"We came from the mountains together. We share blood and memories."
— Dappled Pelt to the Clans at a Gathering in Moth Flight's Vision, page 347

Dapplepelt is a slender[11] orange-and-white[12] tortoiseshell she-cat[1] with golden eyes.[2]


In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

Moth Flight notes that Dappled Pelt had come to help Slate bear Gray Wing's kits.
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In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Sun Trail

Upon hearing Shaded Moss's offer to leave the cave for a place that had prey, Dappled Pelt springs to her paws, eyes shining, and states that she will go. Tall Shadow agrees with her, but Twisted Branch calls both of them flea-brained, wandering off with no idea where they were heading. A few days later, Dappled Pelt asks what they would be able to hunt upon arriving in the location Shaded Moss mentioned. She wonders if they would be able to hunt different types birds, or the squirrels that the elders put in their stories. Gray Wing later spots her in a group toiling up a slope as the waterfall comes in sight to him. He sees Shaded Moss in the lead, Clear Sky padding along at his shoulder, and Tall Shadow, Rainswept Flower, and Dappled Pelt follow closely behind.
Shaded Moss later suggests that before they left the cave, they should rest up and eat as much as they could. Dappled Pelt disagrees with him, stating that she didn't like the sound of lying around while others hunted for them. Shaded Moss points out that it would only be for a day or two, and that once they left, there would be enough prey to go around for the others. Cloud Spots reminds Stoneteller that he and Dappled Pelt knew a lot about herbs, and if things went wrong, they would be able to help.
As the cats continue to travel, Moon Shadow and Dappled Pelt walk side by side, while the latter boasts to the former about an eagle he frightened off. She rolls her eyes, and mutters that they had seen him perform the action. Gray Wing then settles down next to, and remarks that he was glad he found her. She replies that he was small for the journey, but he was doing well. However, Dappled Pelt then breaks off, and swiftly dips a paw into the water, flicking a fish onto a rock beside her. She kills it with a swipe of a claw, and Gray Wing inquires where he had learn the skill, as the others cluster around in surprise. Dappled Pelt shrugs, and replies that prior to the cold season, she occasionally caught fish. She bends her head to take a bite out of the fish, and offers it to her companions.
Falling Feather then asks Dappled Pelt if she could teach her how to fish, and her eyes gleam as she agrees to, once they found their new home. Jackdaw's Cry, however, informs Dappled Pelt that he would stick to hares and eagles. When Tall Shadow points to a clump of pine trees on the mountainside, Dappled Pelt agrees to. While crossing a scree, Gray Wing notices that Dappled Pelt looses her footing, and slides helplessly down a slope. She lets out a panic-stricken yowl as she struggles to find a firm paw hold, and Gray Wing runs between her and his Tribemates.
He reaches a point where the stones are still, aims a spot where he can halt her fall, and Dappled Pelt stares at him. Her eyes stretch wide in fear, and her tail waves as she scrabbles vainly, before Gray Wing prepares to take on her weight. He manages to hold her, but Dappled Pelt is frantic, and attempts to claw up the way she came, but nothing is solid for her grip. Gray Wing tells her to stay still, and it is noted that he had not made progress with Dappled Pelt. She continues to struggle, and Moon Shadow braces his shoulder at her, telling her to come his way. Dappled Pelt stumbles forward, with Moon Shadow taking some of her weight, and when they reach solid ground, he boosts Dappled Pelt ahead of him, then clambers up beside her.
Shaded Moss asks about the condition of every cat present, and Dappled Pelt apologizes, crouching with her head down and fur fluffed out, stating that she could have gotten Moon Shadow and Gray Wing killed. Turtle Tail then whispers to Gray Wing that she was impressed of how Moon Shadow saved Dappled Pelt. After saving Quick Water, Falling Feather rejects Dappled Pelt's offer to help groom her fur. Once they stop to rest, Dappled Pelt comments that she was glad Moon Shadow and Jagged Peak wished to hunt, but she doubts they would catch anything. The next morning, Dappled Pelt points out that the rising sun was the sun trail, as Stoneteller noted. After Gray Wing catches a rabbit, Dappled Pelt declines his offer to eat, stating that she wasn't hungry. As they walk along the riverbank, Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt sniff at clumps of herbs hanging over the water. 
