"Help us, Finchstar!"
— Daisyheart asking Finchstar for help in Code of the Clans, page 273

Daisyheart is a she-cat[1] with a ginger-and-white face.[2]

In Code of the Clans, Daisyheart is an ancient ThunderClan deputy. After Finchstar gives ThunderClan the order to make their way down the slope to the Gathering, she complains to Finchstar about the cold from beside him. No sooner does Reedstar finish speaking when ShadowClan arrives, and they launch a surprise attack on the other Clans. Daisyheart wails at Finchstar to help them before clawing a ShadowClan warrior over his ears.



Finchstar: "Come on, ThunderClan!"
Daisyheart: "Good. If I'd stayed still much longer I'd have turned into an icicle."
—Finchstar and Daisyheart before the Gathering Code of the Clans, page 94

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