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In The Prophecies Begin arc

Into the Wild

Darkstripe, although not yet named, is seen crouching next to Graypaw and a tortoiseshell queen. When the young kittypet, Rusty, comes to join the Clan, Darkstripe only grudgingly agrees with his leader's decision to make the young cat an apprentice of ThunderClan. Darkstripe scorns Firepaw after his naming ceremony, stating that it was lucky that his collar snapped when it did. Graypaw then says that while Spottedleaf is young and pretty, Darkstripe is neither. Although Darkstripe is near the apprentices, he doesn't pick up on the statement Graypaw makes.
When Redtail is killed in the battle at Sunningrocks, Darkstripe is appointed Dustpaw's new mentor. Darkstripe is part of a patrol consisting of himself, Tigerclaw, Bluestar, Willowpelt and Graypaw. He suggests killing Yellowfang after she is found with Firepaw, and punishing Firepaw for feeding an enemy warrior. Bluestar tells him to keep his claws in, as they will decide what to do with her and Firepaw later. When Bluestar calls a Clan meeting to discuss Yellowfang, Darkstripe suggests that Yellowfang might know of WindClan's disappearance, she hisses at him, saying that she is no traitor. This makes Darkstripe stop even though she continues to goad on him. Later in the meeting, Darkstripe says that the Clan cannot support Yellowfang as they have too many mouths to feed.
Later, Darkstripe is seen on a patrol with Longtail, Willowpelt, and Dustpaw. When Firepaw, Graypaw, and Ravenpaw are starting their assessment, Graypaw asks if Sandpaw and Dustpaw will be joining them too. Firepaw says that Whitestorm and Darkstripe had taken them on a patrol. After the cats return home from the gathering where Brokenstar revealed that a dangerous rogue was on the loose, Tigerclaw and Darkstripe drag Yellowfang from her nest but Bluestar stops them. Darkstripe says that he tried to warn everyone that Yellowfang was a danger to the Clan, but they did not listen. He also says that Bluestar should get rid of her before she harms the kits. Firepaw tries to warn Yellowfang by telling her Darkstripe's remarks. Darkstripe and Tigerclaw then stride into the clearing together. They attempt to drag Yellowfang from her nest but are stopped by Bluestar. Darkstripe suggests that they kill Yellowfang now, but this idea is shut down by Bluestar.
When Bluestar returns from her journey to the moonstone, she sees that ThunderClan is being attacked by ShadowClan warriors. Darkstripe is battling a black warrior fiercely. He then chases out the two last intruders with Whitestorm. When Tigerclaw is made deputy, Longtail and Darkstripe yowl their approval loudly. He then decides that Bluestar needs more protection, and appoints Darkstripe and Longtail as her bodyguards. He, Longtail, and Tigerclaw then begin to spread rumors about Tigerclaw's apprentice, Ravenpaw. When Firepaw is told by Yellowfang to roll in garlic to help his rat bites, Darkstripe sees him and asks what he is doing. Firepaw explains, and Darkstripe tells him not to take orders from a rogue before stalking away. Firepaw then leaves to go back to camp, and mocks Darkstripe under his breath by calling him 'Dirtstripe.' Firepaw tells Graypaw that he had no luck with finding the garlic as Darkstripe was prowling out around the forest.
Bluestar calls Firepaw to her den. Firepaw notices that Darkstripe and Longtail were nowhere to be seen, and question Bluestar. Bluestar replies by telling him she sent them away to help with the camp repairs. After his training session, he sees Darkstripe and Longtail guarding her den. When Ravenpaw comes back from his assessment, Firepaw tells him that he overheard Tigerclaw telling Darkstripe and Longtail that Ravenpaw was a traitor. When Yellowfang goes missing, he demands Bluestar on what her opinion of Yellowfang is. After the meeting, Firepaw sees lightning lighting up Darkstripe and Longtail's faces as he crossed the clearing. Later, Firepaw tells Graypaw that he heard Tigerclaw tell Darkstripe and Longtail that Ravenpaw was a traitor. He is on the patrol that raids the ShadowClan camp in search for the missing kits. Darkstripe questions why ShadowClan has shown so much strength lately. He is then disgusted by the loyalty of the ShadowClan warriors. Darkstripe later participates in the battle to retrieve the stolen kits.

