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In The New Prophecy arc


Crowpaw is chosen by Deadfoot of StarClan to be the WindClan cat to journey to speak with Midnight, a star-gazing badger. The other StarClan cats that are gathered start to criticize his choice, since Crowpaw is only an apprentice. Deadfoot argues, saying that Crowpaw could make a fine leader someday. Bluestar points out that someday isn't today. However, Deadfoot is adamant about his decision and the gathered cats move on.
The other chosen cats are Brambleclaw of ThunderClan, Tawnypelt of ShadowClan, and Feathertail of RiverClan. Squirrelpaw and Stormfur accompany the chosen cats, and Stormfur says that he wants to protect Feathertail because he is concerned about her.
The dark gray tom is seen chasing a vole across the ThunderClan border and is caught by a patrol consisting of Brambleclaw, Dustpelt, and Squirrelpaw. Crowpaw is agitated when Brambleclaw accuses them of stealing prey, and he attacks Brambleclaw but is stopped by Onewhisker. His mentor, Mudclaw, says nothing, but scowls.
Crowpaw is rude toward Squirrelpaw when he meets the questing cats at Fourtrees. Crowpaw almost hurls himself at her, but Brambleclaw stops him. He is the first to leave, thinking that StarClan is not going to come. When the questing cats find out where they should go, Stormfur and Feathertail persuade Crowpaw to go with them. When Stormfur and Feathertail go to convince Crowpaw, he is aggravated about it at first, but eventually agrees to go. It was mentioned that he first met Barley and Ravenpaw on his apprentice journey to Highstones as the traveling cats venture to their barn.
In a Twolegplace, he and Stormfur are cornered by a pair of enormous kittypets. Brambleclaw then calls to the two Clan cats, and Crowpaw runs across the grass and charges under the hedge, but Stormfur stays. Just then, Squirrelpaw attacks the two kittypets. Afterward, a female Twoleg appears and scares off the kittypets. He argues with Stormfur and Brambleclaw when Squirrelpaw is caught in a Twoleg fence, but Tawnypelt and Feathertail ignore their bickering and free her with dock leaves.
Crowpaw is quite a snappy cat and has a barbed tongue, most notably when the questing cats are following Purdy, an old loner, through a Twolegplace. He constantly argues with the loner over whether he knows where he is going or not. Crowpaw is quick to argue and does not kindly follow orders from Brambleclaw. The only cat able to calm him down is Feathertail. Crowpaw is the last chosen cat to receive his saltwater sign at a pool where the traveling cats go fishing. He slowly grows to trust the rest of the traveling cats, surprising even Brambleclaw. He almost drowns but is rescued. At first, he does not trust Midnight. He is bewildered at Midnight's grave news about the Twolegs destroying the forest to build a new Thunderpath.


When Squirrelpaw asks where the best place for prey is, Crowpaw wakes up and tells her to be quiet and says that maybe they will find out. He starts to show slight affection towards Feathertail in this book, and Feathertail herself shows admiration for the apprentice as well.
When the traveling cats leave Midnight's den, Crowpaw senses a rabbit and darts after it. The rabbit is almost the size of Crowpaw, and Brambleclaw apologizes to Crowpaw for yelling at him to come back. When they reach the camping place, Crowpaw is seen sharing a squirrel with Feathertail. When foxes attack the cats, Crowpaw shields Feathertail from them, and he tells Midnight that they will tear the foxes' fur off. Crowpaw's lack of trust towards Midnight is clear when he openly questions her knowledge, making Midnight furious at first. When Brambleclaw and Midnight are discussing which way to go, Crowpaw refuses to go back to Twolegplace and says he would rather go through the mountains, which is the path the journeying cats end up taking.
During the journey through the mountains, Crowpaw seems to keep his hostility towards the other cats but is in love with Feathertail. When Feathertail slips into a stream, Crowpaw saves her and appears angry at her carelessness. When the cats meet the Tribe of Rushing Water, Crowpaw is not very suspicious until Squirrelpaw points out that cave-guards may be on guard to make sure they don't leave. He becomes hostile toward Stormfur as he spends more and more time with the Tribe, even questioning his loyalty to the Clans. Crowpaw attacks the cave-guards numerous times when they take Stormfur prisoner, his reason being that he would rather die fighting than be trapped.
After the cats leave, intending to rescue Stormfur that night, Crowpaw asks Feathertail if she will continue seeing him when they get back to the Clans. He confides that he wants to be loyal to his Clan but he has never met another cat like Feathertail. She agrees eagerly, stating she feels her insides tingle with excitement for Crowpaw. She also expresses her feelings for Crowpaw.
In the fight with Sharptooth, a vicious mountain lion, Crowpaw is cornered. He blames himself for Feathertail's death because she rescued him from Sharptooth by dislodging a stalactite on the ceiling and dying in the fall when she was actually the Tribe's promised 'silver cat'. Crowpaw rushes over to save her, but it is too late. The spirit of Silverstream, Feathertail's mother, is seen at the cave entrance, grieving for her kit. It's mentioned he can barely get the words out to tell her not to leave him. She promises not to, closes her eyes, and does not speak again. Crowpaw lets his head hang back in a wail for her. Stormfur thinks he can see the silhouettes of Feathertail and Silverstream's spirits in the spray of the waterfall.
When she is buried, Crowpaw and her brother, Stormfur, mourn together; and are able to understand each other a little more through their loss and grief for a cat they had both loved.