When the group encounters a Thunderpath, Dappled Pelt volunteers to go first, as she wants to get it over with. Rainswept Flower offers to come with her, and Gray Wing and Clear Sky lead the two to a bush line. Dappled Pelt works her claws into the grass, and asks what they were waiting for. A monster then roars by, and all four flinch back. More nervously, Rainswept Flower and Dappled Pelt then approach the edge again, and the latter mutters that they had to do it. Clear Sky offers to go with them, and the three wait, ears alert, eyes watchful, before a monster passes by. Dappled Pelt comments that the monster missed them, and tells Rainswept Flower to come. The two then dash over the Thunderpath, and successfully reach the other side. Once every cat crosses, Dappled Pelt expresses her worries about Hawk Swoop, as she had a shock on the Thunderpath.
While looking at the Twolegplace, Dappled Pelt observes, and comments that Stoneteller wouldn't have sent them if their lives were to be the same living in the mountains, and that their home would be different. When Hawk Swoop is injured, Gray Wing tells Dappled Pelt that she knew the most about herbs, and inquires if she knew that to do. She, confused, replies that daisy leaves or elder would help her injury, and orders Jackdaw's Cry and Falling Feather to search for some. They then return, and Falling Feather drops her bundle in front of Dappled Pelt, asking if they were the right types. 
She sorts through the leaves, and asks Cloud Spots if he thought they were okay, in which he replies that they were like the ones in the mountains. The two cats then forage for herbs, but Dappled Pelt looks doubtfully, commenting that she didn't want to give something that would make a cat ill, and that most of the leaves seemed exotic to her. After speaking with a stranger, Dappled Pelt agrees with Rainswept Flower, adding that there would be space and prey, and they wouldn't be disturbed by Twolegs, monsters, or dogs. She then pads on a few paw steps, head tilted to listen, and finds a stream. Gray Wing trots up to her, and she crouches at the water's edge, swipes her tongue around her jaws, and claims that there were fish. Falling Feather watches her flash out a paw into the stream, and flick out a tiny fish. She repeats the process, but with a larger fish instead, and Falling Feather asks her again if she could teach her.
Dappled Pelt agrees to, but recommends for her shadow to not fall on the water, as it would scare fish away, and if she saw one, she would have to act quick. Dappled Pelt then gives her another fishing lesson, and it is clear that they enjoy it. After his death, Dappled Pelt, Shattered Ice, and Moon Shadow stand up to carry Shaded Moss's body. Rainswept Flower points out that she couldn't bury her father like they did in the mountains, and Dappled Pelt comforts her, touching her ear gently with her nose, and adding that they could use sticks and grass for a pelt for him. She then gives a tiny nod, and Dappled Pelt and Rainswept Flower stay close beside Shaded Moss. When recalling Bright Stream's death, Dappled Pelt comments that she would have been a wonderful mother to his kits. When nearing a copse of pine trees, Dappled Pelt declines at the offer to hunt there, as she wasn't hungry.
When reaching their new home, Dappled Pelt murmurs of the possibility of the location being it. As Tall Shadow tells the others to explore, Dappled Pelt declares that she would find herbs to heal Tall Shadow's paw. She then catches up beside her, and suggests for her not to walk further with her injured paw. She, along with Rainswept Flower, Turtle Tail, and Falling Feather, are told by Shattered Ice to come with him. After a few days in the hollow, Clear Sky leads out a group to explore, consisting of Dappled Pelt, Falling Feather, and Moon Shadow. After Hawk Swoop tells of saving Gray Wing from Gorse and Wind, Dappled Pelt and Jackdaw's Cry exchange glances. After Hawk Swoop points to a hawk, Dappled Pelt follows Jackdaw's Cry as he springs to his paws, and when nearing it, she comments that it was small, appearing like a sparrow compared to the eagles in the mountains. 
As they speak, Dappled Pelt then pounces into the grass, and when she straightens up, a mouse dangles from her jaws, remarking that they had two catches in one go. While heading back toward the hollow, Gray Wing meets Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots, and she explains that they were looking for herbs, offering Gray Wing to come with them. Cloud Spots notes that Tall Shadow disliked cats going out in groups less than three, and Dappled Pelt lets out an irritable snort, replying that she was making a fuss. Gray Wing explains of Wind and Gorse, and Dappled Pelt blinks in surprise, stating that she would like to see how they hunted. While Gray Wing enjoys the warmth, Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt forage among vegetation at the water's edge, and notes that there was yarrow. Her tail waves, and then emerges with a bunch of herbs in her jaws, setting them down beside Gray Wing. 
