"If you had just kept your jaws shut, we wouldn't have had that argument. Whatever tension remains between ThunderClan and WindClan after the Great Battle, you've just made it worse."
Crowfeather to Breezepelt about the ThunderClan patrol in Crowfeather's Trial, page 92
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Chapter Number: 6 (of 34)
Page Numbers: 86-93

Chapter description

Crowfeather struggles down the tunnel passage, making sure that Breezepelt is following behind. They manage to break away from their attackers to flee towards the river cavern. Crowfeather dodges another stoat, but finds himself trapped in a dead end tunnel. Breezepelt crashes into him from behind, wedging both cats into the tiny space. Both are pinned by the stoats, and he worries about the roof of the tunnel collapsing.
Berrynose and his patrol rescue them, scaring the stoats away. Crowfeather is grateful, but embarrassed that cats from another Clan had to help them. The cream tom orders the WindClan cats to follow them up the tunnel, so they oblige. As they emerge into the light, Crowfeather identifies Rosepetal, Cinderheart, and Spiderleg as the rest of the patrol. Berrynose demands to know what they were doing on ThunderClan land, and if they were trying to spy for a tunnel attack. Crowfeather mews that they're not here to fight, but Spiderleg points out that if they'd been a different group, things could've ended badly.
Breezepelt hisses furiously, insisting that ThunderClan is the one causing the trouble and ordering other Clans around. Crowfeather winces, and the patrol looks alarmed. Berrynose asks if they were eavesdropping, and he quickly steps forward. Crowfeather pushes past Breezepelt, assuring the ThunderClan tom that they didn't come for trouble, and got surprised by the stoats. Spiderleg admits that they might have their reasons, but should still be taken to Bramblestar. Berrynose agrees, but Cinderheart meows that they weren't caught stealing prey, and could just be escorted off the territory. Rosepetal adds that they can report this on their own, and their Clanmates reluctantly agree.
The patrol forms a half circle around Crowfeather and Breezepelt, walking them to the WindClan border. The older tom is relieved that it didn't turn into a fight, but is concerned that Nightcloud is still missing. The ThunderClan cats leave them at the border stream, with Berrynose snarling not to come back. Crowfeather guides Breezepelt away, and berates him for starting an argument. The younger tom points out that they'd been conversing about driving cats out, which could eventually mean all of WindClan.
Crowfeather scoffs at the idea, and the pair return to camp. He says to his son that they'll need to go look for Nightcloud more tomorrow, in ThunderClan's side of the tunnels. Breezepelt grunts in acknowledgement, while Crowfeather silently continues to wonder about the fate of his former mate.





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