Crowpaw shows unusual compassion when he departs from the questing cats to return to his Clan, as observed by Squirrelpaw. He also shows up at the meeting of the leaders for Midnight's sign at Fourtrees, having persuaded Tallstar to come. He growls about his disbelief and horror of the suffering his Clan had been put through by Twolegs while he was gone.
Later, WindClan begs ThunderClan for shelter after the Twolegs begin destroying their camp. When Squirrelpaw talks to Crowpaw, Tornear is said to have a hint of pride in his voice when he talks of Crowpaw feeding almost all the Clan.
When all the Clans go to help ShadowClan when their camp is being attacked by a Twoleg monster, Crowpaw recklessly runs out on a Thunderpath. Squirrelpaw tackles him, and she and Brambleclaw ask him what he is doing. Crowpaw responds by saying that he isn't afraid of dying as long as Feathertail is waiting for him in StarClan. Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw calm him down.
On their journey with the Clans to their new home, Tallstar is about to make Crowpaw a warrior. But before Tallstar can perform the ceremony, Crowpaw, still mourning over the loss of his beloved Feathertail, asks Tallstar if his warrior name could be 'Crowfeather'. Tallstar agrees easily, seeming to understand. The newly-named Crowfeather takes his vigil next to Feathertail's grave in the Tribe of Rushing Water's camp, a mountain cave. Leafpaw believes that when he is sitting vigil that two ghostly silver cats stand on a nearby mountain peak, watching over Crowfeather. Seeing them as almost identical, she believes that they are the starry spirits of Feathertail and Silverstream, Feathertail's mother, in StarClan.
During the journey, as his grief over Feathertail's death slowly fades away, he shows slight gentleness towards Leafpaw.


When the Clans reach their new home, Crowfeather and the other cats who made the dangerous quest go away from the others to say good-bye, as their mission has been completed. Crowfeather states that there should be six cats returning as Feathertail is dead and Stormfur stayed in the mountains, and the others respond that their memory will burn brightly. He seems convinced, but he is seen looking back at the mountains where Feathertail is buried and where Stormfur now lives, murmuring that remembering can sometimes not be enough.
When Firestar and Brambleclaw announce to WindClan that Tallstar has made Onewhisker the new deputy right before he died, many WindClan cats argue. Mudclaw then asks who would believe Firestar and Brambleclaw, and Crowfeather says that he will, and he greets Onewhisker as his leader, indicating that he respects Brambleclaw.
He also appears in camp, angry that Leafpaw is in the camp, even though it is because she is helping some of WindClan's elders. Onewhisker tells him to lead Leafpaw back, and Crowfeather keeps quiet the whole trip, much to Leafpaw's annoyance. When Leafpaw visits their camp to announce the discovery of the Moonpool, she gives Crowfeather a message from Feathertail, telling him not to be oblivious to the living world.
During the rebellion against Onewhisker, he confesses his love to Leafpool after he saves her from nearly falling off the tall ledge of ThunderClan's camp. She receives this with shock, telling him that he can't love her. On the inside, however, Leafpool is relieved to hear that he feels the same way. However, he is tortured by the thought of his former love, Feathertail. Also during the battle, he fights side by side with Brambleclaw, driving away two ShadowClan warriors.


Crowfeather is on a patrol when they stumble across Brambleclaw, leading his own patrol to the WindClan camp to ask them if Onewhisker had received his nine lives. Brambleclaw asks that question, and Webfoot tells him he has, saying that Onestar is now the leader of WindClan. Squirrelflight spots Crowfeather leaping over the rim of the hollow with a dead rabbit in his jaws. Squirrelflight, on the patrol, greets Crowfeather and compliments his catch. Crowfeather gives her a curt nod. 
In the medicine den of ThunderClan, Leafpool dreams about Crowfeather, and how he saved her life when she was inches away from falling off of a cliff to her death. She calls his name out in a dream, and Cinderpelt asks if she said anything. Leafpool shakes her head, and Cinderpelt asks if everything is alright. Leafpool says yes, and thinks that everything is alright, especially when Crowfeather loved her. Leafpool longs to confide in Cinderpelt, but she knows that she can never reveal her feelings for Crowfeather. When the patrol that had gone to WindClan comes back, Leafpool wonders if they had run into Crowfeather. Leafpool goes over to her sister, Squirrelflight, who had been on the patrol, wanting to ask her about Crowfeather, but Squirrelflight is too busy talking to Firestar along with the rest of her patrol.
Leafpool dreams about Crowfeather again, showing the strength of the love between the two and how it will not falter. Leafpool sees Crowfeather as he bounds down a bank and into the stream. Drops of water fall from Crowfeather's fur, and he drags himself out of the stream to touch against Leafpool's fur. Leafpool goes out to find herbs towards the WindClan border, hoping to see Crowfeather when she walks to the place she had seen him in his dream. But Crowfeather is not there, and Leafpool reminds herself once more that medicine cats cannot fall in love. Leafpool thinks about how she and Crowfeather will never enter a private world, unlike cats who already have mates. She longs for Crowfeather with every single hair on her pelt, but she had duties, and there was no need for forbidden relationships. She reminds herself once more that Crowfeather is a WindClan warrior, and she is a medicine cat, so she has to stop thinking about him and stop dreaming about him.
Squirrelflight and a patrol run into a fox on the WindClan border, and the patrol, attacked by a fox, hurry to the camp to report to Firestar. As Leafpool repairs Squirrelflight's wounds, she asks if they had seen any WindClan warriors, such as Crowfeather. Squirrelflight says that they hadn't, and asks why she is thinking about Crowfeather. Leafpool improvises, saying that she was thinking about him because he was a friend of Squirrelflight. Squirrelflight replies that she doesn't know if he is a friend, as he found it difficult to get close to cats ever since Feathertail's untimely death. Leafpool chokes that she expects she does.
Firestar goes to visit Onestar to tell him about a fox in WindClan territory, and Crowfeather is there. He spots Squirrelflight on the patrol, however, she is leaving. He attempts to get closer to her and succeeds in so. He tries to talk to her, to ask her something, but Firestar ushers Squirrelflight back several times. Squirrelflight asks if it can wait until the Gathering, Crowfeather's tail droops, and he says he guesses it can wait. 
When the cats go to the Gathering, Crowfeather is the first cat to jump on the log leading to the island while the other cats are wary and a bit afraid of crossing. At the Gathering, Leafpool is there, and she thinks that Cinderpelt is purposely keeping her away from Crowfeather. He watches her with anguish in his eyes. 
Crowfeather meets with Leafpool in secrecy several times. He then makes a plan with Leafpool to leave the Clans behind as there is no other way for them to be together. Leafpool agrees, but they are discovered by Cinderpelt. Crowfeather leaves and waits for Leafpool, who finds him after going to the Moonpool. They leave the lake, following the hills outside of WindClan territory. They spend a night there until they run into Midnight, who came to deliver news that her kin is planning to attack ThunderClan and get revenge for driving them out. They only agree to go back because they can't leave ThunderClan to be torn to shreds. He tells Leafpool that he knows she will never give up her Clan for him, yet he still loves her just as much. He comes back to the ThunderClan camp with Leafpool and helps fight the badgers. However, they arrive too late to save Cinderpelt, who dies protecting Sorreltail and her kits from a badger.


