Dan Jolley is a prolific American author and comic artist.[1] He is the writer of the Warriors manga books.[2]


Dan Jolley currently resides in Georgia and began his writing career in the early 1990s.[3] 'Wizard' magazine voted his limited series, Obergeist as Best Horror Comic of 2001,[4] and his DC Comics project, JSA: The Unholy Three received an Eisner Award nomination for Best Limited Series of 2003.[5]
His debut novel series, entitled Alex Unlimited, was published by TokyoPop and HarperCollins in May 2007.[6] He also wrote the novelization of the 2008 motion picture, Iron Man.[7] Dan was a part of the design team of Icarus Studios' post-apocalyptic MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online roleplay game), Fallen Earth[8] and now writes for video games from Activision and Ubisoft.[9] His more recent comics work includes Bloodhound, a series about an investigator into a super-powered serial killer in the DC Universe.[10]


"Tigerstar never said, 'I think I'll be a nasty, power-hungry, sadistic tyrant for no good reason.' No good villain is ever totally, completely, 100% bad. Characters should be complex, and have shades of good and evil, and Tigerstar is and does."

-Dan Jolley on Tigerstar[11]

Other Books


  • Alex Unlimited series[12]
  • The Vosarak Code
  • Split Second Sight
  • True Chemistry
  • Star Trek S.C.E.- Some Assembly Required[13]
  • Angel Vengeance[14]
  • Iron Man Teen Novelization[15]
  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (The Junior Novel)[16]

Comic Books

  • Micronauts series (2003)[17]
  • Worship Service (2004)[18]
  • Vampirella: The Choir in the Mist issue (2004)[19]
  • Bloodhound original series (2004)[20]
  • Firestorm the Nuclear Man (first thirteen issues) (2004)[21]
  • G.I. Joe vs. The Transformers II last two issues and follow up (2005)[22]
  • Hell, Michigan series (2005)[23]
  • Choice Cuts (2006)[24]

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