"I've been so dumb. I trusted the wrong cat. Many suffered. I need to make it right."
Needletail to an unnamed yellow tom in Darkest Night, prologue
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Chapter Number: Prologue (of 23)
Page Numbers: 1-4

Chapter description

The dying sun bronzes the outcrop of rock where a yellow tom named Tree, sits. He recalls the day, for it had been good. He caught enough prey to fill his belly, and then had chased butterflies by a clear stream. Now, Tree observes the cleft of rock below him. It is high enough to protect him from any foxes, and with the wind facing away from him, it'll make a nice resting place.
He sits down, relishing the cool breeze. The chill of it announces the coming of leaf-fall. He reflects how prey would be fattening itself for the cold days ahead. Tree licks his lips, anticipating the prey. He isn't afraid of the coming cold anymore. The tom looks down, spotting a silver pelt moving in the shadows below. He asks who's there, and green eyes glint up at him, and he recognizes them as Needletail's. Tree purrs as she climbs the rocks beside him. He tells her how it has been ages since he has seen her, and asks how she is.
Needletail paces around him, twitching. Tree can see that she is upset, so he asks what's wrong, telling her to sit down and tell him about it. She stops and stares at him, sad. Tree's pelt pricks, waiting for her to speak. Needltail growls that it's too terrible. Tree slides around her, saying nothing can be that bad. Needletail's uneasiness shifts to tiredness, and she crouches down. Tree crouches beside her and gazes at the distant horizon. Tree remarks how she feels bony beside him, and how she has grown thin. He asks her what is wrong.
Needletail says she had been dumb, for trusting the wrong cat, and many suffered as a result. She declares that she needs to make it right, and looks at Tree. Needletail asks if he'll aid her in helping her Clan. The yellow loner assures his friend of his help, but then he notices something.
He is able to see through Needletail's glassy stare. Shadows are buried in her eyes. Tree stiffens and sits up, and glances along her silver pelt. A faint glow shines from Needletail; it's a glow he had seen before, but not in Needletail. The sunshine disguised it, but as the sun sets, he can see the glow clearly. His heart aches with grief, and he asks how she died.



Notes and references

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