Brambleclaw sees that Leafpool keeps looking at Crowfeather once they return to their own respective Clans. Crowfeather doesn't return her gaze and just looks at his paws. Crowfeather is unhappy that Leafpool chose her own Clan over her love for him. Crowfeather then abruptly, but sadly, breaks up their relationship, stating that it will be better if they never meet again and that he will never mean enough to her, but he will never forget her. Leafpool sadly agrees but tells him that she loves him more than he will ever know. It is noted that some of his Clanmates are looking at him angrily.
Leafpool still sees Crowfeather in her dreams and thoughts even after they go their separate ways. When Leafpool talks with Spottedleaf, Spottedleaf tells her that by going with Crowfeather, Leafpool found out where her real loyalties lie. Leafpool talks about Crowfeather and how she had given up all her dreams of life with him, though she still loves him just as much as before.
When RiverClan and ShadowClan can't get enough prey because of Twolegs on their sides of their territory, they look to ThunderClan and WindClan to give them territory. Crowfeather's hair on the back of his neck stands up and his claws dig into the ground, growling at Hawkfrost that they can try to get their territory; he also points out that it will be difficult for WindClan to hunt in the thick of the woods like ThunderClan anyway, but one of his Clanmates points out that of course, he would know that, making Crowfeather furious.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

Following the events in Sunset, Crowfeather has a new mate, Nightcloud. Together, the two cats have a son, who is now an apprentice named Breezepaw.
Crowfeather pulls Jaypaw out of the glassy lake after he wanders into WindClan territory and falls in. Heatherpaw, Whitetail, and Breezepaw are among him. Crowfeather is cold towards Jaypaw once he falls, and demands answers to why he is there. When they are on their way to the ThunderClan camp, Crowfeather snaps at Breezepaw because he gets out of hand. Once they bring Jaypaw back home, Crowfeather tells Squirrelflight that they should watch their apprentices more carefully, and Squirrelflight replies to him saying that WindClan cats once wandered away from their territory. When Jaypaw tried to reach into Crowfeather's thoughts, he thinks that it is like going through a bramble bush and can sense nothing.
Jaypaw senses the tension between Leafpool and Crowfeather in the medicine cat den and describes it as like lightning in greenleaf. He feels another emotion coming from Crowfeather when he greets Leafpool. Jaypaw senses the tension again between the two cats after he saves Breezepaw and Lionpaw from suffocating in a collapsed badger den. He knows Leafpool feels some longing, too.

Dark River

Crowfeather accuses ThunderClan of celebrating half-blood Clan cats, making Leafpool suddenly flinch away from him. When Jaypaw hears the Twolegs splashing and shrieking in the water, it makes him shiver and remember when Crowfeather rescued him from the lake. He appears on a WindClan patrol when Hollypaw and a few RiverClan cats cross WindClan territory to escape a dog. Crowfeather asks them where it is, and Voletooth says it went home. Then he asks the cats if they are looking for prey in WindClan territory, and they deny it. Then the patrol lets them go back to RiverClan territory.
When Jaypaw and Leafpool see Nightcloud, Crowfeather's mate, on a patrol, Jaypaw senses jealousy coming from Leafpool, though he doesn't understand why. When they bring them to camp, Leafpool tells Crowfeather that he looks good, and he warily asks her why she is there. Nightcloud starts to bristle when she sees Leafpool talking to him. Leafpool tells him that they are there to see Onestar, and Crowfeather says that Onestar isn't there right now. When Leafpool says that Firestar wants to end the battle between ThunderClan and WindClan, Crowfeather says that they shouldn't have sent anyone, since Firestar isn't there himself. She hisses at him that not every cat hides from their responsibilities, and Crowfeather asks her if that is what he would really do. He tells Leafpool that the WindClan warriors are not afraid of RiverClan. He speaks to Onestar and says that they can't trust RiverClan because every patrol looks hungrier than the last.
When WindClan loses their kits, Hollypaw, Jaypaw, Lionpaw, Heatherpaw, and Breezepaw find and bring them back to their Clan before the battle can start. Crowfeather is seen tearing at the ground beside Onestar and Ashfoot, waiting for the attack. Onestar tells his Clan that RiverClan told them that they were chased by a dog. Crowfeather protests that was what they said on the last patrol, but Onestar scented the dog himself. He tells Onestar that RiverClan still might invade their Clan, but Onestar doesn't believe him. The gray tom is last seen carrying Sedgekit.


