DarkClan is an imaginary Clan made up by two apprentices, Heatherpaw of WindClan and Lionpaw of ThunderClan,[1] for the purpose of entertaining themselves while playing in the tunnel network running under the Clan territories.[2]


In the Power of Three arc

Dark River

Heatherpaw discovers the tunnels where Fallen Leaves was drowned by the flooding of an underground river. She makes up DarkClan with her friend Lionpaw; she is the leader under the name Heatherstar,[3] and he is a warrior under the name Lionclaw. They would sneak away at night to the tunnels and play their game so that Hollypaw would never find them.[4]
Lionpaw, influenced by Tigerstar and Hawkfrost, realizes that he is falling behind in his training and decides to stop seeing Heatherpaw. At their final meeting, Lionpaw tells Heatherpaw this, and she is disappointed. She remarks that she hopes it was worth it to become a warrior, putting an end to DarkClan.[5]


Lionpaw wishes that he could just go back and be a DarkClan warrior named Lionclaw again, playing with Heatherpaw in the tunnels where Hollypaw wouldn't ever find him and Heatherpaw. He feels this feeling in the apprentices' den.[source?]

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