Fire and Ice

When Fireheart wakes up from his dream, he hears Darkstripe and Longtail guarding the camp. Darkstripe is told by Tigerclaw to patrol Snakerocks around the time that Cinderpaw is struck on the Thunderpath. He reports to Tigerclaw no ShadowClan scent was found. He breaks off when he sees Cinderpaw's limp body, and asks what happened. Later, Fireheart notices Darkstripe has taken Longtail's place in guarding Bluestar. Darkstripe is quick to notice Graystripe's reluctance to fight RiverClan and questions his loyalty in front of the whole Clan, asking if he's scared of the RiverClan fleabags. Bluestar then assigns Darkstripe on the patrol to raid RiverClan, and he speeds after Tigerclaw at once along with Willowpelt. He is furious when Fireheart brings Cloudkit into the Clan, questioning his loyalty. Darkstripe challenges Graystripe when he defends Fireheart, asking if Cloudkit has worthy blood. Shortly after that, Darkstripe complains the kit is being loud.
Later, when Fireheart's is thinking in the warrior's den, Whitestorm and Darkstripe enter. Fireheart hears a rustling in the bushes when he is on the dawn patrol, and Willowpelt, Darkstripe, Runningwind and Dustpaw appear. Darkstripe hopefully replies ShadowClan has better sense that RiverClan to stay away from ThunderClan after last night, they must know they are looking for them. After the partrol returns to camp with the ominous ShadowClan prey bones, Tigerclaw immediately summons Darkstripe and Runningwind to him, and they will join him along with Mousefur and Willowpelt to attack a ShadowClan patrol. They pad out of the camp with Darkstripe and his Clanmates following. Although unnamed, he fights when Brokenstar and his rogues invade the ThunderClan camp.
After Sandstorm's warrior ceremony, Fireheart tries to sit down and eat with her, but he finds Dustpelt, Whitestorm, and Darkstripe sitting and eating with her. He feels foolish to expect they'd share their meal alone. Tigerclaw picks Darkstripe to go on the patrol to assist WindClan when ShadowClan and RiverClan attack. When Fireheart lets Silverstream go during the battle, Darkstripe sees him and tells Tigerclaw.

Forest of Secrets

Darkstripe still treats Fireheart harshly, calling him a kittypet whenever possible, thinking he should never have been accepted into the Clan. Darkstripe is first seen entering the warrior's den with Tigerclaw and Longtail, and the three settle closer to the center of the bush. Fireheart watches them closely and wishes that he could make out their conversation, and he imagines that they are plotting against him. Darkstripe is briefly seen sleeping near the center of the warrior's den when Fireheart and Graystripe leave the den to go hunting as a punishment.
When Darkstripe is on guard duty over ThunderClan's prisoner, Brokentail, he makes no effort to stop Cloudkit and some other kits when they attack the helpless prisoner. Fireheart is therefore left to break up the fight. Darkstripe, however, takes Cloudkit's side, insisting that the white tom is not doing anything wrong. Then Darkstripe calls Cloudkit a kittypet and is the first one to inform Fireheart's kin of his kittypet heritage.
Darkstripe is later seen as following Brokentail with Longtail, as a guard. When Longtail complains about having to take Brokentail out, Darkstripe meows that he will have to tell Tigerclaw about it, since the warrior hadn't given any orders to let the prisoner leave the camp. Fireheart pushes his muzzle against Darkstripe's face and snarls that Bluestar is the Clan leader, and would listen to a medicine cat rather than Darkstripe, and the tabby rears on his back legs and draws back his lips. Fireheart expects Darkstripe to strike, but Yellowfang stops them from fighting and forest over Brackenpaw, and Fireheart informs her that he was clawed by a badger, then shoots a final glare at Darkstripe. Later, when Bluestar announces a Clan meeting, and Fireheart describes how Sunningrocks had flooded, Darkstripe meows that it doesn't sound that dangerous and that they will still have plenty of territory left. He adds that they should let RiverClan worry about the floods, and there is a murmur of approval.
Darkstripe is later chosen to go to a Gathering. Before leaving camp, Bluestar tells her cats that she only chose warriors as it will be difficult to get to Fourtrees, and she asks Darkstripe to report about what he found when he led a patrol to examine the stream that morning. Darkstripe meows that the water is going down, although not fast enough, and that there is nowhere as far as the Thunderpath that a cat could cross without swimming. When Willowpelt suggests jumping across the narrow stream, Darkstripe replies that she could if she grew wings, but she only has paws. When a monster crosses the Thunderpath as the ThunderClan cats travel beside it, Darkstripe scrambles on top of the low wall and crouches there, baring his teeth at the monster as it passes. Once at the Gathering, when WindClan and ShadowClan warriors are angry with ThunderClan for taking in Brokentail, a couple of ShadowClan warriors threateningly approach Darkstripe, and Mousefur leaps to his side, ready to attack.
When WindClan and ShadowClan attack ThunderClan, Darkstripe is seen fighting a WindClan warrior. After the battle, Darkstripe is angry with Bluestar and accuses her of causing the battle by keeping Brokentail. He asks how long one of the ThunderClan cats will die for his sake. Bluestar tells Darkstripe that she never thought it would be easy, but they must do what is right, and Darkstripe spits that he would kill Brokentail for a few mousetails himself. Tigerclaw scolds Darkstripe for not showing respect towards his leader, and Darkstripe briefly glares at them both, before bowing his head.
A few days after Brackenpaw's warrior ceremony, Fireheart sees Graystripe disappear into the gorse tunnel, and he also spots Darkstripe who looks up at him, crouched beside the fresh-kill pile with a vole dangling from his jaws. Darkstripe's eyes are fixed on the tunnel entrance. Fireheart feels nervous that if Darkstripe saw Graystripe leave, it would mean that Tigerclaw would soon know about it. Fireheart steps forward and tries to walk casually, calling a good morning to Darkstripe. He tells his Clanmate that they are going off to hunt, and doesn't wait for the tabby's response before entering the tunnel. Later, when Silverstream has her kits and Fireheart comes back to the Sunningrocks with Cinderpaw, he sees Tigerclaw, and realizes that Darkstripe must have notified the deputy.
At Cloudpaw's warrior ceremony, Fireheart notices that some Clan cats do not congratulate the new apprentice, and Darkstripe is seen shouldering past Cloudpaw on his way to the warriors' den. He loudly exclaims, in a disgusted voice, that the Clan has become full of traitors and kittypets, and wonders if there are no decent cats left in the Clan. After Tigerclaw rebels against the Clan and tries to murder Bluestar, she exiles the tabby warrior. When Bluestar and Fireheart begin to explain Tigerclaw's treachery, Darkstripe calls out that it's impossible, and challenges Fireheart several times throughout the explanation. Before he leaves, Tigerclaw asks Longtail, Darkstripe, and Dustpelt to join him in exile. Darkstripe refuses, seeming to be hurt that Tigerclaw didn't tell him what he was planning, and for plotting with Brokentail.
When Fireheart is made deputy, Darkstripe comments that he won't be taking orders from a kittypet. He also doesn't trust Graystripe very well either. This is most likely because Tigerclaw shares his suspicions about Graystripe going to meet a cat in secrecy. When Fireheart assigns patrols for the first time, he tells Darkstripe and Mousefur to each find themselves two or three warriors and go out on a hunting patrol. He orders them to split the territory, and look out for Tigerclaw and his rogues. Although Mousefur accepts his order, Darkstripe glares at Fireheart for a very long time, and Fireheart wonders if the tabby would refuse to obey him. the new deputy meets Darkstripe's gaze, and the warrior turns away, calling Longtail and Dustpelt for his patrol. Whitestorm observes it is a patrol of Tigerclaw's sympathizers, and suggests keeping an eye on them. Fireheart agrees, but wonders if they haven't shown their loyalty by staying in the Clan.