Talon says that it will be good to see Crowfeather again when Firestar decides that the Great Journey patrol should go with them. Firestar tells Squirrelflight that she must find Crowfeather in WindClan and convince him to help out the Tribe cats.
He is carrying a rabbit in his mouth when Squirrelflight and Hollypaw find him in WindClan's camp after an escort. His fur bristles and he asks if there is something wrong in ThunderClan, and Squirrelflight tells him that something is wrong, but not with the Clans. She explains to him that the Tribe cats need help and that the cats from the Great Journey should go, and he looks at Hollypaw and asks why they would want apprentices to come as well. Squirrelflight tells him that there is nothing wrong with apprentices, and that they should help the Tribe since they helped them, but Crowfeather says that there is no need because Feathertail died for the Tribe. When Squirrelflight tells Onestar about the Tribe, he says that Crowfeather will be gone for a while.
Crowfeather reminds his leader that he has an apprentice, but Onestar says he should still go, considering the hospitality the Tribe had shown the Clans on the Great Journey. He tells him that Whitetail will take over Heatherpaw's training while he's gone and that Breezepaw should go with him. Finally, Crowfeather agrees for him and his son to go, because he would like to be at the place where Feathertail died, though it appears that he does not want his son to go with him. Squirrelflight tells them that they will to stay in ThunderClan overnight and start the journey the next morning. When they leave, Nightcloud tries to touch noses with Crowfeather, but he moves away.
All of the cats from the Great Journey, including Breezepaw, Jaypaw, Lionpaw, Hollypaw, Stormfur, and Brook, travel to the mountains with Talon and Night. During the time in the mountains, he grieves over Feathertail's death. Hollypaw states that she would hate to have Crowfeather as her father because he is so grumpy towards his own son, Breezepaw. Her and her brothers often wonder if Crowfeather even cares for his son at all, judging by the way he treats him.


Lionpaw can tell throughout the whole trip that Crowfeather never really is proud of his son. When Breezepaw catches a huge rabbit, Crowfeather instead compliments Lionpaw on his pigeon. Crowfeather agrees with the others that they should all go home, while Stormfur and Brook stay in the Tribe. During the trip back to the Clans, Crowfeather is very impatient, hissing at Jaypaw why he won't go faster. It seems that Crowfeather didn't like being in the mountains or around the Tribe cats at all.
When WindClan attacks ThunderClan, Lionpaw asks Heatherpaw why she would tell her Clan about the tunnels, and she says that she didn't. Crowfeather asks Lionpaw where Heatherpaw is, but Lionpaw tells him to get out of the way. When Crowfeather refuses, Lionpaw tackles him and almost kills him, but Heatherpaw pulls him off. When the sun appears to have vanished, both Clans stop attacking and Crowfeather says that they should go home. Near the end of the book, Lionpaw shivers as he thinks about how he almost killed Crowfeather, and it continues to haunt him.

Long Shadows

His apprentice, Heatherpaw, has become a warrior and is now Heathertail. His son has also gained his warrior name, Breezepelt. He crosses Lionblaze's mind; he thinks that Spiderleg and his kits will end up like how Crowfeather and Breezepelt act towards each other if Spiderleg isn't careful.


When Firestar needs to talk to Onestar about Ashfur's death, Crowfeather is one of the cats on the patrol. He goes to the WindClan border when Lionblaze requests it. When he is told by Jayfeather that he, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf are his kits, he is shocked. Jayfeather reaches into his memories and realizes that Crowfeather really did love Leafpool long ago. He sees what happens during the times when they were still mates. But then Crowfeather angrily replies that they do not matter to him and that they should go back home to their territory.
During the Gathering, Leafpool tells him he is the father of the Three, but he denies it and bitterly responds that his only mate is Nightcloud, his only kit is Breezepelt, and that Leafpool and the three kits mean nothing to him.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

On the way to a Gathering, Lionblaze sees Crowfeather walking next to his mother, Ashfoot. Lionblaze then realizes he has more kin in WindClan than he originally thought, and drops back, hoping the two cats don't notice him. During the Gathering, Firestar mentions that all the Clans are suffering from a lack of water, and Crowfeather asks about anything new, though is ignored by Firestar.

Fading Echoes

His son, Breezepelt, is training with the Dark Forest cats. Tigerstar promises Breezepelt that he will help him take revenge on every cat who had betrayed him and Breezepelt snarls that he will start with Crowfeather. Brokenstar lashes his tail, asking Breezepelt what Crowfeather ever did to defend him, while Darkstripe slinks forward, saying that Crowfeather had never valued Breezepelt. Tigerstar tells Breezepelt that his father had tried to crush him, make him weak, and Breezepelt spits that he didn't succeed. Tigerstar continues, mentioning that he had tried and that Crowfeather possibly values his ThunderClan kits more. He assures Breezepelt that he will put things right, as Crowfeather has betrayed WindClan.

Night Whispers

Crowfeather is out hunting with Nightcloud and his son, Breezepelt. Breezepelt gets into a fight with Lionblaze over who gets a thrush that is chased over the border. Crowfeather simply watches the two toms fight over it, not interfering at all. Leafpool, Cinderheart, and Dovepaw soon appear and Leafpool tries to break up the fight. She screeches at Crowfeather, asking him why he would stand there and watch his sons fight. Nightcloud appears then and furiously hisses at Leafpool that Crowfeather has only one kit, Breezepelt. Breezepelt then attacks Leafpool when she tries to break up the fight again, but Crowfeather saves her. He tells her that she chose her Clan over him, and Leafpool replies saying that it doesn't mean that she didn't love him. Crowfeather looks sad and agrees that perhaps she did love him, but not enough to give up her Clan. This scene proves that Crowfeather hasn't gotten over the fact that Leafpool chose her Clan over him, which would explain why, since Sunset, he acts so cold and indifferent towards her.
Nightcloud drags Crowfeather away from Leafpool in anger and jealousy. Crowfeather then rounds on her, hissing, ready to attack his mate. Breezepelt shoves Crowfeather aside and warns him to stay away from his mother. They leave the thrush to ThunderClan stating that if they're that desperate for a measly thrush, there is no point in fighting them, and they go back to their camp.

The Forgotten Warrior

Crowfeather is at a Gathering, aggressively stating that he had glimpsed and scented a ThunderClan cat in WindClan territory. At the next Gathering, Crowfeather spots his long lost daughter, Hollyleaf, alive and well after believing she died several moons prior. He appears shocked, openly staring at her. Hollyleaf notices his staring and pointedly turns her back on him.

