"We've held ThunderClan's apprentice long enough. It seemed like a good plan at the start, but now it feels wrong. There is sickness here. We should return her before she gets ill, too. Why should Twigpaw suffer for us?"
— Crowfrost giving Twigpaw back to ThunderClan in Thunder and Shadow, page 311

Crowfrost is a sleek,[1] black-and-white tom.[2]

Crowfrost was a ShadowClan deputy under the leadership of Rowanstar. As a warrior, Crowfrost mentored Olivenose. He and Dawnpelt became mates and had three kits, Sleekwhisker, Strikestone and Juniperclaw. When his kits were apprentices, they joined the rebellion and spoke out against Rowanstar's leadership and the warrior code. Sleekpaw and Juniperclaw eventually left to join Darktail, much to their parents' disbelief. While struggling to lead ShadowClan after Rowanstar fell ill, Crowfrost tried to coerce Onestar to provide the much needed lungwort for his Clan, but Onestar refused. Crowfrost also let Twigpaw leave despite his Clanmates' outbursts. He eventually died from yellowcough, and went to StarClan.


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Omen of the Stars

"It takes time to climb trees and jump. ThunderClan warriors seem to have forgotten that they're cats, not birds."
—Crowfrost about how ThunderClan fights Night Whispers, page 64
Crowfrost is a ShadowClan warrior. His apprentice Olivepaw is now a warrior. While on a patrol, Crowfrost aggressively confronts the ThunderClan warriors and denies the ShadowClan scent across the border. Ivypaw claims to have seen him and Scorchfur in her fake dream about ShadowClan invading ThunderClan. During the subsequent battle, Crowfrost attacks Foxleap with Starlingpaw and Pinepaw. After the fight, Crowfrost suggests withholding their strongest warriors until the end. After Ivypaw is held captive in ShadowClan's camp, Crowfrost assures Brambleclaw they haven't hurt the apprentice. He plays prey-stone with Flametail and Ratscar on the frozen lake until Flametail drowns. Crowfrost participates in the battle against the Dark Forest.

A Vision of Shadows

"Two of our elders are sick. They can't last much longer without the herb. Are you determined to see innocent cats die?"
—Crowfrost to Onestar Thunder and Shadow, page 243
Crowfrost is now deputy under Rowanstar's leadership. He and Dawnpelt are now mates and their kits, Juniperpaw, Sleekpaw and Strikepaw, are now apprentices. After Littlecloud's vigil, he and Rowanstar bring Puddlekit for Leafpool to quickly train as ShadowClan's new medicine cat, though Leafpool is displeased with the expedited process. When a few of the apprentices speak out about the warrior code, he accuses his own kits of being dumb. After denying Raven, Flame, and Rain from joining ShadowClan, Crowfrost and Dawnpelt stare in horror when Juniperpaw and Sleekpaw leave ShadowClan to join Darktail and his rogues. Strikepaw later becomes a warrior with the name Strikestone.
Rowanstar falls ill to yellowcough, and Crowfrost takes the mantle of leadership. Puddleshine receives a dream from StarClan about the cure found on WindClan territory, but the patrol is denied from gathering the lungwort. Crowfrost confronts Onestar at the Gathering and accuses him of sending ShadowClan cats to die. When Twigpaw is caught sneaking into ShadowClan's camp to see Violetpaw, Crowfrost begrudgingly agrees to hold the ThunderClan prisoner hostage in exchange for lungwort. However, ThunderClan successfully retrieves Twigpaw without a fight, and Spikefur and Scorchfur accuse Crowfrost of throwing away their only bargaining chip. Crowfrost insists keeping the apprentice felt wrong. Soon after Kinkfur's death, Crowfrost falls ill to yellowcough and dies. Tigerheart is appointed Crowfrost's successor after Rowanstar recovers. He later appears in StarClan.

Super Editions

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In Bramblestar's Storm, Rowanstar appoints Crowfrost as his deputy. He begrudgingly allows Bramblestar and his patrol to come to ShadowClan's camp to visit Rowanstar. Crowfrost participates in the battle against the badgers and is gravely injured.



  • He was mistakenly described as the ShadowClan leader.[8]

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Dawnpelt:[7] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Sleekwhisker:[9] Living (As of River of Fire)


Juniperclaw:[9] Deceased, residence unknown
Strikestone:[9] Deceased, verified ghost


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



"Why are you so scared of a bit of ShadowClan scent?"
—Crowfrost to a ThunderClan border patrol Fading Echoes, page 94

"We could keep a reserve of our strongest warriors. Then when our enemy thinks they're winning, we can send a new wave to crush them."
—Crowfrost suggesting a battle tactic for a battle against ThunderClan Night Whispers, page 65

Crowfrost: "Come to fetch something you lost?"
Cloudtail: "Then you admit you've taken her!"
Brambleclaw: "[...] Is she safe?"
Crowfrost: "We haven't hurt her."
—Clan cats about Ivypaw after ShadowClan took her prisoner Night Whispers, pages 236-237

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Crowfrost: "What do you want? You have no business being here."
Bramblestar: "We haven't crossed your border. But we'd like to visit Rowanstar. I want to welcome him as your new leader."
Scorchfur: "I think they just want to find out where we've made our new camp."
Crowfrost: "Well, we don't have to take them there. If that’s really what you want, then we’ll bring Rowanstar to you here."
Spiderleg: "Look, we're all suffering from the floods. The last thing we want is to attack your camp. Just take us there!"
Bramblestar: "That's enough!"
Crowfrost: "Okay, then, come on."
—Crowfrost with a ShadowClan patrol and a ThunderClan patrol Bramblestar's Storm, pages 289-290

Crowfrost: "Wait here. I'll bring Rowanstar out to you."
Rowanstar: "Greetings, Bramblestar. Crowfrost, thank you for bringing them to see me. Crowfrost is my new deputy."
—Crowfrost bringing to Rowanstar a ThunderClan patrol Bramblestar's Storm, page 290

Crowfrost: "Clearly, these young cats have made a mistake. But there's no harm done. You can’t come here to visit your sister, understand? If you need to speak to her, wait for a Gathering. You may be kin, but you live in different Clans now."
Twigpaw: "But what if it's important?"
Crowfrost: "Then speak to Bramblestar about it. He'll know the proper way to behave."
—Crowfrost to Twigpaw when she is caught trespassing Thunder and Shadow, pages 264-265

Scorchfur: "How else are we going to get the lungwort?"
Spikefur: "Our Clanmates are dying!"
Crowfrost: "ThunderClan knows that. WindClan knows that too. If they want to let innocent cats die, then it is for StarClan to judge them, not us. ShadowClan cats are true warriors."
Bramblestar: "We tried. We sent Leafpool and Alderpaw to plead with Onestar. But Onestar is determined to make you suffer."
Crowfrost: "And you're going to let him."
—Crowfrost letting Twigpaw leave Thunder and Shadow, pages 311-312

"Let's hope [Rowanstar] doesn't die. Because you're no leader."
—Spikefur to Crowfrost after he lets Twigpaw go Thunder and Shadow, page 313

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