Rising Storm

When Fireheart returns to camp, he hears Darkstripe yowl loudly who's leading the dawn patrol. Whitestorm calms the tabby and tells him Fireheart will come back soon, in which Fireheart replies he's back. He notices a group of warriors under the Highrock containing Whitestorm, Runningwind, Darkstripe and a few other cats. He asks Fireheart who is leading the sunhigh patrol. Fireheart blunders and calls Longtail, which Darkstripe turns to Whitestorm with twitching whiskers and eyes glittering with scorn in reaction. Runningwind then explains Longtail was out with his apprentice, Swiftpaw, until evening. After Fireheart organizes the hunting patrol, he assigns Darkstripe a patrol with Runningwind.
Fireheart asks Yellowfang about which warrior should mentor Fernpaw, and Yellowfang says an older warrior should do it. Fireheart reluctantly picks Darkstripe, despite him being one of Tigerclaw's biggest supporters. He stayed with ThunderClan after the massive tabby's exile. Fireheart realizes that if he doesn't pick Darkstripe to be a mentor, it might look like he is taking revenge for the hostility that the warrior gave him when the deputy arrived in ThunderClan. Yellowfang agrees to Fireheart's decision. Bluestar has not forgotten Darkstripe and Dustpelt were two of Tigerclaw's allies. She talks to Fireheart and says she'll talk to him and Dustpelt later. Suddenly, Runningwind, Darkstripe, and Dustpelt burst through the camp entrance. Darkstripe says they found the missing Cloudpaw near Twolegplace.
Fireheart asks if Darkstripe saw Cloudpaw, but the dark gray tabby shakes his head. Fireheart then sends him and Dustpelt to Bluestar's den, and tells them she wants to talk with the two. When Fireheart is reflecting about the day, he remembers his fear had been slightly eased when Darkstripe told him Cloudpaw was on patrol and there were no enemies in ThunderClan territory. At Fernkit and Ashkit's apprentice ceremony, Darkstripe stares ahead, unblinking. Dustpelt sits next to Darkstripe, with excitement in his eyes. After Bluestar summons Fernkit to her, she calls out Darkstripe's name. Fireheart notices a glimmer of fear in his leader's eyes, but Bluestar quickly blinks away her doubt and continues with the ceremony. All she can say to Darkstripe is that he's intelligent and bold, and she expects him to pass down his skills to the newly named Fernpaw. Fireheart watches Fernpaw follow Darkstripe to the edge of the clearing afterwards.
When Fireheart and Bluestar return from their failed trip to the Moonstone, Darkstripe and Fernpaw pad up to him. Darkstripe asks Fireheart why he's back, and Dustpelt tells the tabby the story of what happened. Later, Fireheart orders Darkstripe to lead tomorrow's sunhigh patrol while Runningwind does the sunset patrol. Darkstripe then asks who is going to the Gathering tonight, and Fireheart admits he doesn't know. The tabby narrows his eyes and asks if Bluestar has decided yet. The deputy says that Bluestar will decide when she's ready, and Darkstripe turns his head and stares at the shadowy trees, saying she better decide soon. Fireheart tells Darkstripe he needs to eat to get his strength up for the Gathering, in case he's going. Although the tabby's tone makes Fireheart uneasy, it doesn't ruffle his fur. When Fireheart is listing the cats Bluestar told him would be attending the Gathering, he notices she left out Longtail, Dustpelt, and Darkstripe. He wonders if she left them out deliberately because they were supporters of Tigerclaw.
Later, when Littlecloud and Whitethroat admit Nightstar is sick, Darkstripe growls he seemed fine at the Gathering yesterday, and Bluestar agrees with him. A while later, Fireheart asks Sandstorm where Cloudpaw is, and she replies Darkstripe sent him to clean the elder's bedding due to his messy catch. The next day, the deputy awakes and finds Dustpelt talking to Fernpaw, Darkstripe's apprentice, in soft tones, which surprises Fireheart. After Cloudpaw is taken away by Twolegs, Fireheart wonders what jibe Darkstripe will aim at him next about kittypets being soft. Fireheart notices while eating with Sandstorm that Darkstripe is talking with Ashpaw, and the deputy wonders why he isn't eating. Ashpaw asks Fireheart why Cloudpaw hasn't come back, but the ginger tom snaps at him to ask Darkstripe instead.
