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"This is not my Clan. Not any longer. ThunderClan is led by a kittypet, and there's nothing left to fight for. I feel no loyalty to ThunderClan. In the whole forest, the only cat worth following is Tigerstar."
— Darkstripe before being banished from ThunderClan in The Darkest Hour, page 117

Darkstripe is a large,[13] lean, sleek,[14] and thin-furred[5] dark[13] gray tabby tom[15] with black stripes[16] and yellow eyes.[17]

Darkstripe was a former ThunderClan warrior who served under Bluestar's and Firestar's leaderships in the forest territories. He was born to Willowpelt and later apprenticed to Tigerclaw. As a warrior, Darkstripe mentored Longtail, Dustpelt, and Ferncloud. Darkstripe was a staunch supporter of Tigerstar, eventually joining him in TigerClan after being exiled for poisoning Sorrelkit with deathberries. He assisted in killing Stonefur with Blackfoot under Tigerstar's orders. During the battle against BloodClan, Darkstripe was killed by Graystripe and descended to the Dark Forest. He helped train many cats in preparation for the Great Battle; however, after their defeat, he returned to the Dark Forest. Many seasons later, Darkstripe worked under Ashfur to guard the many spirits of fallen warriors trapped in the Dark Forest under Ashfur's control. When Bramblestar and Rootspring rescued Squirrelflight from the island, Rootspring flung Darkstripe into the dark waters. He managed to escape, but Rootspring later killed him while Firestar possessed his body.


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The Prophecies Begin

Darkstripe: "You're mine, kittypet. It's time for you to die."
Firestar: "So now you're fighting on the side of Tigerstar's murderer? Have you no loyalty?"
Darkstripe: "Not anymore. Every cat in the forest can turn to crowfood for all I care. All I want is to see you dead."
—Darkstripe and Firestar during the battle with BloodClan The Darkest Hour, page 294
When a former kittypet, Firepaw, is accepted into ThunderClan, Darkstripe is less than enthusiastic. He shares this opinion with Dustpaw, who is apprenticed to him after the death of his former mentor, Redtail. Darkstripe and Longtail are assigned to guard Bluestar by Tigerclaw after the camp is attacked by ShadowClan. He further spreads rumors, along with Tigerclaw and Longtail, about Ravenpaw being a traitor.
When Tigerclaw is exiled for attempting to kill Bluestar, Darkstripe declines to follow his friend, having finding out that Tigerclaw plotted with Brokentail without telling him. Despite staying, his faith in ThunderClan weakens, even more when Fireheart is appointed as the new deputy, but Darkstripe is chosen by Fireheart to mentor Fernpaw in a display of trust. However, this wavers after Darkstripe takes Bramblekit and Tawnykit to visit their father, now the ShadowClan leader, in secret. He further spreads news of the Clan to Tigerstar, and when Darkstripe attempts to kill Sorrelkit with deathberries after she finds him meeting with Blackfoot, the ShadowClan deputy, he is exiled by Firestar.
Darkstripe joins TigerClan, Tigerstar's union of ShadowClan and RiverClan. He is ordered by Tigerstar to kill Stonefur, the half-Clan son of Bluestar. However, he is unable to overpower the RiverClan warrior and must be assisted by Blackfoot. When Tigerstar is killed by Scourge, Darkstripe refuses to fight with LionClan in the battle against BloodClan. Instead, he attempts to kill Firestar, but Graystripe slays the dark tabby warrior.

The New Prophecy

Darkstripe: "...Why is it always dark here? Where is the moon?...I thought we would be hunting across the sky with our warrior ancestors, and watching over our Clanmates."
Tigerstar: "That is not the way for us. But I don't need starlight to follow my path. If StarClan think they can forget about us, they're wrong."
—Tigerstar and Darkstripe in the Dark Forest Sunset, page 2
Darkstripe encounters Tigerstar in the Dark Forest, explaining to his friend how he was unsuccessful in finding a way out. He requests to travel with Tigerstar, but is denied, as the deceased ShadowClan leader insists they must walk alone.

Omen of the Stars

Cloudtail: "Darkstripe! I'm not surprised to see you're with the Dark Forest traitors."
Darkstripe: "So you believe in StarClan now?"
Cloudtail: "I believe in evil!"
Darkstripe: "At least you believe in something, kittypet!"
—Darkstripe taunting Cloudtail The Last Hope, page 263
Darkstripe trains in the Dark Forest alongside the other Dark Forest warriors and Clan recruits; however, he is not highly valued. During the Great Battle, Darkstripe ambushes Cloudtail and Dovewing, fighting alongside Sparrowfeather and later against Sorreltail. However, he retreats to the Dark Forest when the battle is lost.

The Broken Code

Rootspring/Firestar: "Are you happy being Ashfur's lackey?"
Darkstripe: "I'm no cat's lackey."
Rootspring/Firestar: "Really? First Tigerstar, now Ashfur. Following orders is what got you killed. Aren't you ever going to stand up for yourself?"
Darkstripe: "What do you know about it?"
Rootspring/Firestar: "Enough."
Darkstripe: "How can a kit like you know about Tigerstar?"
Roospring/Firestar: "Ashfur is just as evil as Tigerstar was. And he cares even less about what happens for the cats who fight for him."
Darkstripe: "You know nothing!"
Rootspring/Firestar: "You once said, that every cat in the forest could turn to crow food for all you cared."
Darkstripe: "I-I never said that to you!"
—Firestar talking to Darkstripe through Rootspring's body A Light in the Mist (book), page 148
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Field Guides

This section summarizes Darkstripe's significant appearances in the Field Guides. If you're looking for a full list, find one here!

