"And Dark Whiskers didn't even make it. If we'd stayed by the lake, he wouldn't have been blown off a ledge in the middle of an ice storm!"
Jagged Lightning to Stone Song on Dark Whiskers' fate in Sign of the Moon, page 184

Dark Whiskers is a large, thick-furred black tom.[1]


In the Power of Three arc

Long Shadows

Dark Whiskers is a sharpclaw, the Ancients' equivalent of a Clan warrior. When Jaypaw travels back to the time of the Ancients, as Jay's Wing, Dark Whiskers is one of the cats to support travelling to the mountains, along with Stone Song, another one of the sharpclaws. As they are discussing leaving, they are approached by Shy Fawn, another one of their fellow sharpclaws, who tells them that Furled Bracken wishes to have a meeting. She is against leaving their home, and when she relays Furled Bracken's message, Dark Whiskers suggests that they should cast the stones.
When they cast the stones, Dark Whiskers is very optimistic about leaving, saying that it has to be better than where they are living now. He, along with Stone Song, Broken Shadow, Half Moon, and multiple other cats, chose to leave, while Cloudy Sun, Running Horse, Jagged Lightning, Shy Fawn, and many others have cast their stones to stay. Jayfeather, casting the final stone, makes the decision for the ancient cats to leave the lake, and they travel to the mountains.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

Sign of the Moon

It is mentioned by Jagged Lightning that he was blown off a ledge during the middle of an ice storm when the Ancients were travelling through the mountains. Stone Song mentions that they were lucky that they lost only one cat, however, the black tom disagrees with that statement.
His mate, Shy Fawn, is revealed to be heavily pregnant with kits and later gives birth to them, with the help of Jayfeather, who utilizes his existing medicine cat skills. When Half Moon compliments Shy Fawn on her kits, Shy Fawn notices that one of them looks like Dark Whiskers, a black tom. One of her other kits, which she names Lion's Roar, is noted by Jayfeather as looking exactly like his brother, Lionblaze. This leads him to the conclusion that he, Dovewing, and Lionblaze are reincarnations of these ancient cats.




Shy Fawn:[2] Deceased, residence unknown


Unnamed black tom:[3] Deceased, residence unknown
Unnamed tom:[3] Deceased, residence unknown
Lion's Roar:[4] Deceased, Reincarnated as Lionblaze


Unnamed she-cat:[5] Deceased, residence unknown


Dark Whiskers ♂Shy Fawn ♀
Unnamed ♂Unnamed ♂Unnamed ♀Lion's Roar ♂

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Stone Song: "Oh, it's you, Dark Whiskers. Jay's Wing has had a dream about stone hills and falling water, and where Twolegs cannot go. It sounds like a place where we could live safely, with prey and shelter and nothing to harm us."
Dark Whiskers: "Do you believe him? [...] Then we must go!"
—Stone Song telling Dark Whiskers about Jaypaw's dream Long Shadows, page 212

Half Moon: "It's a little tom. Isn't he beautiful?"
Shy Fawn: "He's black, just like Dark Whiskers."
—Shy Fawn giving birth to Dark Whiskers' kits Sign of the Moon, page 264

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