Dappled Pelt remarks that it was good for them to know that what they needed was nearby, especially early in the warm season. She and Cloud Spots then make a pile of useful leaves and roots at the edge of the river, and when they have as much as they can carry, Dappled Pelt halts, tasting the air. She notes that she scented tansy, which would be good to help Jackdaw's Cry's leg. After studying the river, Dappled Pelt comments that it didn't appear deep, and before Gray Wing realizes what she is to do, Dappled Pelt wades into the water, claiming that if Falling Feather could do it, then so could she. Cloud Spots and Gray Wing then watch Dappled Pelt splash forward, gasp as cold water reaches her belly fur, and vanishes without warning. Cloud Spots decides to go save her, but before he can, Dappled Pelt's head breaks the surface, and splashes frantically while managing to propel herself to a far bank.
She claims that she was swimming, but Cloud Spots remarks that it wasn't natural, referring to her as a furry fish. She then scrambles out the water, shakes herself, plunges into the undergrowth, and reappears with leaves in her jaws. She swims back, head held awkwardly high to keep the leaves out of the water, and while clambering up the bank, remarks that it was easy, despite the coolness of the water. Cloud Spots calls her mousebrained, and tells them to go back to the hollow, but Dappled Pelt offers for them to catch fish. Cloud Spots tells her not to try, but to return to dry out, and she gives in with an exasperated snort, returning back to camp. 
After the battle with the foxes, Dappled Pelt twitches her whiskers, and pads over to Cloud Spots, then working together to examine cats and their wounds. After some of the cats break off from the group, Dappled Pelt continues to treat wounds. While looking at Jackdaw's Cry and Hawk Swoop, Gray Wing does not notice that Dappled Pelt pads up to him, and watches the two cats. After Jagged Peak injures himself, Gray Wing goes to fetch Dappled Pelt or Cloud Spots. He spots her stretched out in a patch of weak sunshine, while speaking quietly with Shattered Ice, and leaps to her paws upon hearing what occurred. Dappled Pelt agrees to come, and they then set out. Upon seeing her, Falling Feather rises, and asks what she can do. Dappled Pelt replies that she was certain, and tells Jagged Peak that she was to look at his leg. He replies that he was glad she was present, and she bends over his leg, sniffs down its length, and asks if they had marigold. After Moon Shadow goes to find some, Dappled Pelt asks Gray Wig to find her two sticks and some bindweed.
Gray Wing then returns with some, and Dappled Pelt thanks him. She notes that Jagged Peak's leg was broken, but if they bind it up with sticks, the bones would join. Dappled Pelt also adds that she has never performed this, but watched Stoneteller do it to Sharp Hail, and that he was fine, and so would Jagged Peak. She warns that it would hurt, and orders a cat to find a stick for him to bite on. Clear Sky fetches one, and she straightens Jagged Peak's leg, fastening the two sticks on both sides with bindweed. After he splinters the stick, Dappled Pelt informs Jagged Peak it was over, and then chews up the marigold Moon Shadow retrieved. She trickles it onto Jagged Peak's gash, and states that he needed it every day, and recommends thyme and poppy seeds, asking if they had some. Clear Sky replies that they could, but inquires if she was to look after him.
Appearing startled, Dappled Pelt exchanges a glance with Gray Wing, she agrees to, and asks Gray Wing to carry Jagged Peak to his nest. Agreeing that she had to stay, not appearing happy, Dappled Pelt requests Gray Wing to inform Tall Shadow. He agrees to, and bids farewell to her. She does not return return for half-moon, and when she does, the sun begins to set, and she shakes her pelt in annoyance as she pads to join the others. Dappled Pelt explains that she was stuck in Clear Sky's camp, with no room to stretch her legs. Gray Wing asks of Jagged Peak's condition, and she replies that he could use it, despite it having a limp. She then flops down beside Shattered Ice, and Hawk Swoop explains that she was expecting kits. In response, Dappled Pelt notes that with the cold season arriving, it wasn't the best time to expect kits, but she and Cloud Spots would make sure she was fine. She also suggests to start gathering herbs for storage, so that if there was an emergency, they would have everything they need.
After the tunnel system is approved of, Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt carefully carry their herb supply, and find a safe place for them in a tunnel. When Jagged Peak joins Tall Shadow's group, she notes that Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots were out hunting for herbs, and they would look at him when they return. Once they do, Cloud Spots assures Jagged Peak that he and Dappled Pelt would work on more ideas. When Thunder is brought to the group, Dappled Pelt points out that Hawk Swoop was close to kitting, and that she agreed to take care of him. Jackdaw's Cry objects of her choice, but Dappled Pelt glares at him, informing that she had already made her choice.