Longtail: "We killed her...."
Darkstripe: "We did not! Greencough killed her. She was old and weak. We are the important cats; we should eat first. Do you want to do what's best for your Clan?"
—Darkstripe and Longtail talking after Poppydawn dies of greencough Code of the Clans, page 42
In Code of the Clans, Darkstripe and Longtail are assigned to a hunting patrol during a very harsh leaf-bare. Longtail catches a squirrel, and Darkstripe, instead of leaving the prey for the elders, eats the squirrel and convinces Longtail to join him. When they return to camp, they find that the elder, Poppydawn, has died because she did not have the strength to fight off her sickness.

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Darkstripe mother is Willowpelt and his half-siblings are Graystripe, Sorreltail, Sootfur, and Rainwhisker. For more of Darkstripe's family, click here!



Author statements


  • Darkstripe has been mistakenly described as black,[20] a black tabby,[21] black-and-silver,[22] and with silver stripes.[23]
  • He has been mistakenly described with amber eyes[24] and with pale blue eyes.[25]
  • Bluestar mentions that Dustpaw will be his first apprentice in Into the Wild,[8] but in Fire and Ice it is revealed that Longtail was his apprentice before Dustpaw.[11]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • In Secrets of the Clans, a 2007 field guide, Darkstripe does not appear on Tigerstar's apprentice list, despite it being mentioned that he had mentored him in Into the Wild.[26][8] Lionheart mentions Darkstripe, Tigerstar, Brokenstar and Clawface as cats in the Dark Forest.[27]
  • Vicky had previously stated that Tawnyspots and Willowpelt are the parents of Darkstripe.[28] However, Tawnyspots is deputy when Willowpaw is a new apprentice,[29] and had died by the time Willowpelt was named a warrior.[30]


"Lucky your collar snapped when it did. Longtail is a young warrior, but I can't imagine him being beaten by a kittypet!"
―Darkstripe to Firepaw after his fight with Longtail Into the Wild, page 39

"Traitors and kittypets! Is there no decent cat left in this Clan?"
―Darkstripe after Cloudpaw's apprentice ceremony Forest of Secrets, page 249

"I trusted you, Tigerclaw. I thought you were the finest warrior in the forest. But you plotted with that... that tyrant and you said nothing to me. And now you expect me to come with you?"
―Darkstripe to Tigerclaw when he is exiled Forest of Secrets, pages 287-288

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Firestar: "Cats of ThunderClan. I've called you together so that you can witness what Darkstripe has to say. You all heard what happened to Sorrelkit yesterday. She's awake now, and Cinderpelt says she'll be fine. I've talked to her and she confirms what Graystripe said. Darkstripe did feed her the deathberries. So, Darkstripe. What have you to say for yourself?"
Darkstripe: "She's lying, or she made a mistake. Kits never listen to what any cat says. She obviously didn't hear me properly when I told her not to eat them."
Firestar: "She's not lying or mistaken. And she told me something more interesting: your reason for feeding her deathberries. She saw you meeting Blackfoot, the deputy of ShadowClan, on our territory. Would you like to tell us what was that all about?"
Darkstripe: "I don't have to justify myself to a kittypet."
Firestar: "That's exactly what you have to do. I want to know what you and Tigerstar are planning. Darkstripe, you know what Tigerstar tried to do to us. The dog pack would have torn the whole Clan to pieces. How can you think to following him after that? You would have been a valuable warrior. I gave you a chance after another to prove yourself. I wanted to trust you and--"
Darkstripe: "Trust me? You've never trusted me. Do you think I didn't know you told that ginger fool to watch me? Did you expect me to live the rest of my days with a shadow?"
Firestar: "No, I was waiting for you to show your loyalty. This is the Clan where you were born, these are the cats you grew up with. Doesn't that mean anything to you? The warrior code says you should protect them with your life!"
Darkstripe: "This is not my Clan. Not any longer. ThunderClan is led by a kittypet, and there's nothing left to fight for. I feel no loyalty to ThunderClan. In the whole forest, the only cat worth following is Tigerstar."
Firestar: "Then follow him. You are no longer a warrior of ThunderClan. If you are found in our territory after sunset today, we shall treat you as we would any enemy. Go now."
—Darkstripe's exile The Darkest Hour, pages 114-117

"You can't leave this forest. I know-I've tried. But however far I walk, the trees never end, and there's no light anywhere."
―Darkstripe to Tigerstar about the Dark Forest Sunset, page 3

Darkstripe: "Hawkfrost can match any warrior. There aren’t many cats with such skill and strength."
Tigerstar: "Quiet, Darkstripe! Hawkfrost knows his own strengths."
Darkstripe: "I wasn’t—"
Tigerstar: "And there’s always room for improvement."
—Darkstripe during Dark Forest training Fading Echoes, page 3

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  1. Darkstripe's kit name, Darkkit, has only ever been revealed on the Warrior Cats website.
  2. Darkstripe's apprentice name, Darkpaw, has only ever been revealed on the Warrior Cats website.
  3. Leopardstar proclaims TigerClan as no more and that she has offered refuge to ShadowClan cats due to BloodClan's threat. Darkstripe is also mentioned to have followed RiverClan back to their camp, following Scourge's announcement.[9][10]

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