Darkstripe hears about Cloudpaw going back to his kittypet life, and he rushes across the clearing to tell Longtail and Smallear. Fireheart watches his fears come true of the tabby making sure every ThunderClan cat knew about his kin becoming a kittypet. Darkstripe strolls around haughtily, and Sandstorm indignantly meows to the deputy he shouldn't leave Darkstripe to tell the news. Fireheart states he can't fight the truth, but the she-cat protests he can relay what really happened. Sandstorm tells Fireheart to tell Bluestar, but Runningwind mews it's too late as Darkstripe pads toward the leader's den. Fireheart is irritated that Bluestar is about to be disturbed when she needs peace more that anything else. A very smug Darkstripe pads over to the deputy and tells him Bluestar wants to see him in his den.
After Spottedleaf delivers a prophecy to Fireheart, he wakes up to find all the warriors asleep except for Darkstripe. The tabby's ears are pricked and his eyes closed, and Fireheart wonders if Darkstripe is the subject of Spottedleaf's prophecy: Beware an enemy who seems to sleep. However, the deputy shakes the thought away, because he's already wary of the dark tabby, and concludes it must mean something else. After Runningwind is brought back to camp after being killed by Tigerclaw, Fireheart notices Darkstripe sitting near Highrock. The ginger cat is alarmed by the brooding thoughtfulness in the tom's gaze as he slowly pads to Yellowfang's den. After Fireheart leaves the medicine cat's den, he notices some cats in the clearing sitting vigil for Runningwind. He finds Darkstripe and beckons the tabby over to him, and informs him there will be three additional patrols each day. Darkstripe protests he needs to train Fernpaw, but Fireheart says she can go on patrols and get some experience. The tabby flicks his ears and says a soft yes to the deputy.
When Cloudpaw is rescued and brought back to ThunderClan, Darkstripe lazily calls out they thought he was a kittypet now. Cloudpaw attempts to tell the story, but Fireheart stops him. The white tom protests he hasn't told the part about the WindClan patrol attacking them. Darkstripe then inquires if they were driven away, but Sandstorm hisses the WindClan patrol ran away. Bluestar talks about Cloudpaw with Fireheart in her den, and Fireheart tells her she is the only one to allow the white tom to stay. Bluestar asks why she wouldn't let him come back, and the deputy tells her Darkstripe voiced his concern that Cloudpaw would become a kittypet again. The leader agrees to let Cloudpaw stay, and also allows Ravenpaw to travel on ThunderClan territory as a friend. She tells Fireheart to announce Cloudpaw's return, but Fireheart says Darkstripe should do it as he was the one who told the Clan the white tom left. Bluestar comments Fireheart is being shrewd, before allowing Darkstripe to announce Cloudpaw's return.
Fireheart sends Darkstripe to Bluestar's den shortly after his talk with the ThunderClan leader. After the fire, Darkstripe argues with Cinderpelt, Dustpelt, and the elders, saying sarcastically that the cats Fireheart left behind in the fire are probably deeply grateful to him. He also says there's no way Yellowfang could have survived the fire, and Fernpaw stares at her mentor in horror. While he does this, Dustpelt scolds him for not showing respect for his lost Clanmates and tells him to watch what he says in front of Fernpaw. Fireheart steps out of the shadows and orders everyone to stop arguing. Darkstripe, Smallear, and the other cats whip around to face him, tails flicking awkwardly when they know the deputy had listened to their conversation. Darkstripe then complains about eating from RiverClan's fresh-kill pile, but Fireheart tells him he can hunt if he asks for Crookedstar's permission first.
When the ThunderClan cats return to camp, Fireheart leaps up onto the Highrock and calls a Clan meeting. He begins by announcing the camp needs to be rebuilt when Darkstripe interrupts him and asks why he is doing this instead of Bluestar, but Fireheart tells the tabby warrior Bluestar is resting and needs peace. A little later, Bluestar is too ill to attend the Gathering, so Fireheart makes another announcement and lists the cats going to the Gathering. Darkstripe then asks if they're going without their leader, in which the deputy replies yes. Darkstripe then asks if they'll leave enough warriors in camp. Fireheart insists to take a good amount of cats to prove to the other Clans ThunderClan isn't weak after the fire. After Sandstorm aplogizes to Fireheart for berating Bluestar, Darkstripe asks the deputy what he'll say at the Gathering. Before he can speak, the cats avoid a falling tree, with Fireheart taking a tumble in the process.

