"Your luck is going to run out if you go on tempting fate like this."
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"Dappletuft must have known what [he] was risking, but to be exiled from your Clan in death..."
Bristlefrost's thoughts on Dappletuft's fate in Veil of Shadows, page 220

Dappletuft is a gray-and-white tom[8] with blue eyes.[7]

Dappletuft was a RiverClan warrior under Mistystar's leadership in the lake territories, born to Lakeheart and Lizardtail alongside Softkit, Harekit, and Gorsekit as Dapplekit. Upon becoming an apprentice, Dapplepaw was mentored by Duskfur, soon earning his warrior name, Dappletuft. When Bramblestar began demanding codebreakers be punished throughout the Clans, Dappletuft attended a secret meeting with cats from all the Clans to bring the impostor down. During an attempt on the impostor's life, Dappletuft was killed, and unable to find StarClan, he became a ghost and later became imprisoned in the Dark Forest.


In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

During a Gathering, Dapplekit and his siblings are mentioned by Mistystar to have been born to Lakeheart as healthy kits.

Darkest Night

Dapplepaw is now an apprentice, along with his siblings, with Duskfur as his mentor.

The Raging Storm

"Plumpaw and Eaglepaw think SkyClan should have stayed. So do Dapplepaw and Harepaw in RiverClan. It's only the leaders who want them gone."
―Flypaw about the apprentices' opinion on SkyClan The Raging Storm, page chapter 17
At the medicine cat half-moon meeting, Willowshine reports that all is well, save for one incident. She notes that Softpaw almost got carried away by the rapids, but was saved by Dapplepaw.
On the way to the Gathering, Flypaw mentions that she hopes Dapplepaw and Harepaw will attend so she can show off her battle moves. When they arrive on the island, Snappaw and Dapplepaw practice crouches together. After SkyClan leaves the lake, several cats want to bring them back because of StarClan's will. Flypaw mentions that Dapplepaw and Harepaw think they should have stayed.

In The Broken Code arc

The Silent Thaw

Dappletuft joins the secret meeting of cats concerned about Bramblestar's unusual behavior. When Bristlefrost arrives, Dappletuft moves closer to Sneezecloud in suspicion and narrows his eyes.

Veil of Shadows

"Dappletuft died in the attack, but I was stunned and dismayed to hear how [he] dishonored [his] Clan. No cat who offended StarClan in such a way can be part of RiverClan. We did not sit vigil for [him], and we buried [him] as we would have buried a rogue, with no words spoken over [him]."
―Mistystar about Dappletuft's death Veil of Shadows, page 220
Dappletuft joins the rebels and listens to Bristlefrost and Rootpaw explain that the real Bramblestar is an impostor. Later, Dappletuft, Spotfur, Stemleaf, Conefoot, and Kitescratch launch a surprise attack on the impostor in hopes to kill him. Bristlefrost rushes to find help, but returns to find Dappletuft, Conefoot, and Stemleaf dead. When Bristlefrost recovers from fainting and asks if Stemleaf is really dead, Flipclaw replies that Dappletuft and Conefoot are dead as well. The rebels also mourn for them, though Tigerstar notes they acted recklessly without the support of the group.
At the Gathering, the impostor announces how Dappletuft, Conefoot, and Stemleaf attempted to assassinate him. Mistystar is surprised to hear Dappletuft betray RiverClan, and notes that RiverClan did not hold a vigil for him like a rogue. Dappletuft's kin mourn for him in silence. At the Gathering after the impostor is defeated, Rootspring sees the ghosts of those who died recently lurking nearby.

Darkness Within

"Softpelt fought for the impostor, not against him. Do you suppose she would have let them come if Dappletuft had been the only warrior to die?"
―Icewing to Rootspring Darkness Within, page 44
He is mentioned at the vigil by Icewing when she tells Rootspring that if Dappletuft had been the only RiverClan cat to die, Mistystar wouldn't have let his kin come. Harelight states that he would've been there for Dappletuft, no matter what had happened.

The Place of No Stars

"This is how powerful I am. All these cats were once strong warriors, and now they do my bidding. They are my paws, and I’ll use them to crush the Clans, in your name, Squirrelflight."
―Ashfur about the imprisoned spirits The Place of No Stars (book), page chapter 15
While not mentioned by name, he is among the spirits being controlled by Ashfur in the Dark Forest.

In the Super Editions

Squirrelflight's Hope

He becomes a warrior with the name of Dappletuft.

In the Novellas

Spotfur's Rebellion

"Mistystar won’t like it if she finds out. But even if I can never go back to RiverClan, this is the right thing to do."
―Dappletuft about killing Bramblestar Spotfur's Rebellion, page chapter 9
Dappletuft and Sneezecloud are the only RiverClan cats to attend Spotfur and Stemleaf's secret meeting. Later, he joins the rebel patrol to kill Bramblestar, alongside Spotfur, Stemleaf, Conefoot, and Kitescratch. Despite his hesitancy, Dappletuft declares that they are doing the right thing. During the battle, he swipes at Bramblestar's throat, but the impostor blocks the attack, striking the RiverClan tom. The party has the impostor surrounded, but he manages to strike a fatal blow on Dappletuft. Stemleaf and Conefoot are also killed, and Squirrelflight vows that they will not have died in vain.



  • Dappletuft is mistakenly referred to as a she-cat.[11]

Character pixels

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Lakeheart:[3] Living (As of Darkest Night)


Lizardtail:[12] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)


Softpelt:[3] Deceased, verified Place of No Stars member


Harelight:[3] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)
Gorseclaw:[3] Living (As of The Place of No Stars)


Lakeheart ♀Lizardtail ♂
Softpelt ♀Harelight ♂Dappletuft ♂Gorseclaw ♂

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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