Thunder Rising

As Gray Wing brings Turtle Tail back to his camp, Dappled Pelt stands in front of Tall Shadow. When dogs attack the camp, Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots run up an opposite slope, and vanish onto the moor. Once the dogs leave, she reports that the dogs were running towards the river, and they were safe. When Shattered Ice brings other cats, Dappled Pelt is among the ones he brings. Jagged Peak is then stuck in a tunnel collapse, and Dappled Pelt remarks that they had came safely through the cold season, tail drooping, but Jagged Peak died. Once they rescue him, Dappled Pelt and Rainswept Flower help Jagged Peak enter camp. The former then notes that she needed to check Jagged Peak for injuries, as the last thing they needed was for him to get ill. Dappled Pelt approaches Jagged Peak, and informs him that he needed to allow her to clean up his scratches and scrapes.
Gray Wing watches her, and Dappled Pelt comments that she didn't think there was anything serious, but she would have to let her check in the morning. As Tall Shadow brings up the topic of the dogs, Dappled Pelt agrees with Rainswept Flower, calling her opinion a fair point, and suggests to explore and work out some escape routes, in case if such event occurred again. At night, Dappled Pelt curls up, and drowses with her tail over her nose. When arguing about Tall Shadow's leadership, Dappled Pelt agrees with one of Hawk Swoop's points, as prey was scarce in the mountains, but it was only theirs. When explaining of Clear Sky's system, Jagged Peak mentions that Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots were good with healing herbs, and that would be their job. Dappled Pelt also adds that Gray Wing was, in her opinion, a swift hunter on the moor, and he could get cats to work together, suggesting him to be their new leader.
As Turtle Tail kits, Dappled Pelt is present, and strokes her belly, making Gray Wing think that they could help her. Once she is done, Dappled Pelt reports that Turtle Tail had two toms and a she-cat. As Bumble asks to join the moorland cats, Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt appear startled. Afterwards, Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots have an earnest consultation over a herb heap. When fire starts in the forest, Gray Wing realizes that cats are following him, including Dappled Pelt. When Gray Wing spots Moon Shadow in the fire, he informs Dappled Pelt to find healing herbs, and the latter, along with Cloud Spots, vanish, weaving their way through branches. They return, darting between the fire, but drop bundles of grass and weeds. Dappled Pelt then gathers around Moon Shadow, attempting to heal Moon Shadow's wound, and Dappled Pelt mutters that he was bleeding too much.
As River Ripple helps the cats escape the fire, Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots clear the flames. Once they rescue Moon Shadow, Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt examine him. As River Ripple departs, Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots flank Moon Shadow, and support him as he stumbles. As the two groups meet, Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots move among the cats, checking for injuries. Gray Wing feels responsibility crash over him, but realizes there is nothing he can do that Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt weren't doing. Afterwards, she and Cloud Spots head for the river, and retrieve bundles of herbs from the waterside. When Turtle Tail asks Pebble Heart how he know about coltsfoot, the latter replies that Dappled Pelt told him.
When Pebble Heart brings Gray Wing a juniper berry, he explains that he listen to Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots, and knew which herbs were safe or dangerous to eat. As Gray Wing returns with Turtle Tail, Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots look up from where they sort herbs. When Owl Eyes is injured by a badger, Pebble Heart licks his wound, and hopes that Cloud Spots would take him herb gathering with Dappled Pelt. When Wind Runner calls for a group meeting, Shattered Ice stalks forward to join Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt. The former reports of Misty's death, and Dappled Pelt, Rainswept Flower, Shattered Ice, and Jackdaw's Cry huddle into small groups.