A Dangerous Path

Darkstripe sees that Tigerclaw is the new leader of ShadowClan; when he finds out, Fireheart notices that his eyes are shining and he looks excited, and wonders if he would rather have joined Tigerstar as a rogue and then become part of ShadowClan. When the Gathering ends Darkstripe is seen talking to Tigerstar about his kits, and Fireheart orders Darkstripe to leave. When Graypool goes missing, Fireheart worries that an aggressive ThunderClan cat, immediately thinking of Darkstripe, might kill the elderly she-cat if she had wandered into ThunderClan territory, not knowing that she was just confused and was not looking for a fight.
Darkstripe is often seen with Dustpelt, though this is probably because their apprentices, Fernpaw and Ashpaw are littermates. When Bluestar is obsessed with the idea that it is not dogs, but WindClan that are stealing prey, Fireheart decides to talk with Tallstar about having a peace talk. While traveling to WindClan, he finds Darkstripe looking over his shoulder at Bramblekit and Tawnykit, ordering the kits to keep up with him. Tawnykit complains her paws ache, but Darkstripe protests she is strong, and Bramblekit urges her to keep going. Darkstripe then leads them down a narrow path. With disgust, Fireheart realizes the tabby warrior is taking the kits to ShadowClan to see their father. Fireheart continues to follow them. Bramblekit and Tawnykit then complain about ShadowClan's scent and assume it's fox stench, but Darkstripe corrects them and continues leading them through the forest, Tawnykit still complaining. Despite Fireheart's anger, he continues to follow them.
Tigerstar then appears from a clump of bracken, shocking Fireheart. The deputy wishes to come out and confront Darkstripe, but decides against it. Tigerstar asks his kits if they know who he is, and Bramblekit says Darkstripe took him and Tawnykit to see their father. Tawnykit asks Tigerstar if it's true he's their father, and the ShadowClan leader confirms it. Darkstripe then tells the kits Tigerstar is the leader of ShadowClan, and they become astonished that they're the kits of a leader. Tawnykit asks if they can live in his Clan, but Tigerstar disagrees and says they have to live in ThunderClan for now. The leader asks Darkstripe when the kits will become apprentices, and the tabby says in a moon or so. He also says he already has a apprentice, or he would have mentored Bramblekit and Tawnykit himself. Fireheart, furious, wants to yowl Darkstripe doesn't get to choose who to mentor.
Tigerstar and his kits talk a little more until the leader then offers to tell him the story of how he became ShadowClan's leader after Bramblekit asks him. Fireheart knows it is time to intervene before Tigerstar can tell his kits lies, and he reveals himself to the ShadowClan leader and Darkstripe. The ThunderClan deputy points out both toms are a long way from camp, and questions why Goldenflower's kits were brought all the way out here. Tigerstar and Darkstripe are dumbfounded and say nothing as the kits run over to greet Fireheart. Tawnykit says they are meeting their father and Bramblekit asks why no one told them Tigerstar is a leader. Darkstripe questions Fireheart why he knew he and the kits left, and the ginger tom says he could hear Darkstripe crossing the stream very loudly. Tigerstar explains he just wanted to see his kits and it isn't Darkstripe's fault.
The ginger tom says it's fine, but Darkstripe should have had more sense to not take the kits out when there's dogs loose in the forest. Darkstripe then protests the kits are safe with him, but Fireheart continues to reprimand the tabby, and tells him there could be hawks around, reminding Darkstripe about Snowkit's death. The kits are frightened, and Fireheart stops. The ginger deputy tells Darkstripe to return the kits to ThunderClan's camp immediately. The tabby shrugs and obeys Fireheart. Fireheart then has a small conversation with Tigerstar about his kits after Darkstripe and the kits leave. The ThunderClan deputy soon leaves, and admits there was no harm in Darkstripe taking Bramblekit and Tawnykit out of camp, and starts thinking about another plan to visit Tallstar.
