"I trusted you! I trusted you to speak with Onestar without me, and you bungled it all up! We're losing time!"
Breezepelt to Crowfeather about searching for Nightcloud in Crowfeather's Trial, page 99
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Chapter Number: 7 (of 34)
Page Numbers: 94-102

Chapter description

Crowfeather speaks to Onestar, saying they'll need a patrol to search for Nightcloud. He suggests that they look in ThunderClan's part of the tunnels, since they've checked all of the WindClan ones. The leader questions if the other Clan would approve of this search, and Crowfeather pauses. He silently thinks about it, but replies that Bramblestar would likely comply. His answer surprises Onestar, but Crowfeather continues that he hasn't seen much of the tom recently, but he seems honorable.
Onestar decides that they should not involve ThunderClan in their search. Crowfeather protests, saying it would be foolish to give up on their Clanmate. Onestar retorts that they're not giving up, despite the gray-black warrior's arguments. The leader meows calmly that it hasn't been that long, and that Nightcloud could very well return on her own. Crowfeather insists that he's not giving up, hence why he's trying to make him see reason. Onestar responds that his concerns have been heard, but won't involve ThunderClan. The leader advises Crowfeather to remain patient, and walks away.
Later that day, Breezepelt confronts Crowfeather. He asks when the search patrol will leave, and Crowfeather stalls. He awkwardly points out that since they haven't found her yet, she must've come out on ThunderClan territory, and Breezepelt agrees. Crowfeather spots Featherpaw and Hootpaw roughhousing and calls for them to stop, and both apprentices apologize. Crowfeather instructs for them both to get ready, and Breezepelt deduces that there won't be a search patrol today.
Crowfeather confirms this, and Breezepelt demands to know what he and Onestar decided. Other cats begin to stare as his voice rises, and the older tom feels embarrassed. Crowfeather points out that they can't just traipse into ThunderClan territory, due to the spat he has with Berrynose. Breezepelt angrily exclaims that he'd trusted him to talk to Onestar about this, but he'd messed it up. The tom storms away, and Crowfeather feels disappointed, turning to gather his apprentices.
Crowfeather, Featherpaw, and Hootpaw go outside of camp to hunt in the snow. He explains how cats can work together to catch prey, and instructs them to try a new technique. Hootpaw slips on the ice, which startles a mouse. Featherpaw is too caught up in her amusement to catch it, which irks Crowfeather. He admonishes both of them, and they apologize. Crowfeather wonders if he's been to harsh, but brushes the thought away. He nods, saying they'll try again. The tom hopes that Nightcloud will return soon, because handling two apprentices is a pawful.





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