The Last Hope

He is leading a patrol when Mothwing leads Jayfeather to RiverClan. When Mothwing tells him they are medicine cats, he growls that Jayfeather is not. Eventually, he allows them to pass and tells Jayfeather to make it the last time he catches him trespassing on their territory. When Mothwing says he'll have to cross the border again when he travels back to ThunderClan, he agrees and retreats.
Crowfeather is seen attacking Breezepelt when he is just about to kill Lionblaze. Breezepelt yowls at his father that he knows he hates him, but he protests, saying that he never hated him and that Nightcloud encouraged him to think that. Breezepelt tells him it's not Nightcloud's fault, and Crowfeather chases him out.
Leafpool then approaches Crowfeather, apologizing for what had just happened. Crowfeather assures her that it's not her fault, and that Breezepelt has always been that way. When Leafpool mentions that things could have been different if they stayed together, Crowfeather runs his tail along her flank and tells her it just wasn't meant to be. As he glances at Lionblaze, he murmurs he never regretted anything, the closest thing to accepting his son. Without saying anymore, Crowfeather then leaves to pay his respects to Hollyleaf's dead body.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

Crowfeather becomes a grandfather to Breezepelt's daughters; Smokekit and Brindlekit. His other grandchildren via Lionblaze; Fernsong, Hollytuft, and Sorrelstripe have become warriors as well.

Thunder and Shadow

At a Gathering, after Rowanstar explains that the group of rogues that attacked WindClan is living near their territory, Crowfeather lifts his muzzle, stating that the Clans should join forces and drive them away.
Later, when a group of ShadowClan cats has to go to the moor to get lungwort, they encounter a WindClan patrol consisting of three warriors. A dark gray tom flattens his ears threateningly and demands what they are doing on WindClan territory, but Tigerheart confidently greets Crowfeather and states that they came for herbs. Breezepelt pads closer, showing his teeth, but Crowfeather cautions the black tom to wait. A tabby tom states that they should chase the patrol off their land, yet Crowfeather tells Leaftail that they will not do that yet. The gray warrior pads closer and stops a muzzle-length from Tigerheart, spite glittering in his gaze. He states that they will first take the patrol to Onestar so they can explain themselves to him. Tigerheart agrees that he would be happy to explain to Onestar, and Crowfeather and Leaftail exchange glances that Violetpaw wonders might be of amusement. Puddleshine asks if they are going to camp, and notes that he needs to speak with Kestrelflight anyways, but Crowfeather twitches his whiskers and darkly meows his doubts that the medicine cat will do much talking.
The WindClan cats lead the ShadowClan patrol along the slopes, and when a dip surrounded by gorse is seen, Crowfeather leads them to a gap in the thick green wall and ducks through it, with the others following after. The cats enter the camp, and Onestar approaches them, but he is hostile toward ShadowClan and demands what Violetpaw is doing on his territory. Crowfeather looks confused as he stops in front of his leader, and he stammers that they caught the other Clan's group inside their border. Onestar is enraged and orders his warriors to get her off of his territory immediately. Tigerheart explains their situation, but he, along with his Clanmates, are forced to leave.
At the next Gathering, Crowfeather is first mentioned, though unnamed, as Fernpaw and Brindlepaw, WindClan apprentices, eye the young ThunderClan and RiverClan cats eagerly, but they don't move from their mentors' side. When the Gathering is started before ShadowClan arrives, Bramblestar announces that Violetpaw has returned to said Clan and that StarClan's prophecy is safe once more. From the crowd, Crowfeather questions if the prophecy is safe, and he calls out that StarClan hasn't confirmed that Violetpaw and Twigpaw are part of it. Mistystar notes that StarClan hasn't told the other Clans that the apprentices aren't. However, Onestar interrupts the discussion and mentions the ShadowClan patrol that came to their territory a few days ago. Although Dovewing points out that they only wanted herbs, Onestar is insistent that they are all bad-willed due to their ShadowClan status, and Crowfeather hisses that they are rogue-lovers.

Shattered Sky

Crowfeather appears on a patrol with Larkwing, Emberfoot, and Smokepaw. His eyes are cold and unfriendly as he stalks up to the ThunderClan cats trying to cross into WindClan territory to see Onestar. He demands what they're doing here, and that the ThunderClan cats are not welcome here, as Onestar doesn't want to see any cats from other Clans. Bramblestar attempts to let him know that Onestar might want to know, but Crowfeather cuts him off, telling him that he believes wrong, because the WindClan leader is very upset against the very accusations that were made at the Gathering. When Squirrelflight mentions the journey to the sun-drown place, his face turns uncomfortable, until he unsheathes his claws and snaps that it was a long time ago and that he has his orders from Onestar to turn around, right now.
Gorsetail and her patrol come across them, and she halts beside him, asking what's going on, and he replies that the ThunderClan cats would want to speak to Onestar, but that the WindClan leader wouldn't want to see them. He looks outraged after Gorsetail decides they should escort them to their camp, and demands if she's mouse-brained, adding that she was right next to him when Onestar told us to keep other cats out. He and Gorsetail argue for a moment, and he opens his jaws for a stinging retort, but keeps quiet, and shrugs angrily, telling her to suit herself with an angry snarl. He tells her that if Onestar claws her ears off, not to come crying to him, before leading them towards the WindClan camp.
Later during the next Gathering, Onestar says he is unworthy. Crowfeather, who is sitting with his Clanmates, protests against this, saying that he has been a noble leader.

Darkest Night

Crowfeather is now the deputy of WindClan, under the leadership of Harestar. He is seen under the Great Oak with the other four deputies. He is unwilling to trust SkyClan because only Bramblestar and Firestar knew about them before. He does not think they are a real Clan.

River of Fire

His son Lionblaze has a new litter with Cinderheart, making Crowfeather the grandfather of Spotkit, Snapkit, and Flykit.
After a fire ravages RiverClan's camp, they return to join the company of the other Clans at the Gathering. When Mistystar asks for help to rebuild, Crowfeather rises to his paws from his place at the base of the Great Oak. The dark tom harshly says that it seems like she's using the other Clans, adding that she wanted nothing to do with them until they saved RiverClan. He points out that she might be becoming a Clan again just to receive help. Scorchfur agrees, but Mistystar doesn't seem frazzled by the challenge. She calmly mews that there's some truth in what he says, due to this being awkward timing, but that she'd made this decision before the fire. Mistystar insists that her Clan needed time to recover from Darktail's damage, but are now ready to contribute again. Crowfeather is impressed by her words, and sits down.
Although he is not present, his grandson Fernsong has kits with Ivypool, making Crowfeather the great-grandfather to Thriftkit, Bristlekit, and Flipkit.