When Fireheart returns from visiting Tallstar, he wakes up the warriors to discuss his plan. Darkstripe grumpily asks what the matter is. Most of the warriors disagree about Fireheart's plan and for him going behind Bluestar's back, and Darkstripe jeers kittypets have no idea what the code means. The deputy defends himself and states he knows what the code means, that is why he doesn't want a unjust attack, and Darkstripe doesn't reply. After more discussion, Whitestorm agrees to go to the meeting with WindClan, as do with Brackenfur, Darkstripe, and Dustpelt. Brindleface and Frostfur agree to go, and so does Sandstorm though she doesn't like disobeying her leader. Darkstripe asks if any apprentices should come, adding Fernpaw is too young. Dustpelt agrees with the dark tabby warrior. However, Brackenfur thinks Bluestar might find it strange to have no apprentices come along, so Fireheart suggests to take Swiftpaw and Cloudpaw along.
During the peace meeting, Fireheart notices Darkstripe impatient and eager to attack the WindClan patrol along with Mudclaw. He realizes if the WindClan warrior attacks, there will be no chance of peace. However, the meeting goes by without any bloodshed. After ThunderClan drives RiverClan away from Sunningrocks, Fireheart alerts Bluestar to Graystripe's presence. Darkstripe offers to drive the gray tom off ThunderClan territory, but Bluestar tells him to wait. Fireheart explains Graystripe saved his life from Leopardstar, and requests for him to come back to ThunderClan. Darkstripe protests, asking why a cat who left on his own free will be allowed to return. Graystripe ignores the tabby and says he'd like to rejoin ThunderClan. Darkstripe spits again and tells Bluestar she can't take in a traitor, as he might betray the Clan again. However, Bluestar allows him to rejoin, and says since Graystripe is a traitor he'll fit in with the other "traitors" in ThunderClan, and one more doesn't make a difference.
When ThunderClan comes back to their camp, Tawnykit asks who Graystripe is, and Darkstripe replies he's a traitor, but according to Bluestar, every cat is. Tawnykit and Bramblekit stare at the tabby in complete confusion, and Fireheart is angry at Darkstripe for taking out his anger on the two kits, and quickly changes the subject to ThunderClan keeping Sunningrocks. The next day, when Fireheart is about to take the newly named Cloudtail out hunting, Dustpelt pads up to him and tells him Fernpaw needs to tell him something. The deputy wonders why she didn't confide in her mentor, Darkstripe. Later, after Swiftpaw's death and Brightpaw, now Lostface, being gravely injured by a unknown predator, Graystripe attempts to take a rabbit off the fresh-kill pile, Darkstripe takes it away from him, and Dustpelt glares at the gray warrior. Graystripe waits for the two toms to leave, and when they retreat to the nettle patch, Fireheart tells his friend to ignore Darkstripe and Dustpelt, and invites Graystripe to eat with him.
When Fireheart and Brackenfur are taking Tawnypaw and Bramblepaw to look at the Thunderpath, Tawnypaw says she recognizes ShadowClan scent, and Bramblepaw adds they remember that when Darkstripe brought them to the border to meet Tigerstar, their father. Brackenfur is surprised by this, Fireheart mentions he saw both of them, wanting Bramblepaw the younger tom to know this isn't news to him. Later, at the Gathering, when Tigerstar reveals he knows about Swiftpaw and Lostface's gruesome attack, Fireheart angrily thinks Darkstripe told the ShadowClan leader the news, as news doesn't spread that fast. A little while after the Gathering, Fireheart finds Longtail trembling and smelling like the Thunderpath, making the deputy suspicious. Longtail reports he has scented Tigerstar at Snakerocks, and adds he's been meeting with Darkstripe there. They meet regularly there, but Darkstripe doesn't talk about what the conversation was for. Fireheart doesn't believe Longtail and stomps off to Cinderpelt's den, explaining Tigerstar and Darkstripe have set a trap for him.
However, after being convinced by Cinderpelt, Fireheart realizes Longtail is right. He attempts to talk to the pale tabby, but finds him wrapping up a conversation with Whitestorm about Tigerstar feeding the dog pack at Snakerocks. The ginger tom tells Longtail he mustn't speak to Darkstripe about the "Pack, pack, kill kill" part, and he'll send a patrol to Snakerocks to investigate more closely. When the dog pack is supposedly about to attack, Darkstripe tries to take Bramblepaw and Tawnypaw to ShadowClan territory, but is caught by Fireheart, who asks where the tabby is taking the apprentices. Darkstripe explains he thought Sunningrocks is not safe enough and he was taking them to a safer place. Fireheart accuses Darkstripe of trying to take Bramblepaw and Tawnypaw to see Tigerstar in ShadowClan. He meows that the tabby probably knows about the dog pack and will let his Clan be torn to shreds by dogs, and he has no loyalty to ThunderClan anymore. Fireheart orders the three to come with him, and assigns Brackenfur to be in charge of the apprentices.