The First Battle

As Thunder moves around camp, he see Dappled Pelt toss out old prey from the prey heap. While the other cats gather up, Jackdaw's Cry, Shattered Ice, and Dappled Pelt head for the rock where the others are. Cloud Spots then arrives, and Dappled Pelt steps aside to let him next to her. Once Jackdaw's Cry speaks up, he notes of their new shelter, and Dappled Pelt adds that they also had escape routes from dogs. When Wind Runner has her kits, Dappled Pelt is reported to have fetched herbs. After the size of Wind Runner's litter is confirmed, Dappled Pelt notes that it was three toms and a she-kit (which is incorrect, as one of the kits is actually a she-cat). Once all the kits have been born, Dappled Pelt places the other kits beside Wind Runner's muzzle. When Emberkit dies, Dappled Pelt huddles outside. As Emberkit is being buried, Dappled Pelt faces Thunder. Afterwards, Dappled Pelt remarks that Clear Sky couldn't be trusted.
When Thunder escapes from the battle to inform the moor cats, Dappled Pelt joins Cloud Spots, not flinching. Thunder ignores Jagged Peak, and faces Dappled Pelt, remarking that Wind Runner and her kits needed her more than Gray Wing and Tall Shadow. Dappled Pelt tries to protest, but Cloud Spots suggests that she should go if she wanted to, as her nimbleness would make her a good fighter. Dappled Pelt looks gratefully at Cloud Spots, and questions his certainty. As the other cats leave the moor for battle, Dappled Pelt and Rainswept Flower have Frost at their heels. Once they reach the slope's top, Dappled Pelt scrambles to a halt, pacing around her companions. During battle, Dappled Pelt meets the slashes of a long-furred rogue by rearing. When Leaf is injured, Thunder calls for Dappled Pelt to help him, as she knew how to heal. She looks up with a blood-stained muzzle as a rogue claws weakly at her, and she struggles free from them. Racing around the fighting cats, she sniffs at Leaf's wound, assuring that it was bleeding that would stop, and pushes him to his side, pressing her paws against his neck.
After the battle, Snake noses Dappled Pelt away from Leaf, claiming that they could look after their own, and she backs off. As they leave, Dappled Pelt suggests for them to put spider web on the wound to cease the bleeding. Gray Wing assures her that he would be okay, and she hurries away to fetch coltsfoot. As another cat enters, Clear Sky wonders if Dappled Pelt had already returned, only for it to be River Ripple. As Cloud Spots gives Gray Wing some coltsfoot, he mentioned that Dappled Pelt told him that he needed it.

The Blazing Star

During a full-moon meeting, Dappled Pelt and Quick Water touch noses before settling down for a chat. After the golden she-cat mentions the the Blazing Star, Dappled Pelt wonders what it is. At the moor camp, Gray Wing calls for a meeting, and Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots sit near Lightning Tail and the late Turtle Tail's kits. As he reflects on Gray Wing's health, Thunder notes that Pebble Heart worked hard with Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots to treat the wounds of their comrades. As the moor cats ready themselves to seek out the Blazing Star, Dappled Pelt urges for them to go right away.
When they return, Gray Wing shoulders between Jagged Peak and Dappled Pelt to see Morning Whisker, Wind Runner's ill kit. As Quick Water treats Sparrow Fur's injuries, she notes that Dappled Pelt told her letting marigold juice soak in healed infections. When the other cats report of strange ailments on prey, Shattered Ice asks Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots if they knew of it. As he spends time at River Ripple's camp, Gray Wing compares how the former hunts to how Dappled Pelt occasionally caught fish on the path of the Sun Trail.
At a group discussion, Dappled Pelt emerges yawning from her den before settling down. During the night, Dappled Pelt is on the lookout for One Eye or any of his rogues. When Jagged Peak and his team depart, Dappled Pelt wishes them luck, hoping for them to bring back more of the Blazing Star. Afterwards, Tall Shadow calls for a meeting, and Lightning Tail, Mud Paws, and Dappled Pelt, who were sharing prey prior, quickly finish their meals, and find places to sit near the tall rock. Some time later, Gray Wing notes that Jagged Peak and Dappled Pelt had sent messages to River Ripple and Wind Runner. As the cats decide to have a cat be called out for One Eye, Sparrow Fur volunteers, but Dappled Pelt frets, claiming that she was too young. After One Eye is defeated, Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots tend to Clear Sky. After Jagged Peak and Holly have their kits, Dappled Pelt sits at the mouth of her den, giving herself a thorough grooming.

