"At least now, [...] he was able to believe that his paws would find a path forward, even though he didn't yet know what that path would be."
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"Fang, I can't go with you. I've had weak legs my whole life, and my sickness has gotten worse since you ran for help. Even if you gave me all the fresh-kill you could catch, it wouldn't make me run as fast as I'd need to run to get out of here. I don't want to cost any cat their chance of freedom."
— Daffodil to Fang in Graystripe's Vow page 385

Daffodil is a ginger-and-white she-cat[2] with blue eyes.[3]


In the Super Editions

Graystripe's Vow

Graystripe: "I've seen your mate, Fang—I mean, Honeysuckle. He came back for you."
Daffodil: "Really? Where is he?"
Graystripe: "He's not far away. We're trying to find a way of getting you out of here—all of you."
—Graystripe trying to console Daffodil Graystripe's Vow, page 368
Daffodil is a kittypet that lives with an old female Twoleg and many other cats. The Twoleg is sick and confused and is unable to care for her many cats properly. Daffodil's mate, Honeysuckle, leaves to find help from Graystripe, who once helped his mother Gremlin. Honeysuckle—now known as Fang—leads Graystripe to the den, and the two find a way for Graystripe to enter. As Graystripe wanders the den looking for an escape route, he spots a ginger-and-white she-cat lying in a pile of Twoleg pelts, who is evidently ill. He realizes that she must be Daffodil and wonders whether to let her know that her mate is waiting outside, but decides to try and escape first. However, the entrance Graystripe used is closed by the Twoleg, leaving Graystripe trapped in the den with the others.
Graystripe meets Petunia, and as the two converse, the Twoleg enters the room with food. All the cats scramble to get their paws on the meager pickings, and Petunia rushes in to grab some scraps for Daffodil. Graystripe watches Petunia coax Daffodil into eating. The next day, Graystripe frustratedly roams the Twoleg den. Spotting Daffodil curled up next to Petunia, he pads up to them and asks Daffodil how she's feeling. Daffodil says in a flat, toneless voice that she's fine, inspiring Graystripe to try and cheer her up. He tells her that her mate is close by and that they're going to find a way out. Petunia tells Daffodil to get some sleep for when Honeysuckle returns, and Daffodil lays her head down to rest.
When Fang arrives with WarriorClan and they start working together to pry open a loose floorboard, Daffodil totters over with help from Petunia and calls to Fang. Fang tells her that they'll be free soon, and the cats manage to work together and pry open the floorboard, allowing them to escape. Graystripe helps Daffodil down to where Fang is waiting, and they twine their tails together with a loud purr. In the garden behind the den, the escaped kittypets discuss what to do next. Some of the kittypets are afraid and want to go back, but Daffodil points out that they may end up sick like her back in the den. Graystripe leads the cats away from the den and they watch as Twolegs in black-and-white pelts begin investigating the area. Lily whispers that these Twolegs round up cats with housefolk that can't take care of them properly. Graystripe urges the cats to leave so as not to be captured by the Twolegs, but some older cats decide to let themselves be captured to allow the others to escape.
Daffodil tells Fang that she can't go with him, as she would just weigh him down with her weak legs and sickness. Graystripe knows that she's right; even though Daffodil is young, she looks weak and reeks of infection. He thinks that she needs more help than they can give her without a medicine cat. Fang desperately tries to convince Daffodil that she's strong enough to come, saying that he knows she can make it and believes in her. However, Daffodil shakes her head and tells Fang that she knows how much everyone else wants to escape, and doesn't want hold the other cats back for fear that they'll become trapped along with her. Fang exclaims that he's willing to risk that as long as they're together. Gently licking her ears, Fang murmurs that he'll stay with her. Daffodil nuzzles him, but draws back, saying that the Twolegs won't let them be together and that the others need him. Fang protests, thinking that the Twolegs will let them stay together once they see how much they love each other, but Daffodil says that Twolegs think differently, and reaffirms that their denmates need Fang's guidance to survive in the wild. Fang bows his head in acceptance, promising to never forget her. Graystripe watches as the two say their last good-byes. Graystripe last sees Daffodil heading toward the Twolegs with an old tabby she-cat and Sunflower as Fang stares after them, rigid with misery.
After the cats make camp for the night, Fang murmurs to Graystripe that after his mother died, Daffodil was the only cat who made living in the den bearable, and he doesn't know how he'll cope without her. Graystripe remembers Millie and wonders wether to tell Fang that he'll probably find another love someday, but decides to just sit beside the tom in silence. The next morning, Graystripe wakes up and sees Fang lying awake in his nest, his eyes full of sorrow. He tells the tom not be too sad, as Daffodil made a heroic sacrifice. Fang murmurs that he knows, but keeps thinking about the life they planned together and the kits they were going to have. Graystripe tells Fang that a cat experiences many heartbreaks in their lifetime, but they just have to keep moving forward. Fang says that he doesn't think he'll forget Daffodil in a hurry, and Graystripe says that he knows, but moving forward will stop the memories of him and Daffodil together from hurting so much. Fang sighs and says it's hard to move forward without her.



Former mate:

Fang:[4] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)


Scraps ♂Gremlin ♀Unnamed ♂
Daffodil ♀Fang ♂Unnamed

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Tabby she-cat: "Maybe it will be okay, then. If we can live out here, we'd be better off than trapped in there, treated as we were."
Daffodi: "And I wouldn't be sick like this if we'd found a way out sooner. Do you want to end up like me?"
—Daffodil to the escaped kittypets Graystripe's Vow, page 380

Fang: "You don't know how strong you really are, Daffodil. You can make it. I believe in you!"
Daffodil: "You have to go on without me. I know how badly all of you wanted to be free. And if I hold you back, you might be trapped along with me."
Fang: "I'm willing to risk that! As long as we're together, I'll be okay. I'll stay with you."
Daffodil: "No! I won't let you do that. You have to leave with the others. Besides, if these Twolegs capture us, do you think they'll let us stay together?"
Fang: "Why wouldn't they? Once they see how much we love each other..."
Daffodil: "Twolegs don't think the way we do. Besides, Fang, our denmates will need you. Some of them have never set paw outside the den walls. You'll have to look after them. Teach them how you've survived out here."
Fang: "If that's what you want, Daffodil. I promise I'll never forget you."
—Daffodil leaving Fang Graystripe's Vow, pages 385-386

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