The Darkest Hour

Darkstripe is outraged when he finds out that Fireheart intentionally let Mistyfoot and Stonefur into the ThunderClan camp, and questions their true intentions. Mousefur, agreeing, step up beside him. As Mistyfoot and Stonefur leave the camp, Darkstripe watches Fireheart with narrowed eyes, and later questions Bluestar's loyalty. Fireheart is provoked by him because of his kittypet roots after Bluestar's death, and Darkstripe complains that he does not want a kittypet leading ThunderClan. Fireheart challenges Darkstripe by saying he can either leave the Clan or stay under Fireheart's leadership. He hesitates, then stalks away to the warriors den. When Firestar returns after being named leader, he notices that Darkstripe does not come up to congratulate him. Firestar then calls for a Clan meeting and Darkstripe watches him scornfully. Firestar then wonders if Bramblepaw will sit next to Darkstripe. As Whistestorm is named deputy, Darkstripe is the only cat who has not moved or spoken. He stares up at Firestar coldly. Firestar suspects that Darkstripe is conspiring with Tigerstar, so he orders Brackenfur to keep an eye on him.
Darkstripe manages to get rid of Brackenfur by saying to him that he needs to make dirt. He goes instead to meet secretly with the ShadowClan deputy, Blackfoot. While he returns from it, he realizes that Willowpelt's daughter, Sorrelkit followed him and saw him meeting with Blackfoot. In a desperate attempt to conceal the truth, Darkstripe feeds her deathberries, telling her that they are a reward for her excellent stalking skills. As Sorrelkit collapses, Graystripe attacks him. Darkstripe lies that he was trying to stop her from eating the berries, but most of the Clan do not believe him, and Dustpelt refuses to talk to him. Goldenflower, Frostfur, and Mousefur all turn their back on him as he is eating.
Fernpaw later tells Firestar that she did not want Darkstripe as her mentor if he tried to murder Sorrelkit, to which Firestar affirms that if Darkstripe tried it, he won't be her mentor. After Thornclaw's warrior ceremony, Firestar thanks Fernpaw and Ashpaw for leading the dogs towards the river. Darkstripe is the only cat who remains silent, and doesn't look up at Fernpaw. Sorrelkit manages to survive the poisoning and tells the Clan that Darkstripe fed her bright red berries, deathberries, as what he called a reward for following him. Darkstripes coldly says that he doesn't feel any loyalty to ThunderClan anymore, because it is led by a kittypet, and the only cat left in the forest worth following is Tigerstar. Firestar exiles him, and Darkstripe goes to join TigerClan. At the Gathering, Firestar notices Darkstripe sitting with the TigerClan cats. Later, when Firestar, Greystripe and Ravenpaw sneak into RiverClan camp, they see Tigerstar order Darkstripe to kill Stonefur because he is half-Clan born. Darkstripe does so without question, but loses to the half-starved prisoner, needing the help of Blackfoot to finish Stonefur off.
At the next Gathering, Tigerstar is flanked by Darkstripe, Leopardstar, and Blackfoot.
After Tigerstar's death at the claws of Scourge, Darkstripe grieves for the TigerClan leader. He is now alone and blames Firestar for Tigerstar's death, telling Firestar that he turned Scourge against the great warrior. Firestar retorts that was Tigerstar's own fault because he brought Scourge to the forest in the first place. Darkstripe, as scornful as ever of Firestar's kittypet roots, refuses to fight with the other forest cats in the battle between LionClan and BloodClan, telling them that they are all mad to follow Firestar. During the battle, Darkstripe attacks a BloodClan she-cat, knocking her away from Firestar. At first, Firestar thinks that Darkstripe has finally found loyalty in ThunderClan again, but he is proven wrong when Darkstripe tries to kill him, claiming that he no longer has any loyalty to the forest cats, that every cat can turn into crowfood and that he only wants kill Firestar. Graystripe comes and then kills Darkstripe with his last words describing his desolate feelings, perhaps referring to either his entrance to the Dark Forest or the way he felt after Tigerstar's death. Graystripe then remarks that there is one less traitor in the forest now.

In The New Prophecy arc


Sorreltail explains to Leafpaw how Darkstripe was close allies with Tigerstar and forced her to eat deathberries when she was a kit.


Darkstripe is seen in the prologue, as a member of the Dark Forest. He somehow manages to come across Tigerstar. He feels very scared and confused about the Dark Forest, and acts very unlike himself when he was alive. He notes how he has tried to leave the forest, but he says that it goes on forever. Darkstripe also asks where StarClan is, and that he thought that he would be running across the sky, watching over ThunderClan, which shows that he didn't think he would end up in the Dark Forest, therefore thinking he wasn't evil and cruel.
He finds the scent of Brokenstar and he calls out his name, only to be silenced by Tigerstar. Darkstripe questions what Tigerstar will do now, expressing disbelief on Tigerstar's plots to kill Firestar. He says that Hawkfrost was indeed Tigerstar's son, with a strange note in his voice. He then asks Tigerstar if they can travel together. Tigerstar turns him down with a hint of regret in his voice, yet no hesitation. He tells Darkstripe that all cats must walk the path of shadows alone. Darkstripe then watches Tigerstar bound away into the forest, and still wanders there, lost and confused in the dark place.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

Fading Echoes

Darkstripe is seen briefly in the prologue after Breezepelt trains with Hawkfrost. He winds around Tigerstar, purring that Hawkfrost could match any warrior as there weren't many cats with such skill and strength. Tigerstar silences Darkstripe, telling him that Hawkfrost knew his own strengths. Darkstripe begins to protest but Tigerstar cuts him off. While the cats discuss Crowfeather to Breezepelt, Darkstripe slinks forward and tells Breezepelt that Crowfeather had never valued him. He is shooed back by Tigerstar shortly after.
When Jayfeather and Spottedleaf enter the Dark Forest to figure out what exactly Tigerstar is plotting, they spy on the activity going on in the Dark Forest. Darkstripe is seen in a training session that includes Snowtuft and Shredtail.