A Forest Divided

At the moor camp, Dappled Pelt sits near Mud Paws, twitching ears, as a meeting is held to discuss where the cats wish to leave. Dappled Pelt comments that they were not as exposed in the mountains, since they had the cave. Although Thunder points out that there was better hunting in the forest, and she agrees, she adds that the mysterious illness killed half of what was there. Thunder questions her if she wanted to join Clear Sky's group, and she responds in the negative, mentioning that there were other places to live. As Mud Paws mentions the spirit cats, Mouse Ear retorts that he couldn't imagine the cats believing in the spirit cats, but Dappled Pelt notes that Thunder, Tall Shadow, and Gray Wing all saw them. When other cats start speaking over Thunder, Dappled Pelt asks the others to let him, as they had already put the issue off to the side for too long.
When Lightning Tail sees the others, he slides between Dappled Pelt and Mud Paws, and wonders if it was a meeting. As the cats make their say, Dappled Pelt expresses her wishes to live near fresh water, as the water around the moor tasted like peat. In order to decide where they live, the cats cast stones, and Thunder, confused, questions it, only for Dappled Pelt to explain to him that they did it when Clear Sky wanted to form his group, as well as when they wished to leave the mountains. As the kits ask about what the other cats doing, Dappled Pelt explains that they were casting stones, and then clarifies that it would be on where each cat would live. Sparrow Fur asks why it had to be then, and Dappled Pelt glances at Clear Sky. During the preparation for voting, Dappled Pelt asks about the river, and Gray Wing suggests for them to include River Ripple in their voting.
During the vote, Thunder feels Dappled Pelt brush by him as she goes to fetch a stone, and she drops it in the river circle. Clear Sky exclaims that she was a cat, not a fish, and she reminds him that they were choosing where they wanted to go. Thunder's paws prick as he looks at her stone, and Shattered Ice then follows Dappled Pelt. As he thinks on where he should live, Thunder considers following Dappled Pelt and Shattered Ice to the river. After they vote, Dappled Pelt, restless, wonders if River Ripple would teach them how to fish, and Sparrow Fur looks at her in disbelief. Dappled Pelt adds that she also wished to be taught to swim, and Shattered Ice remarks that it couldn't be as difficult as tunneling.
As the cats move to their new homes, Dappled Pelt speaks with Shattered Ice beside the wall of the moor camp, and wonders what they would do if they were sent away by River Ripple. While the cats who are headed to the pines head off, Gray Wing notices that Dappled Pelt and Shattered Ice were already heading out for the river, seeming small under the sky. When he looks at the tracks, he identifies one of them as Dappled Pelt's and Shattered Ice's. Shortly after Quiet Rain arrives, Tall Shadow asks River Ripple if he accepted Dappled Pelt and Shattered Ice into his group, and he confirms that he did, noting that they settled in well. He specifically mentions that Night and Dew had been teaching Dappled Pelt how to swim, and that she caught her first fish the day prior, comparing her swimming movements to an otter's.
Quiet Rain asks if she had mentioned Dappled Pelt, and Tall Shadow explains that she and Shattered Ice now lived with River Ripple. Quiet Rain is shocked, but Thunder points out that Dappled Pelt could've missed the sound of the waterfall lulling her to sleep. As they continue to explain Quiet Rain about the fates of the cats who went on the journey, Jagged Peak reiterates that Shattered Ice and Dappled Pelt now lived beside the river.

