather have their wounds checked next, but Kestrelflight says they'll be fine. The black tom stumbles to his nest to sleep, but seemingly a moment later, he's woken up by Nightcloud. The sun peeks out as he gets up, and they go to visit their son. He seems to be faring well, and Breezepelt and Heathertail look happy together. Nightcloud comments that the Clan may have more kits soon.
The next morning, Crowfeather goes on a tunnel patrol with Harespring, Nightcloud, Cloudtail, and Lionblaze. The black tom asks to speak with Lionblaze, who warily agrees. Crowfeather apologizes for his past actions as a father, but the other tom responds that Bramblestar will always be his father. However, the ThunderClan warrior notes that he forgives Crowfeather, and is grateful for how it all turned out.
Crowfeather is reassured by the response, and the pair continue on their patrol. He briefly wonders what it would have been like if he'd stayed with Leafpool outside the Clans. However, the tom pushes the vision away as unrealistic, because she loved her Clan more. The pair catch up with the patrol where Onestar and Squirrelflight greet each other. She gathers the ThunderClan cats to her, and announces that they'll be leaving now. Onestar agrees that it's time, and thanks them for the help. The WindClan cats turn back to camp, and Crowfeather thinks that the Clans can hopefully live in peace.





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