"I am no warrior, but I am a ThunderClan cat. I stay in the nursery rather than hunt and fight because that is what I do best. I care for our young as though they were my own. This is my gift to the Clan, but I do it in my own chosen name."
— Daisy deciding to keep her own name at her warrior ceremony in Dark River, page 87

Daisy is a cream-furred[1] she-cat[2] with blue eyes.[3]

Daisy is a ThunderClan nursery queen under Firestar's, Bramblestar's, the impostor's, and Squirrelflight's leaderships in the lake territories. She was originally a loner known who lived in the horseplace with her mate, Smoky, and Floss. Fearing the Nofurs would take away her kits, Berry, Mouse, and Hazel, Daisy sought shelter in ThunderClan, where Firestar offered her and the kits a permanent stay. She grew close to Cloudtail, causing his mate, Brightheart, to feel jealous, though Daisy respected their relationship. When badgers attacked ThunderClan's camp, Daisy doubted her kits' safety in the forest and brought them back to the horseplace; however, she was persuaded to return, as her kits wanted to be warriors.

She eventually settled into Clan life and became Spiderleg's mate. Together they had two kits, Toadkit and Rosekit, but Spiderleg's relationship with her didn't last long and they broke up soon after the kits were born. Even after her kits grew up, Daisy remained a permanent queen, helping new mothers take care of their kits. Through various tragedies, Daisy has outlived four of her kits, with only Mousewhisker remaining.


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The New Prophecy

Cloudtail: "We'll help you. You can bring your kits to our camp."
Daisy: "Oh, thank you! You're so kind!"
—Daisy to Cloudtail Twilight, page 137
Daisy is a pregnant loner living at the horseplace, with her mate Smoky and friend Floss. After she gives birth to her three kits, Berry, Mouse, and Hazel, Daisy leaves the horseplace with them, out of fear that the Nofurs will take them. They are discovered on ThunderClan's territory by a patrol, and allowed to stay in the Clan for as long as they please, and her kits are given proper Clan names. During her time in ThunderClan, she grows close with Cloudtail, which causes some disturbance between him and his mate, Brightheart, however, Daisy respects their relationship. After the battle with the badgers and Berrykit's incident with a fox trap, Daisy is shaken. Believing it to be too dangerous, she leaves the Clan, taking her kits back to the horseplace, but Cloudtail and Brambleclaw come and convince her to return to ThunderClan.

Power of Three

"Our kits are worried about you, too. It's a wonder they remember you, because you never come to visit them."
—Daisy to Spiderleg Long Shadows, page 234
Daisy stays as a permanent queen in the nursery after her kits are made apprentices, and she and Ferncloud help Squirrelflight take care of Hollykit, Lionkit, and Jaykit. After Ferncloud falls ill to a cough, Daisy takes care of her kits while she recovers, and later she supports Millie in keeping her name. Her kits become warriors and are given the names Berrynose, Mousewhisker, and Hazeltail. She also has another litter of kits with Spiderleg, a son and daughter named Toadkit and Rosekit. She and her kits have a distant relationship with Spiderleg, and Daisy tells him that he's missing out and needs to be a better father for them.

Omen of the Stars

"We can fight, too, if we have to. We'll guard Sorreltail and the kits."
—Daisy when WindClan launches an attack The Forgotten Warrior, page 306
Her most recent litter have become warriors named Toadstep and Rosepetal. Daisy helps Poppyfrost when she is expecting Berrynose's kits, and worries after she disappears then stays beside her while she kits. She continues to help the other queens and their kits, and Daisy fights during the battle against the Dark Forest, persistently defending the nursery with Brightheart and Ferncloud.

A Vision of Shadows

Daisy remains in the nursery, assisting with the litters of Blossomfall, Cinderheart, Ivypool, and Tinycloud when the she-cat is heavily expecting. Daisy also befriends Snowbird, who was taking shelter in ThunderClan briefly to escape the Kin. When Dovewing announces that she has defected to ShadowClan and ran off due to strange dreams revolving her unborn kits, Daisy comforts her, citing that she also experienced weird dreams whilst pregnant, and states that if Dovewing could have just told her about it beforehand, she could have told her this.

