Nettlesplash is out hunting, and thinks about his young kits. He decides to visit the gorge before returning to his den, but comes across a rogue named Dragonfly on the way. She tells him to get off of Darktail's territory, and asks if he is a SkyClan cat. Nettlesplash lies in order to keep his kits safe, telling her that he doesn't know what she is talking about. He informs her that tansy will help her cough, and then quickly leaves. Nettlesplash wants to assist, but decides that the safety of his kits is more important.
Later, Nettlesplash sits and watches his kits play. Palekit and Gravelkit play with a leaf, and Nectarkit sneaks up behind them. Meanwhile, Fringekit is sharing tongues with her mother, Mintfur. The she-kit is shy, but tentatively leaves her mother and inches closer to her littermates. Palekit tackles her, bringing her into the game. Mintfur and Nettlesplash are content, and proud of how much their kits have grown. Suddenly, Nectarkit sits up, commenting that she can hear a strange moaning noise.
Mintfur tells the kits to go inside the den. Nettlesplash goes into the forest and finds Dragonfly, who is very sick. He and Mintfur decide to help her, and she heals in a quarter moon. She shares her catch with the family, and Fringekit snuggles into her side. Nettlesplash is warmed as he watches the rogue lick the kit's head. He and Mintfur invite Dragonfly to live with them permanently, and she tells them that they'll find out her decision in the morning. However, in the night, she returns to Darktail's group.
Later, Nettlesplash plays with his kits, but slumps down, tired. The kits argue over what kind of prey is best, and Fringekit says that she liked the pigeons Dragonfly hunted for them. Moments later, a rabbit runs across the clearing. Nettlesplash realizes that some cat is chasing it, and orders his kits to hide. Darktail and Dragonfly enter the clearing, and Nettlesplash tells them that he is the only one there, having lost Mintfur and his kits after the battle.
As punishment for yowling when the rabbit raced by, Darktail declares that Nettlesplash must catch three pieces of prey for his camp. Dragonfly protests, saying that Nettlesplash has already suffered enough. Darktail agrees, and the two rogues leave. Mintfur and Nettlesplash agree that they must leave. Nettlesplash hopes SkyClan returns soon, as they might not survive on their own with Darktail around. He is content knowing that his kits are safe for now.
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