Path of Stars

At the gathering, River Ripple brings Dappled Pelt. She reports that Pine and Drizzle are energetic, and can't wait until they are of age to swim. As it ends, Dappled Pelt remarks that the kits probably ate their meal by then, as they now preferred fish to mouse. While thinking of the river cats, Thunder lists Dappled Pelt as among their ranks. When River Ripple shows Thunder how the new cats are settling in, Dappled Pelt tells Dawn and Moss to continue churning their paws in the water. She then heads for the shore, and goes after Dawn. At another gathering, Dappled Pelt and Shattered Ice follow Night.

In the Field Guides

Secrets of the Clans

Dapplepelt is an ancient RiverClan cat.
When Mothflight of WindClan dreams with StarClan at the Moonstone, Dapplepelt is chosen to be the first medicine cat of RiverClan. She is noted to be reckless and brave.
In the section for "Significant Leaders and Medicine Cats of RiverClan", it is noted that during her time as medicine cat, she saves an entire litter of kits after the nursery is washed away in a flood. It is mentioned that she also sees the role of a medicine cat as being like a warrior's, by fighting invisible enemies of sickness and injury on behalf of her Clanmates.

The Ultimate Guide

Dappled Pelt has a page shared with Cloud Spots.
Dappled Pelt was a tortoiseshell she-cat with a compassionate nature and a talent for healing. She came with the cats from the mountains and settled on the moor with Tall Shadow’s group. When Jagged Peak was injured after falling from a tree, Dappled Pelt went to the forest and lived some moons while Clear Sky’s cats took care of her, but her loyalty meant she returned to the moor. When she left the mountains, Dappled Pelt discovered an affinity with water, learning to fish for minnows. She became good friends with River Ripple and was delighted to find lush growth of herbs around the river. After the Great Battle, she found her true home by the riverside, joining River Ripple’s group who eventually become RiverClan, and she becomes their first medicine cat.
Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt were close friends and worked well together, Dappled Pelt’s warmer nature fixed with Cloud Spots focus on effects of different herbs worked well together. Although not mentioned by name, it is mentioned on Moth Flight’s page that Mothflight received a vision that she will become the first medicine cat of WindClan, and also had a vision of the medicine cats of the other clans.

In the Novellas

Thunderstar's Echo

Dappled Pelt does not formally appear in Thunderstar's Echo, but is listed in the allegiances.


Interesting Facts

  • It was confirmed that Dapplepelt and Dappled Pelt are the same cats.[13]


  • She was mistakenly called Dapple Pelt,[14] Dappled Leaf,[15] and Dappled Spots.[16]

Character Pixels

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"Dappled Pelt was crouching with her down and fur still fluffed out. She was shaking. "I'm so sorry," she murmured. "I panicked back there, and I could have got you both killed.""
—Dappled Pelt after Gray Wing and Moon Shadow save her The Sun Trail, page 101

Dappled Pelt: "It's good to know that what we need is close by, and so early in the warm season."
Cloud Spots: "Back in the mountains, we could spend a whole day searching in the bottom of the valley. And even then, we'd never find as much as this."
—Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt on the abundance of herbs in their new home The Sun Trail, page 216

"Good luck! Bring back lots of the herb!"
—Dappled Pelt wishing luck to Jagged Peak's group The Blazing Star, page chapter 19

Dappled Pelt: "We weren’t even this exposed in the mountains! We had the cave to protect us."
Thunder: "But there's better hunting here."
Dappled Pelt: "There was, before the sickness killed half of it!"
Thunder: "Do you want to move to the forest and become part of Clear Sky's group?"
Dappled Pelt: "Of course not. But the moor's not the only place to live."
—Dappled Pelt and Thunder speaking of the forest's merits A Forest Divided, page chapter 2

"Night and Dew have been teaching Dappled Pelt to swim. She caught her first fish yesterday. She might have been born in the mountains, but she moves like an otter in the water."
—River Ripple on how Dappled Pelt settled into his camp A Forest Divided, page chapter 15

"I hope Dappled Pelt doesn't try to teach us to do that!"
—Moth Flight to Micah about fishing Moth Flight's Vision, page 191

"I hope I'm as skilled as Dappled Pelt one day! I'll try to become as good as she is."
—Moth Flight thinking about Dappled Pelt's skill Moth Flight's Vision, page 202

"Some wounds cannot be healed."
—Dappled Pelt to Moth Flight Moth Flight's Vision, page 418

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