The Raging Storm

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In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

As Tigerstar brings up the new borders at the gathering, Crowfeather interrupts, stating that they already fixed that for ShadowClan, so they should stop complaining. Later in the gathering, he asks why StarClan has cut them off and when will the connection return.
Shadowpaw briefly sees Crowfeather as one of 'code-breakers' in his vision. He participates in the attempt to break the Moonpool ice. Crowfeather butts in as Tree shows his concern about entering the sacred spot, stating that as a warrior, you have to obey your leader. Crowfeather helps lift the giant rock onto the Moonpool in an attempt to crack it, which fails.

The Silent Thaw

Crowfeather speaks out against accusing others of breaking the warrior code, and Bramblestar accuses him of being a codebreaker. At a later Gathering, he refuses to atone and Hootwhisker resents him for that. Crowfeather wishes to hear from StarClan first, and Bramblestar insists he's speaking for StarClan.

Veil of Shadows

The impostor exiles Jayfeather and Lionblaze for having half-Clan heritage. At the Gathering, the impostor convinces Harestar to exile Crowfeather since he's a codebreaker. Harestar is conflicted about losing his deputy, but Crowfeather decides he'll leave if it'll help his Clan, though he is doubtful. Stemleaf recruits him and Mothwing to take refuge in ShadowClan, though Crowfeather is not fond of the crowds and squabbling. He suggests the refugees take shelter at SkyClan's old camp in ShadowClan's territory, and Tigerstar agrees.
At the camp, he and Lionblaze argue about which dens to repair and Bristlefrost finds it hard to believe they are father and son. When Bristlefrost and Rootpaw reveal the truth about Bramblestar, Crowfeather questions why an apprentice is able to see Bramblestar's ghost. After Shadowsight is found, Crowfeather agrees with Breezepelt that Bramblestar must be killed. When the rebels begin making their plan, Crowfeather warns that if they fight against Bramblestar they'll be fighting against WindClan and Mistystar too.
At another meeting, Crowfeather discovers Berrynose wandering the forest in exile and brings him to the rebels' camp. When the cats suggest who the impostor might be, Crowfeather disagrees that it might be Tigerstar. When Puddleshine explains that Kestrelflight and Willowshine had heated discussions with their leaders about the impostor, Crowfeaher finds it amusing and snarls in disgust when Harestar refused to listen to Kestrelflight.
Crowfeather participates in the battle against Bramblestar, WindClan and RiverClan. When Lionblaze kills Harestar, Crowfeather yowls for the battle to stop. He rushes to his leader's aid and presses up against Harestar when he is revived. Harestar reveals he saw faint whispers of StarClan and Crowfeather challenges the impostor for lying. Later, Harestar reinstates Crowfeather as deputy, and he sits next to Lionblaze, ThunderClan's newest deputy, at the Gathering.

In the Super Editions

Crowfeather's Trial

In a flashback, Crowpaw, finds himself on a crevice. He cries in horror as he looks at Sharptooth, and is shocked that he would die like this after all the journeying cats had been through. He hears Feathertail, who says she can hear voices, to his confusion. He and Stormfur watch in horror as Feathertail leaps at a pointed stone on the roof of the cave, which falls down with her, killing Sharptooth. They rush to her side, confirming she is alive. Crowpaw worries that her job was only to fulfill the prophecy and that she may die. He touches noses with Feathertail begging her to wake up. When she opens her eyes, she tells him not to let her save him again, asking him whether he thought he had nine lives.
Prior to dying, she promises that she would never leave him. Crowpaw looks back at Sharptooth's body and lets out a wail. He then wakes up from the dream beneath a thornbush in the then-present with Leafpool. Crowfeather reflects on how he thought he would never love again after Feathertail's death but managed to fall in love with her. Suddenly, Leafpool wakes up, saying that they needed to go back to the Clans. Crowfeather agrees, thinking that they could never abandon the Clans for real and races back with her, reflecting on how love only ended in pain and loss for him and vows to never love again.
Crowfeather is then seen in a circle with his Clanmates around Onestar. Onestar is standing next to a pile of stones, and he announces that each of the stones stands for a warrior that was killed in the battle against the Dark Forest. He also says that a patrol will visit the place every day to repeat the names of all those that fell in battle. Crowfeather silently agrees, saying to himself that they will never forget the courage of the cats that died and saved the Clans from the Dark Forest.
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Bramblestar's Storm

After the battle with the Dark Forest, Crowfeather has been given an apprentice, a she-cat named Featherpaw. During a Gathering, Crowfeather is one of the cats to challenge Blackstar of ShadowClan, when the leader decides to list the names of each Clan's fallen cats. The dark gray warrior wants to know why only Blackstar gets to speak, clearly furious WindClan and the other Clans aren't given the opportunity to honor their own dead.
Bramblestar spots Crowfeather on a patrol with Harespring, Heathertail, and Harespring's apprentice, Slightpaw. He sees that the WindClan cats are blatantly trespassing, and observes that they are determined to keep the freshwater all to themselves.
Crowfeather is the lead of another patrol, and this one is stopped by Bramblestar. Within this patrol is Crowfeather's apprentice, Featherpaw, Furzepelt, and Gorsetail. When greeted by Bramblestar, Crowfeather is hostile, and Bramblestar asks him how the prey is running. He retorts that it is no better because he asked. He says that WindClan hasn't crossed the borders to ThunderClan's land. He taunts Bramblestar's choice to include kittypets in their patrols, and he, alongside his Clanmates, mock them, saying they must still miss Firestar.
He and Leafpool become grandparents to Lionblaze and Cinderheart's kits, Fernpaw, Sorrelpaw, and Hollypaw.

