"Take no notice of Crowfur. He'd find fault with StarClan."
Patchpelt to Fireheart in Forest of Secrets, page 19

Crowfur is a black tom with a silver muzzle, a scarred flank, and short, patchy fur.[1]

In Forest of Secrets, Crowfur is seen at a Gathering, talking with a group of elders from other Clans. He comments on the bitter leaf-bare, then says that he remembers another leaf-bare worse than the current one. He remarks that the young warriors in the current times don't know what hardship is. Crowfur also remembers and speaks of the thaw of a previous leaf-bare, in which the water in the gorge rose as high as the badger sets. On a side remark, he said that the warriors in his day were stronger, and the present-day young cats are less hardy.

Fireheart, who is listening, protests at this, but Crowfur angrily asks him who asked his opinion and that he is barely more than a kit. As the Gathering starts, Patchpelt reassures Fireheart by saying that Crowfur would find fault with StarClan.



"I remember a leaf-bare even worse than this. The river was frozen for more than three moons."
—Crowfur to the huddled elders Forest of Secrets, page 17

"Young warriors today. They don't know what hardship is."
—Crowfur complaining about how much easier it is for young warriors Forest of Secrets, page 18

Crowfur: "And do you remember the thaw that leaf-bare? The river in the gorge rose nearly as far as the badger sets."
Patchpelt: "I remember it well. ThunderClan couldn't cross the stream to come here for the Gathering."
Unnamed RiverClan Queen: "Cats were drowned."
Crowfur: "Prey too."
Patchpelt: "May StarClan grant it's not so bad this season!"
—Elders reminiscing at a Gathering Forest of Secrets, page 18

Crowfur: "These young cats would never cope. We were tougher in those days."
Fireheart: "We have strong warriors now—"
Crowfur: "Who asked your opinion? You're hardly more than a kit!"
—Crowfur to Fireheart at a Gathering Forest of Secrets, pages 18-19

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