Night Whispers

Ivypaw sees him wandering around the Dark Forest during her training sessions.
Later on, Ivypaw was taking her final test to prove her loyalty to the Dark Forest. Although he does not formally appear, Ivypaw scents him following her, and Brokenstar comments that he is of no more use than a whining kit. It is mentioned that Ivypaw doesn't like Darkstripe, because something about him makes her nervous. It is also mentioned that he bit Tigerheart after a training match, then denied it.

The Forgotten Warrior

He is seen as the cats are gathering for the Dark Forest meeting. He crawls up on his belly and looks admiringly at the leaders, before Hawkfrost orders him back to the others. He creeps away, dragging his tail.

The Last Hope

He is first seen during a Dark Forest gathering in which the cats charge to attack the Clans. He states that Birchfall, Blossomfall, and Mousewhisker are on his patrol, and they will fight like heroes.
Darkstripe is seen when he ambushes Cloudtail and Dovewing. Cloudtail snarls at him telling that he isn't surprised that Darkstripe is fighting alongside traitors. Darkstripe spits at him, calling Cloudtail a kittypet before they engage in battle. Dovewing springs forward to help when Cloudtail is attacked by Sparrowfeather. Darkstripe sneers at her telling her that since Sparrowfeather's finishing Cloudtail off he gets to kill her by himself. After a long battle, a Dark Forest warrior calls to Darkstripe and Sparrowfeather, telling them to leave Cloudtail and Dovewing to bleed to death because the Dark Forest is attacking the camp.
Later in the battle, he is seen fighting with Sorreltail. After Brokenstar is killed by Yellowfang, Darkstripe retreats along with Thistleclaw and the other Dark Forest cats.

In the Novellas

Redtail's Debt

Redtail spots Spottedleaf pulling a thorn from Darkstripe's paw and he winces as she does so.

Tigerclaw's Fury

As Tigerclaw looks for cats to help him in exile, Darkstripe is among those cats, sitting with other warriors. He confesses that he thought Tigerclaw was the finest warrior in the forest, but he had planned with a tyrant, which makes Tigerclaw wonder if it was Brokenstar. Darkstripe adds that Tigerclaw said nothing, and declines his offer to come with him. When Tigerclaw encounters some ShadowClan cats, it is noted that he does not miss Darkstripe. As a fire rages on in ThunderClan's camp, Fireheart tells Whitestorm and Darkstripe to make sure the rest of the Clan makes it to the river.

In the Stand-Alone Manga

A Shadow in RiverClan

During her vigil, Feathertail reflects how Darkstripe and Blackfoot murdered Stonefur for refusing to kill Featherpaw and Stormpaw. After Graystripe, Firestar, and Ravenpaw rescued them, Darkstripe, Blackfoot and other TigerClan cats chase after them.

In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Darkstripe is in a story about the rule that kits and elders must be fed before warriors. Even though many cats are sick and tired, he thinks of himself first. When he wakes up to rain and a leaking den, he tells Longtail to go find Redtail and have him fix the den so he can sleep. When prey is scarce in ThunderClan, and many cats are sick from greencough, he and Longtail go out hunting at Snakerocks, and soon found a squirrel. Darkstripe suggests that they eat it to have more strength to find other prey. Longtail is hesitant, but eventually gives in, after he takes the first bite.
Darkstripe ends up catching two mice, and Longtail catches a blackbird. They drag the fresh kill back to the camp, and on the way there, Darkstripe makes Longtail go through the thornbush first, resulting in Longtail losing some chunks of fur.
Later, when they return to camp, they are told that the elder Poppydawn had died, because she was so weak from lack of food. Longtail thinks it's their fault that she died; if they had come back with the squirrel she could have lived. However, Darkstripe tells him that it's already over because she's already dead, and orders Longtail not to tell anyone. He sees nothing wrong about what they did, and threatens to tell everyone that Longtail forced him to eat before the elders if he says anything. Darkstripe feels no pity at Poppydawn's loss, but Longtail is wracked with guilt.

Battles of the Clans

Darkstripe is seen on a patrol with Dustpaw, Longtail, Ravenpaw, and Tigerclaw. When Tigerclaw sends Dustpaw up a tree to catch a squirrel, Longtail and Darkstripe both stare at Dustpaw with scorn in their eyes. It is noted that they stick close to Tigerclaw the whole time. When ShadowClan starts to invade, he, along with the rest of the patrol, use the Lightning Strike to confuse the ShadowClan cats. They outsmart ShadowClan and win.

The Ultimate Guide

It is mentioned on Mistystar's and Stonefur's page that Darkstripe and Blackfoot captured Stonefur and killed him. They both have left their own Clans to join TigerClan, all under Tigerstar's orders. This is also mentioned on Feathertail's page.
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