Tigerheart's Shadow

After Onestar's death, Harestar, the new leader, has chosen Crowfeather to serve as WindClan's next deputy.

Squirrelflight's Hope

Crowfeather attends a meeting with the other deputies and leaders to discuss the issue with the new borders. He agrees the new borders are problematic for the Clans and that SkyClan should leave. At the next Gathering, he questions Tree's decision not to get involved with the Sisters. He sits with Harestar when Bramblestar and Squirrelflight visit came, and they agree to let WindClan hunt on ThunderClan's portion of the moorland. Squirrelflight suspects Crowfeather might share the news with the other Clans, and Bramblestar presses the peace will remain if the information is kept on a need-to-know basis.
He participates in the battle against the Sisters and accuses Squirrelflight of plotting with the Sisters. When Creek attacks Cloverfoot, Crowfeather helps rip the kit off and leads his Clanmates into battle. Squirrelflight convinces him to stop fighting when he learns that Leafpool is stuck in a cave with the Sisters.
During Leafpool's trial in StarClan, she doesn't regret having kits with Crowfeather but insists she gave up everything—including her kits and Crowfeather—for her Clan. During the Gathering after Leafpool's death, Squirrelflight spots Crowfeather grimly silent and fighting back emotions.

In the Novellas

Mothwing's Secret

Mothwing reflects how cats from all the Clans have disappeared but returned with a message foretelling the Clans to leave the forest. They explained they must wait for a sign from StarClan but no sign has arrived yet.

Leafpool's Wish

Leafpool remembers how she and Crowfeather stood at the entrance of the ThunderClan hollow, horrified as the badger’s attacked the camp. Leafpool also thinks that the life she had with Crowfeather was over, a forgotten part of her life. Leafpool soon realizes that she is expecting Crowfeather’s kits. She wonders what Crowfeather would be like as a father, always playing with their kits. She pictures him surrounded by three kits, letting them pounce all over him and nibble his whiskers. She dreams of Crowfeather teaching her how to hunt. He prompts Leafpool to pounce on a moss ball and to remember how he showed her. Crowfeather teases to not be afraid of moss, they won’t hurt her, unlike rabbits.
At the very last moment of Leafpool's pounce, Crowfeather rolls the moss away and teases that it escaped. Leafpool instead pounces again and plays with it, admitting she hasn’t done this since she was a kit. Crowfeather says he can tell. Leafpool launches at him and knocks him onto the fallen leaves, and teases she can catch him anytime she wants. Crowfeather whispers he will never run from her, but then shouts in pain due to a thistle on his back. Leafpool pulls it out, declaring he'll live. Crowfeather nuzzles her cheek and thanks StarClan there’s a medicine cat with him.
Leafpool declares they’ll climb a tree, and Crowfeather complains he doesn’t see why he can’t stay on the ground. Leafpool urges him and climbs anyway so Crowfeather follows much slower but well due to his slender-frame. He clings hard to a branch so Leafpool helps him up. Crowfeather explains they don’t have wings so excuse him for not liking how far up they are. They look at the view as Leafpool leans on his shoulder. His fur smells of grass, the breeze and a hint of rabbit.
Crowfeather rubs his chin against her head and says there is a place out there for them to be together. Leafpool wonders if they’ll find it, and Crowfeather promises he’ll give his last breath trying. A sudden gust of wind sends Crowfeather off the branch and he falls off the tree. Later, after Leafpool wakes up, Squirrelflight says she is lucky that she doesn’t have to deal with toms, then admits there was Crowfeather. Leafpool asks Squirrelflight a favor, and Squirrelflight guesses she wants her to send a message to Crowfeather. Leafpool thinks their kits are something he must never find out. Squirrelflight tells that ever since the thing with Crowfeather, it’s as if she’s been hiding.
As Leafpool fetches herbs at the WindClan border, Crowfeather is leading a patrol with Nightcloud at his side. Leafpool hides from them but when she thinks they're gone she finds Crowfeather. Crowfeather admits he wanted to see her. He leaps across the stream and says he misses her and wishes things were different. Leafpool says they can’t change anything, and Crowfeather stares at her. Leafpool wonders if he was thinking she’d change her mind and tells him to leave as his Clanmates might spot him and doubt his loyalty again. Crowfeather says he thought they didn’t care what their Clanmates said.
Leafpool says that she does care about her Clanmates' opinions, and tells Crowfeather to go away before he messes it up even more. Crowfeather flinches and mutters if that’s what she wants. Crowfeather jumps over the stream, and looks back again but his patrol appears. He twines his tail with Nightcloud as she asks if everything is okay. Crowfeather urges to finish the patrol and says he was talking to no one important. Leafpool is hurt he said that, and wonders if he lied about going back to before. Feathertail talks to Leafpool about their kits, saying Crowfeather would be proud. Leafpool knows her Clanmates will reject these kits if they hear they're Crowfeather’s, and Feathertail admits she loves these kits because of that. When Leafpool leaves ThunderClan for some time to give birth, she wants to name the little black she-cat after Crowfeather as she’s a little image of him.

Hollyleaf's Story

He is mentioned briefly by Hollyleaf, who recalls the time when Jayfeather revealed their parentage to she and her brother, Lionblaze. Hollyleaf mentions Crowfeather yet again as she recites the history of she and her siblings to her cavemate, Fallen Leaves.

In the Ravenpaw's Path arc

A Clan in Need

Crowkit is trying to climb the Great Rock at Fourtrees to see what it's like to be a leader. Ravenpaw and Barley spot him after being told to watch out for him. He is escorted back to WindClan territory after saying he could have climbed it if they hadn't interfered. When Ravenpaw says WindClan is very worried about Crowkit, he is surprised, as they usually don't pay much attention to him.
When they get to the WindClan border, the WindClan warriors are on the verge of fighting ThunderClan over their lost kit. When Crowkit is seen, Mudclaw shows great relief and affection towards him, though Crowkit dislikes it. They return to camp shortly afterward.