Super Editions

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"It's too easy to forget what she does for our kits in the nursery, he thought. He remembered Ferncloud's words when she gave him one of his nine lives. She had warned him never to underestimate the cats who provided the Clan with its new members, and helped to raise them. And she was right. Daisy deserves as much honor and respect as any warrior."
—Bramblestar's thoughts about Daisy Bramblestar's Storm, page 64
In Bramblestar's Storm, on their way to a Gathering, Daisy and Bramblestar see Smoky's eyes, however, he disappears when she greets him. Daisy worries about her friends at the horseplace, and she goes to visit with the company of Bramblestar. They discover that Floss had died from greencough and Smoky has replaced her with Coriander, which upsets and angers Daisy. Daisy also gets more resentful as Smoky and Coriander mention everything that has changed at the horseplace. After ThunderClan is forced to evacuate their camp, Daisy helps her Clan while they shelter in the tunnels, often fetching moss for bedding and supervising the kittypets and young cats.

Detailed description

Daisy is a pale[4] cream-furred[1] she-cat[2] with a broad back,[5] and a fluffy tail.[6] She has pale[7] blue eyes,[8] and soft,[9] long fur.[10]

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Personality and Relationships

Daisy is sensitive, but she is a very loving mother devoted to keeping the kits of the Clan safe. She loves all her kits dearly. For more of Daisy's personality and relationships, click here!


Daisy's mates are Smoky and Spiderleg, and her kits are Berrynose, Hazeltail, Mousewhisker, Toadstep, and Rosepetal. For more of Daisy's family, click here!



Did you know that Vicky thinks Daisy might be distantly related to Floss? For more trivia on Daisy, click here!


Firestar: "That's enough. Sheathe your claws. There'll be no fighting here."
Daisy: "Thank you for standing up for us. I couldn't help hearing what you were saying. I didn't intend to join anyone when I left home. I only wanted to save my kits from whatever happened to Floss's litter. If it's a problem having us here, we'll leave as soon as my kits are strong enough to travel."
Cloudtail: "It's not a problem."
—Daisy after she first arrives Twilight, page 142

"Every kit is different, and every kit deserves to know its father. You're missing out, Spiderleg, and if you're not careful it will be too late, and your kits won't know who you are!"
—Daisy to Spiderleg Long Shadows, page 235

"Her eyes, fixed on Cloudtail, were huge with sorrow. Understanding struck Brambleclaw like a flash of lightning. She was in love with the white warrior! And she must know that there would never be any cat for him but Brightheart. He let out a purr of sympathy. Perhaps Daisy was right to leave. It must hurt to see Cloudtail every day and know he would never be more than a friend."
—Brambleclaw's narration Sunset, page 192
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"The reason I left...well, it was only partly because of the danger out here. I've been worried about the kits since the badger attack, but I'm their mother-I'd worry about them wherever they were. Mostly it was because I-I don't have any cat in the Clan that I'm close to. Not like you and Cloudtail."
—Daisy to Brightheart Sunset, page 207

"Come on, then, Sorreltail. Ferncloud and I have made you a really comfortable nest in the nursery."
—Daisy when Sorreltail is ordered to stay in the nursery The Forgotten Warrior, page 119

"We can fight, too, if we have to. We'll guard Sorreltail and the kits."
—Daisy before ThunderClan goes into battle with WindClan The Forgotten Warrior, page 306

"Replaced Floss? How can any cat replace Floss?"
—Daisy upset about Coriander being Floss' replacement Bramblestar's Storm, page 67

Daisy: "What do you think you're doing? If that's how you treat the bedding, you don't deserve to have any."
Snowpaw: "It's all wet and yucky anyway."
Daisy: "You ungrateful little furball! If you're so miserable here, feel free to go back and sleep in your den!"
Snowpaw: "Sorry."
—Daisy in a rare loss of her temper Bramblestar's Storm, page 146

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