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"We came from the mountains together. We share blood and memories."
— Dappled Pelt to the Clans at a Gathering in Moth Flight's Vision, page 347

Dappled Pelt is a slender[8] orange-and-white[9] tortoiseshell she-cat with golden eyes.[2]

Dappled Pelt was RiverClan's first medicine cat under Riverstar's leadership in the forest territories. She was initially from the ancient tribe and journeyed with other Tribemates to find their new home. Dappled Pelt had a knowledge for herbs that aided the groups occasionally, such as assisting Jagged Peak with his limp hind leg in his brother's group. Originally staying on the moor, she followed her affinity to water, joining River Ripple's group by the river, and after being chosen by StarClan, she became RiverClan's first medicine cat.


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Dawn of the Clans

"Don't forget, we were raised behind a waterfall. Perhaps Dappled Pelt missed the sound of it lulling her to sleep."
―Tall Shadow on why Dappled Pelt left for the river A Forest Divided, pages 221-222
Dappled Pelt enthusiastically joins Shaded Moss's group of journeying cats, and Cloud Spots notes to Stoneteller that he and Dappled Pelt would be able to tend to any sickness or injuries, as they share her knowledge of herbs. On the journey, Dappled Pelt further reveals a talent for catching fish and proves her healing ability when Hawk Swoop is injured on the Thunderpath. Upon reaching the territories, she and Cloud Spots comb the new land for herbs, often along the river bank. When Jagged Peak falls from a tree, Dappled Pelt lives temporarily with Clear Sky's group to tend to him, though unhappily.
After returning to the moor, Dappled Pelt suggests Gray Wing as the group's new leader. She later cares for injuries after a fire, but is unable to save Moon Shadow, and Gray Wing develops asthma. As Clear Sky pushes his borders further, Dappled Pelt believes that her former Tribemate couldn't be trusted, and when he prompts the First Battle, Dappled Pelt joins the fight.
She continues treating injuries and helping kittings on the moor, but when the spirit cats order the living to split off into five, like the petals of the blazing star, Dappled Pelt mentions that there are other places to live, casting her stone to move to the river along with Shattered Ice. The two are accepted into the river group by River Ripple, which is named RiverClan by Black Ear.

Super Editions

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"I hope I'm as skilled as Dappled Pelt one day! I'll try to become as good as she is."
―Moth Flight thinking about Dappled Pelt's skill Moth Flight's Vision, page 202
In Moth Flight's Vision, Dappled Pelt is revealed by Moth Flight as StarClan's choice for RiverClan's medicine cat. Dappled Pelt remarks excitedly that she had been having dreams of teaching medicine and later teaches what she knows to the other chosen medicine cats. She later takes the medicine cat's oath never to have a mate or kits.

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  • She has been mistakenly called Dapplepelt,[10] Dapple Pelt,[11] Dappled Leaf,[12] and Dappled Spots.[13]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • In Secrets of the Clans, a 2007 field guide, she is originally known as Dapplepelt.[14] When Mothflight dreams with StarClan at the Moonstone, Dapplepelt is chosen to be the first medicine cat of RiverClan. She is noted to be reckless and brave.[15] Dapplepelt saves an entire litter of kits after the nursery is washed away in a flood. It is mentioned that she also sees the role of a medicine cat as being like a warrior's, by fighting invisible enemies of sickness and injury on behalf of her Clanmates.[14]


"Lying around while others hunt for us? I don’t like the sound of that."
―Dappled Pelt to Shaded Moss before leaving the mountains The Sun Trail, page 32

Gray Wing: "Where did you learn to do that?"
Dappled Pelt: "I used to catch fish sometimes in the pool below the waterfall, before the cold season came. Here, try it."
—Dappled Pelt after catching a fish The Sun Trail, pages 94-95

"I'm so sorry. I panicked back there, and I could have got you both killed."
―Dappled Pelt after Gray Wing and Moon Shadow save her The Sun Trail, page 101
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Dappled Pelt: "It's good to know that what we need is close by, and so early in the warm season."
Cloud Spots: "Back in the mountains, we could spend a whole day searching in the bottom of the valley. And even then, we'd never find as much as this."
—Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt on the abundance of herbs in their new home The Sun Trail, page 216

Dappled Pelt: "Hey, I’m swimming!"
Cloud Spots: "It’s not natural. You look like a furry fish."
Dappled Pelt: "See! It was easy — but oh, that water is cold!"
Cloud Spots: "I think you’re mousebrained. Let’s get back to the hollow."
Dappled Pelt: "Why not stay and catch fish?"
Cloud Spots: "Don’t even think about it. You’re going straight back to the hollow to dry out, before you get sick."
—Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt after Dappled Pelt tries to swim The Sun Trail, page 217

"Honestly! Any cat would think Clear Sky wanted to keep me a prisoner. I’ve been stuck in his . . . his camp, he calls it, with hardly enough room to stretch my paws."
―Dappled Pelt after returning to the moor The Sun Trail, page 276

"[Gray Wing's] one of the fastest hunters on the moors. And he can get cats to work together. What more could we possibly want? He should be our new leader."
―Dappled Pelt suggesting Gray Wing as leader Thunder Rising, page 90

Thunder: "Wind Runner and the kits need you more than Gray Wing and Tall Shadow do."
Dappled Pelt: "But—"
Cloud Spots: "If Dappled Pelt wants to go, then she must. She’s nimbler than me. It’ll make her a good fighter. I’ll stay behind with Wind Runner and the kits."
Dappled Pelt: "Are you sure?"
Cloud Spots: "I’ll be more use here."
—Cloud Spots allowing Dappled Pelt to join the battle The First Battle, page 253

Dappled Pelt: "We weren’t even this exposed in the mountains! We had the cave to protect us."
Thunder: "But there's better hunting here."
Dappled Pelt: "There was, before the sickness killed half of it!"
Thunder: "Do you want to move to the forest and become part of Clear Sky's group?"
Dappled Pelt: "Of course not. But the moor's not the only place to live."
—Dappled Pelt and Thunder speaking of the forest's merits A Forest Divided, page chapter 2

"Night and Dew have been teaching Dappled Pelt to swim. She caught her first fish yesterday. She might have been born in the mountains, but she moves like an otter in the water."
―River Ripple on how Dappled Pelt settled into his camp A Forest Divided, page chapter 15

"Some wounds cannot be healed."
―Dappled Pelt to Moth Flight about Micah Moth Flight's Vision, page 418

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