In the Field Guides

Cats of the Clans

Rock tells the three kits, Mosskit, Adderkit, and Blossomkit, about Crowfeather's story. He was the only cat on the Great Journey who didn't have a companion they already knew—and yet Feathertail found something to love in him, behind his stubborn exterior. He loved her too, very fiercely, and it split him in two when she died for the Tribe. Then he fell in love with Leafpool, and loved her just as much - enough to know that she felt more loyalty to her Clan than to him, and he told her that they should go back when the badgers attacked ThunderClan. Rock wonders aloud if Crowfeather lost any chance of happiness for himself by letting Leafpool go.

The Ultimate Guide

It is mentioned that on Cinderpelt's page that she would die and then be let to live even though Leafpool was on the brink of leaving ThunderClan with Crowfeather. It is also mentioned on Leafpool’s page that Leafpool did not foresee falling in love with Crowfeather and like Yellowfang before her; she gave birth to his kits. It is mentioned on Brambleclaw’s page that when Brambleclaw discovered Crowfeather is the father of Lionblaze, Hollyleaf and Jayfeather, his heart was broken.
It is mentioned on Hollyleaf’s page that when she and her brothers discovered that Leafpool and Crowfeather are their parents, Hollyleaf was overwhelmed by the secret. It is also mentioned on Tawnypelt’s page that she was less hasty to dismiss Crowfeather for his quick temper and encouraged Feathertail to see past his shy exterior underneath. She probably regretted it later as Feathertail died saving Crowfeather.
Crowfeather has his own page.
Crowfeather is described as shy, awkward, and defensive. When he was still an apprentice, Crowpaw was chosen by StarClan to go a quest to find Midnight alongside cats from other Clans. One of the cats, Feathertail, saw past his shyness and sharp tongue and found something to love. Crowpaw loved her back and was softened by her quick humor and gentle reassurance that he is among friends. On their return journey, they stopped by the mountains and the Tribe of Rushing Water. The Tribe was plagued by Sharptooth so the Clan cats lay death berries for the mountain lion. But he came too soon and Crowpaw was trapped in a corner. Feathertail wrenched hanging talon of stones from the roof of the cave free that plunged into Sharptooth but also killed Feathertail in the process.
Crowpaw chose his warrior name to remember Feathertail, and he vowed to never let himself become so vulnerable by falling in love again. Leafpool showed sympathy and reassured him that Feathertail is watching over him. Crowfeather was forced to rescue Leafpool and he remembered Feathertail during that moment. They both realized they loved each other, just as Crowfeather did with Feathertail. Crowfeather persuaded Leafpool to leave the Clans so that they can be happy together. They haven’t been gone a day when they learned that ThunderClan camp is under attack from a hoard of badgers. They ran back to find Cinderpelt killed, and Crowfeather knew Leafpool could not leave her Clan now. Crowfeather went back to WindClan and took Nightcloud as his mate to prove his loyalty. Nightcloud gave birth to Breezepelt but at the same time, Leafpool was expecting Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather.
When the truth came out of their true parents, Crowfeather was horrified and refused to acknowledge them as his own. However much his heart ached for Leafpool, he could not betray his Clan again. He lived in torment, unable to connect to Breezepelt and resentful to Nightcloud for not being the cat he truly loved. In the Great Battle, Crowfeather found Breezepelt attacking Lionblaze. He pulled Breezepelt away, vowing he would never let anyone harm a hair on Lionblaze’s pelt. Breezepelt tried to blame Crowfeather for driving him to make an alliance to the Dark Forest but Crowfeather insisted he made his own decisions. Crowfeather finally admitted to Leafpool he regretted nothing, the closest he would ever come to accept his ThunderClan kits as his own.
He appears on Nightcloud's and Breezepelt's page. Nightcloud accepted Crowfeather request to be his mate with the belief she can make Crowfeather fall in love with her but soon realized he only asked to prove his loyalty to WindClan. She stuck with Crowfeather without liking him particularly but loved their son Breezepelt with the ferocity that came from the anger Crowfeather did not love him equally. Her bitterness to Crowfeather taunted Breezepelt with its poison, but it's not surprising as Crowfeather put Nightcloud in such a hard position. Breezepelt was always desperate for Crowfeather's acknowledgment. He always heard the whispers of Crowfeather's past and was determined to prove he was loyal. Crowfeather's disinterest and mother's insistence gave Breezepelt a dangerous arrogance mixed with fury against his father. In the depths of the Great Battle, Breezepelt attacked Lionblaze but Crowfeather pulled him off and chased him off, blaming Breezepelt for making his own choices. Breezepelt gave his father a chance to acknowledge his ThunderClan son.
It is mentioned on Heathertail's page that Heatherpaw first met Lionpaw when she and her mentor Crowfeather took Jaypaw back to ThunderClan after a mishap at the edge of the lake. He appears on Feathertail's page. Feathertail was not alone on the journey to find Midnight as she fell in love with Crowpaw. To other cats, he was prickly and reserved but Feathertail saw the loyal warrior beneath and with no borders, they had no need to hide their affection. Although not mentioned by name, it is mentioned on Stoneteller’s page that when six Clan cats first arrived on their way to the mysterious sun-drown-place, it seemed Stoneteller’s prophecy would be fulfilled.
Although not mentioned by name again, it is mentioned on Crag’s page that when the journeying cats came to the mountains, Crag was one for the first to meet them. When Stormfur was made prisoner, Crag escorted the rest of them out of the territory and seemed to regret they could not have shared a friendship. He is mentioned on Fallen Leaves page. Hollyleaf escaped into the collapsing tunnels after the truth of her true parents came out. He lastly appears on Midnight's page. He, Brambleclaw, Feathertail, and Tawnypelt, accompanied by Stormfur and Squirrelpaw, left their Clans to search for her. They found her at the sun-drown-place, where she told them that the Clans would be destroyed if they didn't search out a new home by following the dying warrior, a falling star leading to the lake.
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